What is Push Ads?

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what is push ads
What is Push Ads? 3

What is Push Ads?

Froggy Ads is pleased to announce the arrival of new ad formats to our network, meet push notification ads Froggy Ads is a source of high-quality traffic across all popular business verticals, 100% bot-free and we are the largest push advertising network in the world.

This format is ideally suited to advertiser marketing campaigns and appears to be a useful tool that helps reach out and engage customers. Working as a global content delivery channel, push ads represent premium ad units suitable for mobile devices.

So what is a push ad unit and how does it work?

Push ads are a method of delivering information about the device from the application server.

If you use a smartphone, then I’m sure you are more likely to find push notifications on your cellphone. Basically, this is a message that appears on the home screen of your device or browser every time there is a new update. Updates can be in the form of; software updates, transactional updates (purchases), offers, health news, system-generated alerts and more.

Why are they so strong?

A typical US citizen gets 46 push notifications every day. Push ads immediately attract the attention of many users with the right short message at the right time and place. To improve your marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to switch to user-friendly and profitable ad channels like Froggy Ads, which improve communication with potential customers and existing clients. Here are the main benefits that prove the efficacy of push ads for advertisers.

1. Push notifications ads guarantee a fraud-free environment

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Users themselves choose to subscribe to all notifications if they want to receive them. That, in turn, ensures high-quality traffic and eliminates even the small possibility of fraud that positively affects clickthrough rates and viewability

2. Greater impact at lower prices

Such small warning notifications require minimum costs and effort. As such, they encourage the highest customer involvement by only delivering short and precise messages.

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3. Push notification advertisements ensure maximum visibility

Compared to other ad formats, online push notifications are sent directly to the user’s screen, even when they are not searching the web or interacting with the application. Thanks to this, push ad campaigns are easier to remember and closer to your audience.

4. Better retention in the long run

An audience interested in your product or service wants to know more about updates and attractive offers. Push ads are like reminders of your brand presence in a customer’s life – they can turn inactive users into active ones, or simply update existing clients with periodic notifications.

5. Highest reach

With push ads, advertisers can target their potential users on any device or platform – this helps to achieve a higher retention rate and reach new clients on a global scale. Push marketing campaigns can be successfully used for geofencing and targeting across geo, OS, IP, etc.

6. Reducing manual operations due to automation

Push notification ads can reactivate inactive users for orientation campaigns, incomplete purchases, and transaction notifications.

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Web push notifications vs. app push notifications – what’s the difference?

Web and in-app push notifications can be considered a universal ad format suitable for all types of businesses. Their content can provide promotions, news, alerts, blog posts, news, e-books, personalized incentives, and the list goes on.

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Encourage the case of using advertisements to straighten your business

Push notification advertisements are an inseparable part of an advertising campaign. They aim to reveal more possible promotional content to meet all your business goals. Push ads help generate more leads, views, clicks and to increase brand awareness and increase user engagement across all channels.

Why Froggy Ads:

• We Are the World’s Largest Push Ad Network

• 41+ Billion Impressions Every Day

• Our Minimum CPC: $ 0.001 – For All 254 Countries.

• Conversions 10x Higher Than Other Traffic Sources.

• Get Cheaper Conversions From Facebook and Google.

• 100% Bot Free.

• Average ROI at 118% For All Campaigns.

• Targeting: Device, OS, Browser, Operator, Browser Language, Country & City.

• There are no adblockers.

• Low Minimum Deposit.

• 24/7 Campaign Approval.

• Personal Account Manager.

• This Is Our Own Source of Advertising Push.

In view of the foregoing, we cannot deny but acknowledge that push notification advertisements are highly customizable messages that help to attract the attention of your customers, and build user engagement at a more personal level. As a result, encouragement allows advertisers to make their marketing campaigns more diverse and multipurpose.

Remember, if you serve push ads through the Froggy Ads demand-side platform, you can increase their effectiveness with the right targeting and delivery on all types of devices. Need advice or help? Our team will be happy to help!