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free online marketing courses with certificates uk

Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC) offers free online marketing courses in the UK that come with certificates.

These courses are open to everyone, regardless of age, location, or educational background.

The courses are 100% free and provide all the necessary materials.

Upon completion of a course, students have the option to obtain certificates for a small fee, which can be beneficial for career advancement.

OHSC aims to provide further education opportunities for those looking to pursue promotion, explore new careers, improve skills, or start their own business.

The courses have no deadlines or time restrictions, and the OHSC team is available for assistance at all times.

Free enrolment is open year-round, and all course materials are provided.

With thousands of candidates helped each year, these courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills for digital marketing careers or improving advertising and promotion efforts.

Key Points:

  • Free online marketing courses offered by OHSC in the UK with certificates
  • Courses open to everyone, regardless of age, location, or educational background
  • 100% free with all necessary materials provided
  • Option to obtain certificates upon completion for a small fee, beneficial for career advancement
  • Aim of providing further education opportunities for career advancement, skill improvement, or starting a business
  • No deadlines or time restrictions, with assistance available from OHSC team
  • Free enrolment open year-round, with course materials provided
  • Provides in-depth knowledge and skills for digital marketing careers or improving advertising and promotion efforts


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💡 Did You Know?

1. The first-ever free online marketing course with a certificate in the UK was offered in 2012 by the Open University.

2. The length of the average free online marketing course with a certificate in the UK is approximately 10-12 hours, spread over multiple modules.

3. The certificates offered for completing free online marketing courses in the UK are often recognized by employers and can enhance job prospects in the digital marketing field.

4. The Open University’s free online marketing courses in the UK cover a range of topics, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and content marketing.

5. The demand for free online marketing courses with certificates in the UK has surged in recent years, with thousands of professionals and students taking advantage of these opportunities to acquire valuable skills in digital marketing without incurring high costs.

Open To Everyone: Free Online Marketing Courses With Certificates UK

Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC) provides individuals in the UK with an incredible opportunity to enhance their marketing skills through free online courses. The best part is that these courses are open to everyone, regardless of age, location, or educational background. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to gain a competitive edge or a professional seeking to expand your knowledge, OHSC welcomes you to enroll in their online marketing courses.

100% Free Courses With All Necessary Materials Included

What makes OHSC’s online marketing courses even more appealing is that they are completely free. Unlike many other educational institutions that charge exorbitant fees, OHSC believes in making knowledge accessible to all.

The courses are thoughtfully designed and include all the necessary materials to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. From informative lectures and engaging videos to interactive quizzes and practical assignments, OHSC provides everything you need to succeed in your study of digital marketing.

Obtain Certificates For Career Advancement

While OHSC’s online marketing courses are free, students have the option to obtain a certificate upon completion of a course for a small fee.

These certificates can be valuable for career advancement, as they validate your new skills and knowledge.

Employers often appreciate certifications as they demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

With an OHSC certificate in hand, you can confidently showcase your expertise in digital marketing and attract potential employers or clients.

Benefits of OHSC Certificates:

  • Validates new skills and knowledge
  • Demonstrates commitment to professional development

Further Education Opportunities With OHSC

OHSC believes in empowering individuals with further education opportunities. Whether you are looking to pursue promotion in your current role, explore new career paths, improve your existing skills, or even start your own business, OHSC has a course that suits your needs. Their online marketing courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills for digital marketing careers, as well as insights on improving business advertising and promotion efforts. OHSC aims to be the stepping stone for your professional growth and success.

  • OHSC offers a wide range of courses to cater to diverse needs
  • Online marketing courses focus on digital marketing careers
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in business advertising and promotion
  • OHSC aims to support your professional growth and success

“OHSC believes in empowering individuals with further education opportunities.”

Testimonials Praise Quality And Support Of OHSC Courses

Previous students of OHSC’s online marketing courses have nothing but praise for the quality and support they received. Testimonials highlight the well-structured curriculum, experienced instructors, and the responsiveness of the OHSC team. Students appreciate the comprehensive coverage of digital marketing topics and the practical applications taught throughout the courses. Whether it is guidance with assignments or clarifying doubts, OHSC’s team is always ready to provide assistance and ensure a fruitful learning journey.

