Top Fox News Advertisers 2022: Revealing the Powerhouse Brands

In the fast-paced world of media, where news headlines constantly vie for our attention, staying informed can often feel like navigating through a whirlwind of opinions and controversies. As we approach 2022, one question looms large – who are the top advertisers on Fox News?

But amidst the roar of political debates and ideological battles, a surprising alliance emerges. While Greg Gutfeld’s suggestion of impeaching President Biden hangs in the air, one advertiser, MyPillow, remains steadfastly committed to its partnership with Fox, undeterred by controversies.

Join us as we dive into the intriguing world of Fox News’ advertising landscape, where politics and professionalism intertwine, and alliances may not always be what they seem.

top fox news advertisers 2022

The top advertisers on Fox News in 2022 include MyPillow, Balance of Nature, nutritional supplement brands, and insurance companies. MyPillow, which was the second biggest spender on Fox News, purchased more air time during primetime shows and was the most frequent primetime advertiser from January to July 2021.

Despite controversies, MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell, has expressed no plans to stop advertising on Fox News. However, specific figures for TV ad impressions and spend were not provided, but the estimated value of MyPillow’s ad time on Fox News is $40 million.

Key Points:

  • Top advertisers on Fox News in 2022:
  • MyPillow
  • Balance of Nature
  • Nutritional supplement brands
  • Insurance companies
  • MyPillow is the second biggest spender on Fox News.
  • MyPillow purchased more air time during primetime shows and was the most frequent primetime advertiser from January to July 2021.
  • MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell, has no plans to stop advertising on Fox News despite controversies.
  • Specific figures for TV ad impressions and spend were not provided.
  • The estimated value of MyPillow’s ad time on Fox News is $40 million.


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1. Progressive Insurance is one of the top advertisers on Fox News in 2022.
2. Coca-Cola pulls its ads from Fox News following criticism from conservative viewers.
3. Fox News faces backlash from advertisers after controversial remarks made by Tucker Carlson.
4. Amazon becomes a major advertiser on Fox News, targeting conservative viewers.
5. Ford Motor Company increases its ad spending on Fox News to reach a conservative audience.

1. Greg Gutfeld Suggests Republicans Should Impeach Joe Biden As Retaliation

Political commentator Greg Gutfeld recently made a controversial suggestion on Fox News’ “The Five”.

He proposed that Republicans should initiate impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden as a form of retaliation for former President Donald Trump’s impeachments. Gutfeld believes that this move could put pressure on Biden’s administration and hold him accountable for any alleged wrongdoing.

This suggestion has sparked intense debate among political circles, with some conservatives rallying behind the idea.

They argue that Biden’s actions, such as his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and his stance on vaccination mandates, warrant closer scrutiny and potential impeachment.

However, it is important to note that this suggestion is still largely speculative and has not gained widespread support among Republicans in Congress.

2. Gutfeld’s Suggestion Made On Fox News’ “The Five”

Gutfeld’s suggestion was made during a segment on Fox News’ popular show, “The Five.” The show, known for its diverse panel of hosts who discuss current events and political topics, provides a platform for commentators like Gutfeld to share their viewpoints and engage in spirited debates.

Gutfeld’s suggestion drew immediate attention and became a topic of conversation across various media outlets.

The influence of Fox News as a prominent conservative news network amplifies the impact of such statements, as it reaches millions of viewers on a daily basis.

It is worth noting that Gutfeld is known for his provocative and often divisive commentary. His remarks on impeachment should be viewed within the context of his role as a pundit and not necessarily as a reflection of Republican Party consensus.

3. Gutfeld Believes Impeachment Could Pressure And Hold Biden Accountable

Gutfeld’s rationale behind suggesting Biden’s impeachment revolves around the belief that it could pressure the President and his administration to address concerns raised by conservatives.

By initiating impeachment proceedings, Gutfeld argues that Biden would be under increased scrutiny and held accountable for his actions.

It is important to note that impeachment is a severe measure and should be based on substantial evidence of wrongdoing and constitutional violations. The grounds for impeachment require a high threshold to be met, which may not be easily satisfied in this case.

