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Email List – Complete Guide & Full Details


An email list is a list of individual email addresses to which you have permission to send email campaigns. Email lists allow you to store all users’ data and subscription preferences such as first name, last name, email, birthday, and other related information. The most common data is usually name and email. All this data is stored in your email marketing software. You can manage this data according to your needs.

Mail List or email list is a list and service that includes people who want to follow and be informed about any subject. Mailing lists contain the email addresses of users who are members of your site or company and allow you to send mass mail easily. Many sites on the Internet sell ready-made mailing lists or market packages that they can send mail to thousands of people in their databases on behalf of your company. The healthiest method is for companies or websites to create their own email lists by signing up users who are interested in their own content and products. Conversion from email lists prepared in this way will be much better.

If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign, the first thing you need to do is to set up a mailing list. The widespread use of email marketing methods showed itself with web 2.0. With the said system, a more creative, measurable, interaction-oriented, and optimized mechanism can be created compared to the past. At the same time, email marketing is a sub-item of digital marketing. With this system, the reaction of users to emails can be measured in terms of efficiency. The increasing importance of the mass mailing strategy has become a very powerful tool in marketing.

“Welcome!” to your customers with email marketing. You can send a message. Think of it as welcoming customers to physical stores. The interest and kindness shown to the customer can also be provided in the virtual environment. You can send goodwill messages and welcome messages to the customers you have gained in the digital area through popup windows and virtual assistants.

After your customers become members of your website, you can show your interest by sending them emails such as “Good luck with you”, “Welcome to us.” You can send emails to your customers about campaigns, company developments, discounts, or price changes from time to time. In this way, your customers will follow up to date information from you; they will be more sensitive to your messages but do not forget that the dose should be adjusted well. Some customers may not like to receive many emails on the same day. Some of your emails may not get a response, but some of them motivate your potential customers. If you have blogs or magazines, you can send them to your customer base in the form of weekly or monthly newsletters by email. These types of posts make your subscription mechanism work better.

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The Importance of a Good Mailing List

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods. You both establish a strong bond with your audience, and you can earn more by increasing conversion rates. Worldwide email usage reached 3.5 billion users in 2018. It is predicted that the number of email users will reach 4.4 billion in 2023. However, email marketing is one of the best channels to increase brand image, customer trust, and customer loyalty.

The majority of e-commerce experts state that email lists are an indispensable resource for e-marketing, although social media channels have increased exponentially today. Email marketing is still one of the sources with a high return on investment (ROI).

Things to Do with Email Lists

One of the most successful and proven methods to grow especially small businesses is to build an email list. This is because having a quality email list offers many advantages. An email list provides direct access to people who want to hear from your business and also makes it easy for you to:

  • Informing your target audience
  • Convert potential customers
  • Forward updates
  • Making surveys
  • Forward targeted messages
  • Increase revenue

What Do You Need To Do To Build Your Email List?

Building a high-quality email list doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge, coding knowledge, or e-commerce expertise. Building and growing an email list requires patience and quality content creation.

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How Can You Build an Email List?

1. Create simple subscription deals

The first step in building a great email list is to have it in the simplest possible format that people can subscribe to quickly and conveniently. For example, it should be sufficient to enter your name, surname, and email address for the subscription. You can leave the details of the membership information to a later stage, ie, first the membership, then the registration of the detailed information.

b) Website membership

If most of your customer interactions take place through your website, adding a subscription form to your site is a great way to build an email list. As we mentioned at the beginning, the simplicity of the subscription form will increase your membership rate.

c) Social media channels

If you have built an audience of followers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, you should convert them into email subscribers.

For example, Facebook limits the number of times that posts appear in the news feed to followers. Therefore, interacting with your followers via email is important for your communication to be under your control and for all your messages to be delivered to the followers.

d) Email signature

Depending on the size of your company and how often you use the online network, you may be sending thousands to hundreds of thousands of emails to your customers and potential customers each month. These emails from the site administrators or the team attract the attention of the subscribers. Therefore, through these emails, subscribers can be advised to subscribe to their mailing lists or encouraged with various reward promises.

e) Face-to-face contacts

For some businesses, online channels such as social media and websites are not the most common customer touchpoints. For example, retail stores interact with their customers much more often face-to-face than online. Using employees in retail channels, these companies can run subscriber campaigns to encourage in-store customers to join their mailing lists.

