Demand Side Platform (DSP)

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With respect to how DSPs work, particularly the viewers concentrating on functions, it is made feasible using a generation referred to as real time bidding RTB. With RTB, each time a page load on a writer’s website, the ad space on the page is auctioned off to the highest bidder in real time — meaning milliseconds. The bidding manner is carried out by the ad trade, and the bidders on the ad space do so via DSPs. In all the process, the advertiser never has to interact at once with the publisher.

The inconsistency of media supply, both for volume and first-rate – DSP’s want to have consistency in the media to efficiently optimize the crusade based on available data. Despite the massive growth of RTB supply, the massive discrepancy in media values puts upward price force on the better first-rate supply resources. This forces DSPs to bid on lower value media which is more winnable, but often doesn’t carry out rather well since most DSPs only receives a commission when/if their advertisers win the ad impression.

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