As such, the likelihood of Biden’s actual impeachment remains uncertain.

However, Gutfeld’s suggestion reflects the growing frustration and disagreement among conservatives regarding Biden’s policies, prompting discussions about avenues to express their discontent and seek accountability.

4. Increased Conservative Calls For Biden’s Impeachment

Gutfeld’s suggestion is not an isolated sentiment within conservative circles.

There has been an uptick in conservative voices calling for Biden’s impeachment, citing concerns over his handling of various issues, including the economy, immigration, and foreign affairs.

These calls for impeachment reflect the polarization and deep divisions within the American political landscape. Critics argue that Biden’s policies have not delivered the promised results and have instead exacerbated existing challenges.

While it is essential for citizens and politicians to engage in robust debates and hold elected officials accountable, the process of impeachment should not be treated lightly.

Impeachment should be reserved for instances where there is clear evidence of wrongdoing and constitutional violations, avoiding its misuse as a tool for political retribution.

5. MyPillow Pulls Ads From Fox News Over Election Conspiracy Claims

MyPillow, a prominent advertiser on Fox News, made headlines recently when it decided to pull its ads from the network.

The decision came in response to Fox News’ refusal to air commercials promoting baseless claims of election conspiracy made by MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell.

Lindell has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has repeatedly spread unfounded allegations of election fraud. Despite the lack of evidence supporting these claims, Lindell has remained steadfast in his assertions.

Fox News’ refusal to air such content led to the withdrawal of MyPillow ads from their programming.

This move carries significance as MyPillow was included among the top 10 advertisers on Fox News in 2021. It underscores the potential impact of ideological disagreements on commercial relationships and highlights the growing tension between advertisers and news networks.

6. MyPillow Ranks Among Top 10 Advertisers On Fox News In 2021

For the year 2021, MyPillow held a position as one of the top 10 advertisers on Fox News.

The company’s ads frequently appeared during the network’s programming, particularly during primetime shows.

MyPillow’s decision to heavily invest in advertising on Fox News suggests a strategic alignment with the network’s conservative audience base. The company has recognized the value in targeting this demographic, maximizing its reach, and capitalizing on the network’s viewership.

However, it is worth noting that MyPillow was not the highest spender on Fox News.

Balance of Nature, a wellness supplement brand, claimed the top spot, indicating the variety of advertisers competing for visibility and market share in this space.

7. Fox News Promotes Itself As Its Biggest Advertiser

In an interesting twist, Fox News promotes itself as its own biggest advertiser.

The network leverages in-network promos to promote its shows and programming. This strategy allows Fox News to enhance engagement and viewership by enticing audiences to tune in to upcoming segments, specials, and exclusive content.

By dedicating ad space to self-promotion, Fox News ensures its visibility and maintains its relevance in a highly competitive media landscape.

This approach also allows the network to exert control over the messaging and branding associated with their programming.

8. Other Notable Advertisers On Fox News Include Nutritional Supplement Brands And Insurance Companies

Aside from MyPillow and Balance of Nature, Fox News attracts a wide range of advertisers in various industries.

Nutritional supplement brands, such as Gundry MD and Dr. Stern’s, are among the notable advertisers investing in airtime on the network.

Insurance companies, including Geico and Progressive, have also recognized the value of advertising on Fox News, aiming to reach the network’s extensive audience.

These companies capitalize on the network’s broad viewership to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.

The diversity of advertisers on Fox News reflects the network’s broad appeal and the effectiveness of its programming in attracting audiences from different demographics and consumer segments.

In conclusion, the top Fox News advertisers in 2022 reflect the dynamic nature of the network’s commercial landscape. Greg Gutfeld’s suggestion of impeaching Joe Biden has ignited discussions within conservative circles and highlights the political divisions in the country.

MyPillow’s decision to remove its ads due to election conspiracy claims further highlights the role of ideology in advertising relationships. Meanwhile, other powerhouse brands, such as Balance of Nature, nutritional supplement brands, and insurance companies, continue to prioritize Fox News as a platform to engage with their target audience.

These advertisers recognize the network’s reach and influence, ensuring that their messages resonate with a diverse viewership.