What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing 1

The term content marketing, and content marketing lately is often spoken especially in the context of digital marketing.

He said, content marketing is the best digital marketing model at the moment.

But what exactly is the meaning of content marketing?

Why is content marketing currently the most effective strategy for getting loyal customers?

Why is this strategy more effective than traditional marketing?

for more details, let’s read the article below

Understanding content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy where we plan, create and distribute content that is able to attract the right target audience, then encourage them to become customers.

So there are 2 objectives of content marketing:

  • Attract new audiences to get to know your business.
  • Encourage (invite) them to become customers.

Still confused?

Try to remember one of the accounts of companies / big brands that you follow on social media. Usually they send interesting updates.

can be a photo, video, article, or just a status update.

That’s one example of content marketing.

Content in content marketing can take many forms. As just mentioned: pictures, videos, audio, text, etc.

Besides its form, we can also distinguish content from its nature: entertaining, educating, emotional, etc.

Most importantly, your content must be interesting.

Why is content marketing more effective?

Talk about the effectiveness of content marketing (and other modern marketing strategies), of course, the easiest when compared to traditional marketing models.

For that, let’s look at the difference first.

In traditional marketing, they usually promote what they sell – products / services – through advertising media. The hope is that those who see the ad directly buy.

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The problem is that this model is no longer effective.

The public is already immune to what is called product promotion. So when they see online and offline advertisements that promote products, it is considered a breeze.

The difference is that advertising is not used to directly promote products. But rather to distribute useful content.


Which is more interesting, ads that promote products … or ads that promote content that is useful to you?

it all depends on you.

So from that, content marketing is superior to traditional marketing.

But if we promote content, not products, how do we sell it?

If we recall, the purpose of content marketing is to attract new audiences and encourage them to become customers (make purchases).

If we recall, the purpose of content marketing is to attract new audiences and encourage them to become customers (make purchases).

Websites that have content on their website and use some of the content as a marketing tool get conversions and sales 6x higher than those that don’t.

The reason?

When promoting products / services, the public does not know anything about your credibility. This is because you only show what you sell.

Therefore, sales conversions will be smaller.

Meanwhile, if you have valuable content, the public will know that your business can be trusted and sales conversions will increase.

Short term vs. Long-term

This is interesting from content marketing.

For new businesses or businesses that use traditional marketing models, when they use advertisements, normally the number of buyers will increase.

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But when the ad is stopped, then again decreases.

This is because they only know where you are through advertising and promotions.

But not so with content marketing.

When you already have content that can be found on a search engine, other people will still be able to find you at any time.

New visitors will become followers, subscriber, then become customers, in the end they will also help promote your business to their acquaintances.

Not only that, other benefits by providing content, means that you will also open new opportunities to bring visitors in addition to advertising.

That’s why websites that do content marketing will get more visitors in the long run. Even when compared to those who place visitors’ ads originating from content marketing will continue to arrive in the long run.

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