  • Well-structured curriculum
  • Experienced instructors
  • Responsiveness of the OHSC team
  • Comprehensive coverage of digital marketing topics
  • Practical applications taught throughout the courses
  • Guidance with assignments
  • Clarifying doubts

Wide Range Of High-Quality Distance Learning Opportunities In The UK

OHSC, a leading provider of distance learning in the UK, offers a comprehensive selection of top-notch courses. Their online education expertise is evident in the wide variety of subjects covered and their user-friendly platform. Whether you’re interested in marketing or business management, OHSC has you covered. These courses provide an excellent opportunity to acquire valuable skills and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced professional world.

No Deadlines Or Time Restrictions For Studying

The beauty of OHSC’s online marketing courses is that there are no deadlines or time restrictions for studying. This flexibility allows you to learn at your own pace and fit your education around your existing commitments. Whether you are a full-time professional or have personal responsibilities to attend to, OHSC ensures that you can access the course materials and complete the assignments whenever it is convenient for you. This freedom also enables you to revisit the lectures or modules as many times as needed to reinforce your understanding.

Assistance Available From OHSC Team At All Times

When you choose to enroll in OHSC’s online marketing courses, you are never alone in your journey. The OHSC team is available to provide assistance and support at all times. Whether you have questions about course content, need guidance on assignments, or require technical help with the online platform, the friendly and knowledgeable OHSC team is just a click away. Their commitment to student success is evident through their continuous availability to ensure that you have a seamless learning experience.

No Entry Requirements Or Qualification Criteria

One of the standout features of OHSC’s online marketing courses is that there are no entry requirements or qualification criteria. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, an experienced professional, or someone looking to change careers, OHSC welcomes you with open arms. They believe that education should be accessible to all, regardless of educational background or qualifications. By removing barriers to entry, OHSC provides equal opportunities for individuals to enhance their marketing skills and advance their careers.

  • No entry requirements or qualification criteria
  • Welcoming to all individuals, regardless of educational background or qualifications
  • Equal opportunities for career advancement

Free Enrollment Open All Year: Free Online Marketing Courses With Certificates UK

Enrolling in OHSC’s online marketing courses is a breeze, as free enrollment is open all year round. You don’t have to wait for a specific intake period or worry about missing out on the opportunity to study. Whenever you feel ready to embark on your digital marketing journey or improve your advertising and promotion skills, OHSC is ready to welcome you. Simply visit their website, select the relevant course, and enroll for free to kickstart your learning and gain valuable certifications in the UK.


How can I learn online marketing for free?

If you’re looking to learn online marketing for free, there are several resources available that can help you get started. HubSpot Academy offers certifications in content marketing and SEO, providing comprehensive training in these areas. Additionally, Skillshare offers a course on writing web copy that sells, which can be highly beneficial for developing persuasive marketing skills. For those interested in social media marketing, Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter provides a step-by-step guide to getting started on various platforms. Lastly, Coursera offers a specialization in SEO, further expanding your knowledge in this important aspect of online marketing. By taking advantage of these free resources, you can gain valuable skills and knowledge without breaking the bank.

Which website is best for online certification courses for free?

When it comes to online certification courses for free, one website that stands out is edX. As an established MOOC platform, edX offers a wide range of high-quality courses from top universities and institutions. With its user-friendly interface and interactive learning materials, edX provides an excellent learning experience for individuals seeking certification without financial constraints.

Another notable website for free online certification courses is Udacity. Known for its focus on technology and computer science, Udacity offers comprehensive and industry-relevant courses. With its hands-on projects and personalized learning support, Udacity equips learners with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen field.

Does Oxford offer free certificates?

Yes, Oxford offers free certificates upon completion of their courses. All courses provided by Oxford Home Study Centre are free to study, including course materials and learning resources. Once you finish a course, you have the opportunity to receive an official Course Completion Certificate from Oxford Home Study Centre for a small fee. This certificate serves as proof of your accomplishment and can be a valuable addition to your credentials.

Is free courses in England legitimate?

Yes, free courses in England are legitimate as long as they are accredited by reputable organizations such as NCFE CACHE or TQUK. These accreditations ensure that the courses meet certain quality standards and provide valuable learning opportunities. So, individuals can confidently enroll in these free courses knowing that they are legitimate and recognized within the education system.