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Introducing Push Notification Ads By

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What is Push Notification Ads?

Push Notification is an innovative and user-friendly way to connect with your targeted audience. You can significantly increase engagement with your content and provide positive user experience to your customers. A push notification ads is a text or rich media message, sent from third-party applications once the user opts in to receive them. The strategy behind push notification is to offer value whether it be content, coupons, or time-sensitive alerts, bringing the user back to engage with the application.

How Does Rich Push Ads Works?

Users, that allowed to receive push notifications will see your push ads.

A push ad contains Title, Description, logo and an Image. When a user taps the push notification, he gets redirected to your app or website.
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1. Users allow to receive notifications
Users give their permission to receive push notifications ads.

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2. Users see push ads on locked screen
Users see the push ads and tap to learn more about your offer.

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web push notifications

3. Users go to your offer page
Users tap the push notification ads and go to the offer page.

Watch Push notification Ads in action

FroggyAds Push Ads Case Studies

Real Campaigns From Our Push Notification Advertisers Include Proof Screenshots

push notification


ROI On 643%

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Dating Age 21+

332 Conversions On 6 Hours

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Job Search

499 Conversion Day 1

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Android App Installs

1327 Conversions on 1 day

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Online Game

ROI on 214%

push notification advertising

Weight Loss Pills

First day profit: $11.734,92

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Online Casino

ROI on 100% With a CPA Offer

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Crazy High ROI on 1838%

push notification app

Online Shopping

457 Conversions The First 12 Hours

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Why are push notifications a good idea for you?

Deliver your ad message even when a subscriber is not using the website or the app.

Keep your customers connected, not annoyed.

Deliver relevant and timely messages, hence have stronger conversions.

Can be accessed on all devices.

Allow easy A/B testing by customizing creative images and ad content.

Provide statistics for campaign optimization right away.

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Run Engaging Push Notification Campaigns To Reach More Users And Higher Conversions!

Clickable messages that are sent by an app or a website. They allow to effectively re-engage the users with customized content in real time.

Global Reach - Inventory in 252 GEO's... Trusted by advertisers - more then 50k daily active campaigns

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Native Push Notification Ad Format is designed to grab user's attention by appearing on their desktop, tablet or mobile screens. Now available for all countries in the world with internet connection.

You’ll be happy to hear that the average pricing is 45% less than regular CPC (Cost Per Click) for native ads or banner ads clicks.

Push-notification ads key benefits:

High Quality Traffic

Push notification ads users must subscribe if they wish to receive website notifications. This ensures 100% real-user audience and 100% bot-free traffic.
Unmatched Reach

Supported by all the major browsers and operating systems, push ads offer a worldwide reach of 663,000,000 real users on all types of devices.
Extraordinary Performance

Push notification ads bring you higher click-through rates than traditional ad formats, leading to more conversions from highly-engaged users.

Unparalleled Ad Visibility

Push notification ads are delivered even when subscribed users don't browse the Internet or use their devices, driving exceptional efficiency for every push ad campaign.
Advanced Customization Options

Decide on your creatives (visuals/copy). You can have up to 10 creative variants per campaign for A/B testing. Set the campaign timing and frequency to stand out from your competition.
100% Brand Safety

All of the push notification ads creatives are monitored with machine-learning algorythm and checked manually to ensure 100% brand safety for the best user experience.

100% Fraud Safety

Our solution automatically cuts off any bot or suspicious activity. Only real users and live audience for your campaigns.
Targeting Group

Target your push notification ads audience by GEO, OS, Browser, Language, Device, IP and many more...
100% Viewability

Push notification ads is always shown in the viewable area for the user, ensuring ultimate viewability for your creatives.
Converting Push Notification Ads Campaign

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Last month FroggyAds delivered almost 540 billion rich push notifications to users around the globe, and this number is increasing every day. So if you’re willing to get access to millions of potential customers worldwide, try FroggyAds’s new solution! Our account managers will help you create a perfectly optimised native push notification campaign.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are native push notifications?

Ans – Native push notifications ads are clickable messages that pop up from an app or website. They provide convenience and value to the customers. For the advertisers, push notifications traffic are a way to speak directly to the user. They don’t get caught in spam filters, or left forgotten in an inbox — click-through rates can be twice as high as email.

Push notifications ads help generate large volumes of traffic at reasonable prices, allowing to define and reach the target audience accurately, based on its content consumption preferences.

How does native push notifications look on a user’s device?

Ans – Below you can see an image how it looks

native push notifications

Why should I try setting up a push-notification campaign?

Ans – Push notification ads are delivered directly to the engaged users across devices. They stand out from other ad formats in a couple of ways.

Increase traffic: push notifications help retain the users. Not only do they deliver relevant messages, but also remind the users the app or website exists. Plus, since the users need to subscribe to a website’s or app’s notification, it rules out the very possibility of bot traffic presence.

Foster engagement: each message updates the customers on what’s new and can drive them towards an action.

Empower users: users control the push notifications. They can easily customize what notifications they see and how they see them. Consequently, push keeps a customer connected, not annoyed.
Allow easy A/B testing: by customizing creative images and ad content, you can easily A/B test variations to see what performs best.

Provide statistics for optimization right away: you can start measuring the engagement at once by looking at the percentage of the users who click each creative. This makes it easy to start optimizing for higher CTRs, which usually correlate with higher conversion rates.

What offers can I run on push notification ads?

Ans – We took our own expertise in native advertising and brought it to the push notifications. They’ve become more effective in all verticals, especially in sweepstakes, vouchers and coupons; online dating; gambling and entertainment; health and beauty; finance; legal and insurance; mobile apps and games; job search; travel; e-commerce; news and entertainment. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for recommendations.

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