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Operation PUSH Headquarters Address: A Comprehensive Guide to Contacting the Social Justice Organization

In the bustling heart of the city, where voices of change reverberate through the streets, stands a beacon of hope.

Nestled within the walls of a once-sacred space, the operation push headquarters address exudes a magnetic energy, drawing in warriors for justice from every corner of the world.

Step inside and unlock the door to empowerment, as the Rainbow PUSH Coalition takes its stand at the former KAM Synagogue, bridging the past and the present in a symphony of activism.

operation push headquarters address

The address for the headquarters of Operation PUSH, also known as the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is the former KAM Synagogue.

Public live TV broadcasts are held every Saturday at 10 am, with doors opening at 9 am.

Key Points:

  • Operation PUSH headquarters is located at the former KAM Synagogue.
  • The headquarters is also home to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.
  • Public live TV broadcasts take place every Saturday at 10 am.
  • The doors open at 9 am for these broadcasts.
  • The headquarters is the venue for these broadcasts.
  • The former KAM Synagogue is the official address for the headquarters.


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💡 Did You Know?

1. The Operation PUSH headquarters address was located at 930 East 50th Street, in Chicago, Illinois.
2. The headquarters building was also commonly referred to as the “Stone Temple”, due to its distinctive brick and stone design.
3. Operation PUSH, founded in 1971 by Jesse Jackson, aimed to expand economic opportunities for African Americans and fight against racial injustice.
4. The address of the headquarters was strategically chosen to be in the heart of Bronzeville, a historically significant African American neighborhood in Chicago.
5. From its headquarters, Operation PUSH organized impactful initiatives such as economic boycotts, voter registration drives, and educational programs to empower the local community.

Introduction To The Rainbow Push Coalition

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a prominent and progressive international membership organization dedicated to advocating for social justice and equality. Founded in 1996 by civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, the coalition has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of marginalized communities.

Through various initiatives and campaigns, Rainbow PUSH addresses critical issues such as:

  • Racial and economic equality
  • Voting rights
  • Education
  • Affordable housing

The coalition’s commitment to these issues reflects its mission to create a more just and equitable society.

As Jesse Jackson once said:

“The Rainbow PUSH Coalition fights against all forms of oppression and discrimination. We are dedicated to securing a better future for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

By actively engaging in advocacy, education, and community building, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition serves as a powerful force in promoting positive change and advancing social justice.

Let us continue to support and empower this remarkable organization as it continues to make a difference in the lives of many.

Location Of The Rainbow Push Coalition Headquarters

The headquarters of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is located at the former KAM Synagogue in Chicago, Illinois. This historic building serves as the hub for the coalition’s operations, providing a space for organizing and executing their initiatives. Situated in the heart of the city, the headquarters acts as a central point for members and activists to gather and strategize for the cause of social justice.

Former Kam Synagogue: The Home Of Rainbow Push Coalition

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s headquarters at the former KAM Synagogue bears testament to their commitment to progressive activism. The synagogue, originally built in the early 20th century, holds historical significance as a place of worship for the Jewish community. Today, the building has undergone transformation, symbolizing the transformative power of collective action. By repurposing the synagogue into their headquarters, Rainbow PUSH adds another chapter to the building’s history while amplifying the voice of those seeking justice and equality.

Live Tv Broadcasts At Rainbow Push Coalition

One of the notable features of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is its public live TV broadcasts. These broadcasts offer a platform for the coalition to share their message and engage with a wider audience. Through these broadcasts, viewers can gain valuable insights into the work and campaigns undertaken by Rainbow PUSH. It allows members and activists to share their stories and experiences, fostering community engagement and inspiring others to join the cause for social justice.

Saturday Broadcasts: An Insight Into The Coalition’s Activities

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition hosts its live TV broadcasts every Saturday. This regular schedule ensures that viewers and members stay informed about the latest developments and activities of the coalition. By tuning in to these broadcasts, individuals can get an inside look into the challenges faced by marginalized communities and the efforts undertaken by Rainbow PUSH to address them. It provides a platform for dialogue, education, and mobilization, making these Saturday broadcasts an integral part of the coalition’s outreach.

  • The Rainbow PUSH Coalition hosts live TV broadcasts every Saturday.
  • Viewers and members can stay informed about the latest developments and activities of the coalition.
  • The broadcasts provide an inside look into the challenges faced by marginalized communities and the efforts undertaken by Rainbow PUSH.
  • The Saturday broadcasts serve as a platform for dialogue, education, and mobilization.

Timing Of The Live Tv Broadcasts

The live TV broadcasts by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition take place at 10 am every Saturday. This timing allows individuals to plan their schedules accordingly and make time to engage with the coalition’s message. By adhering to a consistent schedule, Rainbow PUSH ensures that viewers can rely on the broadcasts to stay up-to-date with the coalition’s work. Whether it’s advocating for criminal justice reform, economic empowerment, or equal rights, these broadcasts provide a platform to share information and inspire action.

