Discover the Best CPM Ad Network for Indian Traffic: Maximize Your Earnings with Targeted Advertising!

Are you an Indian blogger or website owner looking to monetize your traffic?

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the best CPM ad networks specially tailored for Indian traffic.

With features like real-time bidding, advanced technology, and easy approval, these networks offer high-quality ads and profitable conversions.

Whether you are new to ad networks or an experienced marketer, this is a must-read for anyone looking to maximize their revenue potential.

best cpm ad network for indian traffic

The best CPM ad network for Indian traffic would depend on various factors such as the specific needs and goals of the website or publisher.

However, some popular options for monetizing Indian traffic include Infolinks,, Adbuff, Propeller Ads, Exponential, Conversant Media, RevenueHits, HilltopAds, Criteo, BuysellAds, RhythmOne, Revcontent, Google AdSense, MonetizeMore, PubMatic, Xandr (formerly AppNexus), Magnite, OpenX, Sovrn, SmartAdServer, and content recommendation/native advertising networks like Mgid, Taboola, and Outbrain.

Each of these ad networks has its own unique features, policies, and benefits, so it’s advisable to thoroughly research and consider them based on specific requirements.

Key Points:

  • Best CPM ad network for Indian traffic depends on website or publisher’s needs and goals
  • Popular options for monetizing Indian traffic include:
  • Infolinks
  • Adbuff
  • Propeller Ads
  • Exponential
  • Conversant Media
  • RevenueHits
  • HilltopAds
  • Criteo
  • BuysellAds
  • RhythmOne
  • Revcontent
  • Google AdSense
  • MonetizeMore
  • PubMatic
  • Xandr (formerly AppNexus)
  • Magnite
  • OpenX
  • Sovrn
  • SmartAdServer
  • Content recommendation/native advertising networks like Mgid, Taboola, and Outbrain are also popular for Indian traffic monetization.
  • Each ad network has its own unique features, policies, and benefits.
  • Thorough research and consideration based on specific requirements is advisable when selecting an ad network.


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💡 Did You Know?

1. The first piece of trivia is that the concept of cost per mille (CPM) advertising dates back to the 1900s when billboard advertisers would charge businesses a specific fee for every thousand views their advertisements received.
2. Did you know that the term “CPM” originally stood for “Cost Per Thousand”? The abbreviation “mille” comes from the Latin word for thousand, “mille”. Later, CPM became a widely accepted industry term in the advertising world.
3. Many people may not know that India is one of the largest internet user bases in the world, surpassing 560 million users as of 2021. This makes India an incredibly valuable target demographic for digital advertising campaigns.
4. In recent years, India has witnessed a significant increase in mobile internet usage, with around 80% of internet traffic in India originating from mobile devices. This shift has led to the rise of mobile advertising and the need for specialized ad networks targeting Indian mobile users.
5. One interesting trivia is that the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic may vary based on factors such as the target audience, ad format preferences, and the specific goals of the campaign. So, it is essential for advertisers to conduct thorough research and consider their unique requirements before choosing an ad network.

Infolinks: Profitable CPM Ad Network for Indian Traffic

Infolinks is a highly profitable CPM ad network designed specifically for Indian traffic. It stands out for its remarkable ability to convert relevant content into ad links and seamlessly integrate them into the website’s content. As a result, these ads are non-intrusive to users while effectively capturing their attention.

  • Some of the notable features that make Infolinks exceptional include:
  • In-text ads: These ads are displayed within the text of a webpage, enhancing user engagement without disturbing the user experience.
  • In-fold ads: These ads are activated by user interaction, such as mouse movements, and appear within the page fold area.
  • In-tag ads: These ads are displayed within the website’s tags, providing advertisers with additional visibility.
  • In-frame ads: These ads appear within the borders of the webpage, ensuring high visibility and attracting user attention.

With a vast network of advertisers, Infolinks ensures a continuous influx of relevant ads, thereby maximizing the potential for website monetization.

Infolinks offers a unique and effective approach to CPM advertising, seamlessly integrating relevant ad links into website content.

Media.Net: Global Tech Ad Network With Major Publisher Partnerships is a leading global ad network that specializes in tech advertising. It has gained significant popularity among Indian traffic due to its high-quality offerings and global reach.

To be approved for the network, websites need to have original and informative content. This requirement ensures that only high-quality websites are part of the network.