2. Offer People Something That Will Interest Them

Now that you’ve made it easy for people to subscribe to your email list, the next step is to encourage people a little. There are many ways to encourage people to join your email list. Evaluate the possibilities of your business and the alternatives you can offer, and design campaigns that will allow you to gain the maximum number of mailing list subscribers. For example, online fashion stores, ready-made clothing companies can enable users to become members of their sites and subscribe to mailing lists, with options such as bank campaigns, installments, and discounts.

a) Content

Suppose you have a blog or a media page on your site to attract visitors. In that case, you can ensure that visitors who want to follow the publications and be informed about new publications become members by publishing visual and written materials on these pages that will attract visitors’ attention.

b) Discounts and offers

If you have an online store and products for sale, offering offers such as discounts, shop-worthy gifts can be a great incentive for people to join your email list.

c) Early access and special promotions

Companies that have been able to build reasonable brand loyalty over the years can run campaigns that are low-cost to themselves but prestigious to users by offering early access and privileges as an incentive to subscribe to their email list.

How to Set Up Mailing List

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways in which a company can communicate directly with its customers and interact periodically. However, at this point, it is important to follow the methods suitable for the interests and communication preferences of the customer group and to adjust the dosage of sending messages by email carefully.

The methods that can be applied to set up a mailing list and grow the mailing list are briefly as follows. In the membership form, add items to allow mailing list membership and sending notification emails. However, this should definitely not be a mandatory option.

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a) Create Engaging Content

Opening a blog page on your site, sharing interesting content on the blog page and social media channels will attract the attention of your site visitors. Many plugins like Feedburner can show visitors query windows whether they want to be a member of the mailing list. Permission to send emails can be obtained by informing the visitors that they will be sent an email for new content or announcements to be published on the site.

b) Use Custom Calls to Action

Calls to action will direct your audience to a specific page or content and turn them into leads. Having CTAs on different pages is an effective way to attract new subscribers.

“Subscribe”, “Click here!”, “Try for free!” Instead of calls to action in the imperative mode, you can send smarter messages that can really move your customers to action. For example, the Humboldt County website directs its visitors with the slogan “Follow the Magic” on its home page. Such a creative phrase arouses a sense of curiosity in the visitors.

c) Create a Popup

A popup box is a content that appears suddenly on a page that the visitor enters. It can be used for different purposes, from email subscriptions to sales. If used correctly, it provides a positive transformation for your site. The popup box can be an ad, a registration form, or a content recommendation.

Make sure the popup window is not too large, does not center the page, and has an option to close it easily, as it will open above the current page. Many visitors are annoyed by popup windows, leaving sites that open without aggressive popups.

Instead of putting the popup in the center of your site layout, you can position it in a different place and even set it when it appears. It would make sense to display popups in the lower right or left corner of the page not to disturb your visitors and prevent page navigation.

One of the most effective methods to ensure that visitors become members of your mail list and/or site is reward mechanisms. If you are selling a product or service, a discount coupon they can earn by being a member of the site or an ebook gift related to your site content is an effective method to convert visitors into members.

Organize an Advertising Campaign

Use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, or Twitter) effectively. Try to produce creative and effective content. Social media are effective channels for attracting new users to your website and getting them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Sportswear and footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas gain members and expand their mailing lists through social media channels, with reward mechanisms containing various discount codes. Offering reward mechanisms to visitors can enable them to take the time to become a member of a site, to give their email. For example, shopping sites such as Amazon often give discount codes for their visitors in exchange for membership.

Many companies, such as Sitepoint, organize free ebook campaigns. Users need to register in the company’s system by entering their names and emails to receive the ebook. If you allow the company to make a campaign and similar announcements to you via email in the registration form, you will be deemed to have subscribed to the email lists.

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Always Be Prepared

In order to continue developing your mailing list and get the most out of your email marketing strategy, it is very important to keep your infrastructure ready. Email marketing is an effective method to grow your business. As the number of email users increases, the effectiveness of your mailing list and the number of those who return to the messages you send to your mailing list will increase.

Here are some great ways to build a good mailing list:

Create a form: Add a subscription form to your website homepage.

Use custom calls-to-action: Use a personalized call-to-action button to mobilize your audience.

Create a Popup: Use an email subscription form popup to get visitors to your site to sign up for your mailing lists.

Use Social Media: Advertise your products or offers on social media

Offer discount offers: Increase your customers’ loyalty to your company by giving discounts on existing products and services. Membership requirements will enable visitors applying for discount campaigns to become members.

