How-to Make an Animated GIF into a Looping Video in Facebook

I set out to develop a tile advert and made the decision it would grab a little bit more notice as a 5-body, animated GIF.

A shopper required to feature their free of charge webinars tailored for doctors on the Vermont Clinical Society‘s site. I constructed the next 350 X 250 pixel animation consisting of 5 frames that shown for 3 seconds each… a 15-2nd cycle.

Sponsored by the Vermont Healthcare Society

When I posted it on PFG’s Fb Organization Webpage the very same way I would add a photograph or a movie, a surprise discovery was unveiled. Facebook transformed the GIF, which was set to loop 3 situations and then rest, into a 15-next, vehicle-enjoying, online video that now looped endlessly. The looping movie really catches the eye on an normally static Facebook webpage.

If you upload them to a personal profile, they are also transformed to a looping video. Facebook only makes it possible for GIFs to continue being in their native format if they are linked from one more area like Giphy.


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