Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated)

Push Ads in 20211
Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 11

What is push ads? Push notification advertising is one of the red hot and chilly ad formats. These ads look like notifications from a messenger.

Let’s dwell on how to make a profit on push ads.

Push advertising is visible but doesn’t look like usual ads that’s why it can be positioned as a native ad format. Push ads show high efficiency in affiliate marketing and please with their loyal rules of moderation.

Web push notification technology itself is nothing new. But they have started to be used for advertising purposes very recently. Push marketing skyrocketed at the end of 2018 and continues involving users with its simplicity and great results.

Do you want to know how to use a new ad format? In this guide, we will tell you more about push traffic and how to make money on it.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 12

Varieties of push notifications

Web push ad notification technology is known for a long time. In 2009 Apple first used it to send messages from servers or apps to users. This innovation was immediately noticed and used by Google and Microsoft. 

There are the following types of push notifications:

📌 Web push notifications — this technology allows sending notifications via browser subscription with help of the server. It has been used by Apple and other industry giants. They can be used as advertising.

📌 In-app push notifications — technology sends notifications to users of apps. This kind of push may contain, for example, news from social networks and reminders from the apps. Push notifications from apps interact with the existing audience without attracting new users. App push notifications also have started to be used for advertising purposes. 

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 13

📌 In-page push notifications — this step is the last one in developing push notifications technology. In-page push ad format allows showing ads to iOS users that had no such opportunity before. 

Technically, in-page push is similar to pop up but it may look like a push notification ads window or message from messengers.  It is the form of push notifications that is used mostly for demonstration new messages in web versions of social networks.

In this guide, we will speak about different types of push ads and how they can be used for advertising purposes. 

Part 1. What is push ads?

Advertising web push notifications (or push ads, push advertising, push traffic) is a kind of native ads in affiliate marketing. It looks like a private message or important notification from the website which appears on the screen over the other windows.

Push ad can be sent to any user of mobile phone, usual desktop, laptop, and tablet. In other words, to any device with a browser and Internet connection.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 14

How push ads look like on different devices

While most users have adapted to the abundance of ads ignoring banners, push ads have a significant advantage. They are hard to miss on any device but, at the same time, they don’t look like ads.

A push ad is located on the screen over the other windows. On the laptop, it appears in the right lower corner. It is very much alike to messages from messengers that’s why we have to perforce view its content.

The message can be viewed on the screen for a few minutes so the user can read the content and click on it.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 15

How the push ads looks like

Push ad consists of:

  • the main image which conveys the sense of the offer;
  • the small icon which explains the main photo;
  • the headline is the main element to engage users;
  • the message text shows the main details of the offer.

Usually, push notification ads consist of all the listed elements but on mobile devices, it is sent in the short form without the main image. To see the main image you should expand push.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 16

Push advertising is relevant for the most ambitious or even crazy ideas. Its look is limited only by the template (the size of the main image icon, the number of symbols for the text). As for the rest, your imagination is limited to nothing but the content policy of each ad traffic network.

The mechanism for subscription to push ads

Imagine that the user sees a push ad on the screen. But what happens next? If the user is interested in the content he can click on the push and go to the landing page of the offer. Then there is only one step up to the conversion.

But which users will get push ads? Let’s dwell on the technology of subscription and sending out push ads.

Any website can place a part of the code to subscribe users to push ads. For website owners (they are also called publishers) it’s one of the ways of monetizing their resources. Find more about publishers.

When the user appears on such a page he will see the proposal of subscription to notifications. The user can ignore this request.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 17

How the form of subscription to push ads looks like 

The process is absolutely anonymous, the user doesn’t have to leave his private data. His consent to the subscription is encrypted with the help of the code which can’t be copied or got by any third-party resources.

After subscription, the user is being added to the FroggyAds or any push ads company’s base the publisher works with.

When you choose a push ad agency or network you get the audience who has visited publishers’ websites from this network and agreed to receive notifications from it.

When an advertiser buys push ads it is automatically sent to the devices of all the users that fall under the conditions of the targeting. Meanwhile, the user doesn’t have to stay on the website to receive push ads.

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 18

How push notification looks like on the desktop

The technology of delivery will send push ads even if the user is offline. He will see the notification as soon as he is online.

Push traffic and its advantages

Comparing push ads to other ad formats, they definitely have a number of advantages.

🎯 One of the advantages is the voluntariness of subscription Unlike other ad formats, users agree to get ad materials by themselves. It means that they will be more loyal to the offers.

🎯 The audience of push ads consists of real people who subscribe to push ads independently, compared to other ad formats.

🎯 Push notifications are delivered to the user’s screen. No fails with delivery: only the target audience will see the ads. If the user is offline when notifications are delivered, he will see them as soon as he is online. 

🎯 For advertisers push traffic ads are a great possibility to attract a new audience. The 21st-century equivalent of radio or TV is push ads.

🎯 The wide reach of the audience allows promoting a variety of offers. The most important thing is to choose offers reasonably: too narrow audience or B2B work worse than consumer products.  

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Push Ads in 2023: Complete Advertiser’s Guide (updated) 19

🎯 Large volumes of push traffic and the possibility to get a lot of statistics for optimization in a short time. 

🎯 Working with push ads traffic you pay for clicks, not for impressions. FroggyAds provides quality traffic on the CPC model. The minimum cost per click starts from $0.003 and varies according to GEO.

For example,
In the USA minimum cost per click is $0.030, recommended is $0.15.
In India, minimum cost per click is $0.0030, recommended is $0.01.

🎯 You don’t need large budgets to work with push ad traffic. Democratic cost per click makes this format affordable for learning by newbies in affiliate marketing and allows everybody to make a profit. The minimum deposit in the FroggyAds ad network is ONLY $25.

🎯 Push advertising stands out by loyal content policy. The push notification ad format is considered to be one of the most attractive for affiliate marketers: unlike Facebook and other channels, it allows advertising a maximum wide pool of offers without using cloaking. Sweepstakes, Gambling, Adult (only with the pre-landing page) – all these verticals are available in push ads. It means a lack of bans and tricks. 

🎯 Push ads allow launching offers in any GEO. FroggyAds push notification network has an audience in more than 220 countries around the world. You can find an appropriate offer and traffic for it.