Always be prepared: prepare your plan and platform to start your email marketing strategy,

How to Send Bulk Mail

Bulk emailing is an application that is at the core of email marketing strategy. “Why is an email marketing strategy needed in the digital world?” You can find the exact answer to the question below. You can lead your business with email marketing. Creating an email marketing strategy is a long process. Despite this, issues such as which strategy is formed and which market is targeted are important in terms of guiding the business.

You can use email marketing to determine the tactics you will apply. By creating imaginary customers, you can define them, determine your way of addressing them, and reveal how you should create offers to your target audience. In addition, omnichannel marketing, one of today’s effective email marketing tools, offers an effective use in this area. With this system, you can put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create an effective monitoring mechanism.

With email marketing, you can have detailed information about your market. Creating a customer profile is very important. In this context, the age range, gender or purchasing habits of the target audience should be analyzed well.

With email marketing, you can determine your target audience. It is very important to learn the areas of interest of the people in the market. “Why should your customers choose you?” You can benefit from content creator systems within the scope of the question.

You can also use email marketing to reveal the performance of email campaigns. Determine your marketing strategy to increase your earnings or to increase the number of views or clicks. In this context, you can expand your strategy in every field by making the necessary efficiency analysis.

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Why Should I Create an Email List?

Building an email list is one of the most important aspects for marketers to focus on.

a) Email Lists Provide your products and services to be seen by more people. Focusing on email list building will get more people to see your products and services and click to buy. In a sense, your emails are an effective sales and marketing tool that allows you to promote and advertise your products. Here are some examples of announcements you can make with your emails:

  • Announcements and updates on your latest products
  • Discounts to increase sales
  • An invitation to your next event
  • End of series discounts
  • New product launches

b) Email Lists Connect You With Real Buyers

From time to time, some of the email addresses become invalid. We are talking about passive members who have left their membership or have not visited your site for a very long time and do not view your emails. You can use some of your time and energy to remove such passive members from your list. As well as focusing on growing your email list, it’s helpful to review your list with periodic checks. The number of active members is more important than the number of people registered in an email list.

Tips for Managing Your Email List

Here are some tips on what to do to keep your list growing healthily:

a) Don’t forget to welcome new subscribers

On your first contact with the subscriber, you can send an automatic welcome email and personalize all your messages, including the greeting. For example, it would be effective to program a welcome message to address your new registered member by name, followed by a goodwill message. Virtual assistants used on sites today can perform simple dialogs.

b) Let subscribers choose post frequency

One of the most important reasons people unsubscribe from their mailing lists is their discomfort with sites that receive many emails. Therefore, allow your subscribers to choose their email sending frequency from the settings section. If you can customize the frequency and content of the posts to be made to the members, you will get the maximum benefit from the email communication established with the members. For example, while you send more frequent emails to a member who is sensitive to emails and visits your site after your announcements, you send fewer emails to members who do not like to receive emails.

c) Keep your list clean

Keeping your subscriber list clean is essential to the success of your marketing efforts. For best results, you should consider doing a list cleanup a few times a year when you notice an increase in bounce rates.

It is recommended that you periodically perform the following cleaning processes regarding the content and codes on your site:

  • Remove duplicate addresses.
  • Fix addresses with typos.
  • Remove addresses whose typo cannot be corrected.
  • Update invalid addresses.
  • Remove addresses that do not match the content.
  • Remove addresses where your email is not forwarded.

d) Make it easy to unsubscribe

Your main goal is to gain new members but make it easy to unsubscribe from your email list. At first glance, this advice may not seem reasonable. However, some people refuse to sign up for sites that they think are difficult to log out or that they are not logged out. If they can’t remove their membership, or even if they continue to receive emails, they may mark you as spam or even take legal action. From an ethical point of view, make the procedures easier for those who want to leave as well as those who wish to join your system.

e) Never Buy Email Lists

List purchasing, which is subject to severe penalties under the Personal Data Protection Law, is illegal in many countries. As a result, you may face legal challenges for violating the law and pay fines for each inappropriately sent email.

Second, most of the purchased email lists are of poor quality. They are not targeted for your brand, niche, or industry, so you are unlikely to profit from interacting with them.

The secret to building a strong email list is that you, as a business, create it by following the methods described in our article. Email marketing can increase your return on investment and contribute to the digital success of your business. However, no matter how big a list you want to have, remember that quality is determined by quality, not quantity, by your relationship with members. 


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