Doors Open At 9 Am: Be A Part Of The Action

For those interested in attending the live TV broadcasts at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters, the doors open at 9 am. This early opening time allows attendees to secure their spots and prepare for the broadcast. By arriving early, individuals can immerse themselves in the energy and atmosphere of the headquarters, connecting with like-minded individuals and becoming part of the social justice movement. The opportunity to witness the live broadcasts firsthand adds a unique perspective to the experience, enhancing engagement and understanding.

Inside Look: What To Expect At The Rainbow Push Coalition Headquarters

At the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters, visitors and members can expect a space that resonates with activism, unity, and purpose. The headquarters, located within the former KAM Synagogue, offers a blend of historical significance and modern functionality. Inside, one can find rooms dedicated to meetings, organizing campaigns, and strategizing for social justice initiatives. The headquarters is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling the live TV broadcasts that serve as a powerful tool in amplifying the voice of the marginalized and driving positive change.

A Progressive International Membership Organization

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a global membership organization that is committed to advocating for social justice. With a diverse membership base consisting of individuals and organizations from around the world, Rainbow PUSH promotes unity, collaboration, and empowerment among its members. Through its global network of activists and supporters, the coalition strives to amplify its impact and ensure that its message resonates with individuals on a global scale.


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Connecting With Rainbow Push: The Headquarters Experience

Connecting with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition through their headquarters offers individuals a unique opportunity to actively engage in the ongoing fight for social justice. Here are some ways individuals can get involved:

  • Attending live TV broadcasts: The headquarters hosts live TV broadcasts that provide a platform for discussing and addressing key issues related to social justice. Attending these broadcasts allows individuals to stay informed and contribute to meaningful discussions.
  • Participating in organizing campaigns: Rainbow PUSH organizes various campaigns focused on addressing systemic issues and advocating for change. By getting involved in these campaigns, individuals can play an active role in shaping a better future for marginalized communities.
  • Becoming a member: Joining the Rainbow PUSH Coalition as a member allows individuals to become an integral part of the organization’s mission. Members gain access to resources, events, and networking opportunities that facilitate further engagement and impact.

Rainbow PUSH believes in fostering a welcoming environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Their goal is to empower marginalized communities and strive for equality and justice. As stated by Founder and President Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., “We must build bridges of hope, opportunity, and prosperity for all people—regardless of their race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic background.”

In the words of Rev. Jackson Sr.:

“Our task is to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots, to move our society forward so that everyone can share in the American dream.”

Join the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, connect at their headquarters, and be a part of a movement that is dedicated to making a positive difference.

Key Points:

  • Attending live TV broadcasts
  • Participating in organizing campaigns
  • Becoming a member

Join the Rainbow PUSH Coalition today and make your voice heard!


What happened to Rainbow Coalition?

The Rainbow Coalition, initially a promising movement, faced an unfortunate fate marked by relentless persecution from both local and federal law enforcement agencies. The constant harassment inflicted upon them ultimately led to their downfall. The tragic murder of Hampton dealt a severe blow to the coalition’s spirit, leaving them vulnerable and unable to sustain their momentum. Despite their initial success, the Rainbow Coalition’s demise serves as a somber reminder of the power dynamics that can snuff out even the most well-intentioned movements.

What was Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition?

Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition was a political movement that aimed to bring together marginalized communities and advocate for their rights. Founded by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., the Rainbow Coalition sought to empower people through grassroots advocacy and connect the disenfranchised with the larger community. By uniting various minority groups, the movement hoped to amplify marginalized voices and address issues of social and economic inequality. Ultimately, the Rainbow Coalition aimed to create a more inclusive and just society by promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.

Why is Jesse Jackson retiring?

After a long and exemplary career, Jesse Jackson has decided to retire due to health concerns. In 2017, he revealed that he had been receiving outpatient care for Parkinson’s disease, which he had been battling for two years prior. In addition to this, he underwent gallbladder surgery in early 2021 and later faced a bout with COVID-19, requiring treatment at a specialized physical therapy-focused facility. These health challenges have ultimately led to his retirement, allowing him to prioritize his well-being and focus on his recovery.

What is going on with Rev Jesse Jackson?

Rev Jesse Jackson, a prominent figure in the Civil Rights movement, made a significant announcement in late 2017 when he revealed that he has Parkinson’s disease, a condition that affects movement. This revelation not only represents a personal struggle for Jackson but also signifies the end of an era. Born in Greenville, S.C., Jackson’s journey as a Civil Rights activist began during his college years, where he embarked on a path that led him to become a protege of Martin Luther King Jr. and contribute significantly to the fight for equality and justice.