One of the major advantages of is its partnerships with major publishers. These partnerships enable advertisers to access premium inventory, resulting in higher CPM rates. Publishers also benefit from the association with reputable brands and the availability of quality content.

In addition, offers a wide range of ad types, including display, native, and video ads. This gives publishers the flexibility to choose the most suitable ad format for their audience and content.

  • Some key points:
  • specializes in tech advertising
  • has gained popularity among Indian traffic
  • Original and informative content is required for approval
  • Partnerships with major publishers provide access to premium inventory
  • Offers various ad types, such as display, native, and video ads

Adbuff: Boost CPM Rates With Real-Time Bidding Technology

Adbuff sets itself apart from other advertising networks by utilizing Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology to significantly enhance CPM rates. With RTB, advertisers have the opportunity to bid for ad impressions instantly, ensuring that publishers receive the highest possible CPM rates. This approach enables Adbuff to maintain a network of high quality and profitability by strictly enforcing policies against advertisers and publishers seeking free placements or engagements.

In addition to its powerful RTB technology, Adbuff offers a diverse range of ad formats to cater to the unique needs of publishers. These options include:

  • Display banners: Eye-catching visual advertisements that can be placed on websites.
  • Pop-unders: Advertisements that appear underneath the current browser window, capturing the user’s attention without being intrusive.
  • Interstitial ads: Full-screen advertisements that appear between content transitions, providing a highly engaging and immersive experience.

By offering these various ad formats, Adbuff ensures that publishers can select the format that best aligns with the characteristics of their website and target audience.

Adbuff’s commitment to integrating RTB technology, along with its extensive range of ad formats, demonstrates its dedication to maximizing revenue potential for publishers and achieving exceptional advertising results.

Propeller Ads: CPM Ad Network With 650 Million Daily Ad Impressions

Propeller Ads is one of the largest CPM ad networks in the market, delivering an impressive 650 million ad impressions per day. This extensive reach is advantageous for publishers looking to monetize their Indian traffic. A notable feature of Propeller Ads is its ability to provide ads for all screen types, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Furthermore, Propeller Ads offers a diverse range of ad products, including interstitial ads, native ads, and push notifications. This variety empowers publishers to experiment and determine the most effective ad formats for their specific audience.

Exponential: High-Quality CPM Ad Network Serving 20 Million Monthly Impressions

Exponential is a leading CPM ad network that specifically caters to Indian traffic sites, delivering an impressive 20 million monthly impressions. What sets Exponential apart from its competitors is its commitment to advanced technology, expert guidance, and high CPM and CPA rates. This unique combination ensures that publishers and advertisers can truly maximize their earnings.

Through its state-of-the-art technology, Exponential equips publishers with cutting-edge tools to optimize their ad performance. The platform offers an array of features such as real-time reporting, ad targeting, and optimization algorithms. Moreover, publishers can seek the expertise of industry professionals, receiving informed advice to make strategic decisions and achieve their monetization goals.

One of Exponential’s standout offerings is its high CPM and CPA rates, making it an incredibly enticing option for publishers who wish to generate significant revenue from their Indian traffic.

Conversant Media: 20-Year-Old CPM Ad Network With Minimum Requirements

Conversant Media is a well-established CPM ad network with over 20 years of experience. It prioritizes delivering high-quality ads and has a minimum requirement of 3000 impressions per month for approval. This ensures that the network maintains a certain level of quality and professionalism.

One key advantage of partnering with Conversant Media is its access to a wide range of advertisers. This gives publishers a higher chance of finding relevant and lucrative ads for their Indian traffic. Additionally, Conversant Media provides advanced targeting options, enabling publishers to increase the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.


  • Well-established CPM ad network
  • Emphasizes high-quality ads
  • Requires 3000 impressions per month for approval
  • Access to a wide range of advertisers
  • Increased likelihood of finding relevant and lucrative ads
  • Advanced targeting options to improve ad campaign effectiveness

RevenueHits: Owned By Intango Ltd, Serves 2 Billion Ad Impressions Daily

RevenueHits, owned by Intango Ltd, is an ad network that serves an impressive 2 billion ad impressions daily. It specializes in display and mobile ads, providing publishers with a range of ad formats to choose from. This extensive reach ensures that publishers have a high potential for monetization with their Indian traffic.

One of the standout features of RevenueHits is its focus on providing various ad formats. These include banners, pop-unders, sliders, interstitials, and more. This variety allows publishers to experiment and find the most effective formats for their specific audience. Additionally, RevenueHits provides advanced ad optimization features, ensuring that publishers can maximize their earnings.

HilltopAds: Matching Publishers and Advertisers for Mutual Benefit

HilltopAds differentiates itself by focusing on matching publishers and advertisers for mutual benefit. It prides itself on finding the perfect match between advertisements and publishers, ensuring that both parties can achieve their goals. This approach makes HilltopAds particularly suited for long-tail and mid-market publishers who may have unique requirements.

In addition to its matching service, HilltopAds offers various ad formats, including display banners, pop-unders, and direct links. These options provide flexibility to publishers, allowing them to choose the most suitable formats for their Indian traffic. HilltopAds also provides detailed reporting and analytics, allowing publishers to track their performance and make data-driven decisions.

Criteo: CPM Ad Network With Over 16,000 Retail and Brand Demands

Criteo is a CPM ad network with over 16,000 retail and brand demands, ensuring a wide range of relevant and high-paying ads for publishers. One standout feature is Criteo’s high client retention rate, which highlights its consistent results and positive experience for both publishers and advertisers. Criteo offers diverse ad formats, such as display banners, native ads, and retargeting ads, enabling publishers to diversify their ad inventory and maximize monetization potential.

BuySellAds: Easy Approval With No Minimum Traffic Requirements

BuySellAds is an ad network that offers easy approval with no minimum traffic requirements. This makes it an attractive option for publishers who are just starting or have low traffic volume. Despite the easy approval process, BuySellAds still provides access to premium advertisers, ensuring that publishers can monetize their Indian traffic effectively.

One of the unique features of BuySellAds is its marketplace model. Advertisers can buy impressions on specific websites, allowing them to target their desired audience effectively. This also gives publishers control over the types of ads that appear on their website. Additionally, BuySellAds offers flexible payment terms based on impressions, providing convenience for both publishers and advertisers.

Overall, the ad networks mentioned above have proven to be some of the best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic.

  • By choosing the right ad network, publishers can effectively monetize their Indian traffic and optimize their revenue generation.
  • Easy approval process and no minimum traffic requirements make BuySellAds a top choice for publishers starting out or with low traffic.
  • BuySellAds provides access to premium advertisers, ensuring effective monetization of Indian traffic.
  • The marketplace model allows advertisers to target their desired audience and gives publishers control over the types of ads on their website.
  • BuySellAds offers flexible payment terms based on impressions, providing convenience for both publishers and advertisers.


What is the CPM rate for Indian audience?

The CPM rate for Indian audience varies depending on the niche. On average, the CPM rate for 1000 impressions is around USD 0.50. However, in the tech niche, the rates can go higher and be around USD 2 or more. Conversely, for an entertainment niche, the rates tend to be lower and often fall below a dollar.

Which ad network pays the most in India?

In India, while Google AdSense is indeed a popular choice among publishers, it is important to consider other ad networks that may offer higher payouts. One such network is, which specializes in contextual advertising and is known to provide competitive revenue for publishers. With its strong partnership with Yahoo and Bing, offers a diverse range of advertisers, making it an attractive option for publishers looking to maximize their earnings in India.

Why is India CPM so low?

India’s CPM being notably low due to ad fraud and the abundance of ad inventory. Ad fraud encompasses various fraudulent activities such as click fraud, impression fraud, and fake traffic generated by bots. Unfortunately, India has been grappling with a higher prevalence of ad fraud compared to other markets. This damages advertisers’ trust and forces them to allocate smaller budgets, resulting in lower CPM rates. Additionally, the extensive availability of ad inventory in India further contributes to the low CPM. With a multitude of websites and apps, the competition for ad space intensifies, leading to a decrease in CPM rates as advertisers increase their bargaining power.

What is CPM in Google ads in India?

CPM in Google ads in India refers to the cost-per-thousand impressions on the Google Display Network. It is a bidding strategy where advertisers pay for every one thousand views or impressions their ads receive. This method allows advertisers in India to reach a wide audience and effectively measure the cost of their online campaigns based on the number of views generated. With CPM, advertisers can strategically plan and budget their marketing efforts to maximize visibility and brand exposure in India through Google ads.