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Cartoon Network toys advertised: Unlocking creativity through imaginative play

Dive into the fun-filled, imaginative world of Cartoon Network with our extensive range of toys.

Foster creativity, adventure, and countless hours of play with our eclectic assortment, designed to emulate your favorite animated heroes and heroines from the globally-loved network.

cartoon network toys advertised

Yes, there are several Cartoon Network toys that are advertised for purchase on Amazon.

This includes toys from the popular shows like Adventure Time, featuring characters such as Jake the Dog, Ben 10, especially the Stinkfly character, along with toys from Hey Duggee, Ice Bear, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans.

These represent just a few of the wide range available.

Key Points:

  • Cartoon Network toys are available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Toys are available from the show Adventure Time, including characters like Jake the Dog.
  • Toys from Ben 10 are advertised for purchase, particularly the Stinkfly character.
  • There are toys from the show Hey Duggee available.
  • Other cartoon toys for sale include ones from Ice Bear, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans.
  • The available Cartoon Network toys represent just a fraction of the wide range available for purchase.

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💡 Did You Know?

1. Did you know that Cartoon Network toys were once advertised through a unique partnership with McDonald’s? In 2012, the fast-food giant included Cartoon Network-themed toys in their Happy Meals, allowing kids to collect their favorite characters from popular shows like Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, and Ben 10.

2. Before they became an animated TV series, some Cartoon Network shows were actually developed as toy lines. For instance, the popular show Teen Titans Go! was originally inspired by a line of action figures called “The New Teen Titans,” which was released in the 1980s by Kenner Toys.

3. The world’s largest collection of Cartoon Network toys is currently housed in the Cartoon Network Hotel, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With over 1500 toys on display, this unique hotel allows guests to immerse themselves in the colorful world of Cartoon Network and relive childhood memories.

4. In 2013, Cartoon Network collaborated with the United States Postal Service to release a series of commemorative stamps featuring iconic Cartoon Network characters. From iconic shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo to more recent hits like Ben 10 and Regular Show, these limited-edition stamps were a collector’s dream.

5. Do you remember the talking cow on the Cartoon Network bumper ads saying, “Cartoon Network, the best place for cartoons!”? Well, that memorable voice belonged to actress and voice-over artist Candi Milo, who also voiced several famous cartoon characters on the network, including Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory and Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Adventure Time Toys

In the vibrant world of dynamic and revolutionary toy collections, the exceptional variety of Adventure Time toys distinctively reigns supreme. Derived from the pioneering television mashup of fantasy, comedy, and inventive thinking, Adventure Time toys are expertly created to transport children into a realm teeming with adventure and laughter. The immersive stories of Finn the Human and his extraordinary pet dog Jake in the magical Land of Ooo enable youth to traverse a diversity of unique environments, characters, and situations, significantly enriching their creativity, cognitive, and social skills.

Adventure Time toys offer a broad spectrum, ranging from action figures representing beloved characters like Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Ice King, to plush toys and collectibles. Each toy is a literal treasury of thrill displaying vibrant colors, intricate details, and a strikingly accurate portrayal of the TV show characters, encapsulating the unique aesthetic of Adventure Time. Children can indulge in independent play or immerse their friends in their Adventure Time universe, providing infinite opportunities for fantasy play and narrative development.

What truly distinguishes Adventure Time toys is their multigenerational allure. The multifaceted characteristics of the television show, skillfully integrating profound themes beneath comedic antics and vivid graphics, resonates equally with children and adults. This fusion of maturity and whimsy is mirrored within the toy collection, turning them into not only children’s playthings but also coveted collectibles for adults. An Adventure Time toy is essentially a vignette from an enchanting universe, a gateway to dream and imagine, a chance to ignite creativity.

Jake The Dog Toys

The captivating saga of Adventure Time would be incomplete without the stalwart companion of Finn, Jake the Dog. Jake the Dog toys embody all aspects that fans, particularly children, are drawn to about this engaging character – his shape-shifting abilities, his jester-like nature, his sage wisdom concealed by his laid-back demeanor, and his unconditional benevolence. They radiate Jake’s warm, easy-going, and intrepid spirit, injecting fun and exploration into children’s playtime.

Assuming every shape conceivable, Jake the Dog toys come in diversified types. Jake is meticulously replicated in forms such as action figures, plush toys, or even interactive digital versions, all crafted with an unwavering commitment to precision. The superior quality of these toys ensures their comfort in handling and longevity, prompting children to discover and exercise their creativity. Every toy introduces a fresh facet to the Adventure Time universe, stimulating creativity and imagination in an entertaining and interactive environment.

Jake the Dog toys open avenues for imaginative play, inspiring children to act out scenarios from the show or invent their own adventures – from combatting the Ice King to traversing the Candy Kingdom. They foster cognitive growth and spur children to venture further into the realms of their imaginations. These toys also advance social skills, promoting collaborative play and interaction with their peers. Above all, these toys are just purely enjoyable!

  • Jake the Dog toys encapsulate his shape-shifting abilities, jester-like nature, sage wisdom, and unconditional benevolence.
  • The toys come in action figures, plush forms, and interactive digital versions.
  • They offer opportunities for imaginative play and cognitive growth, and promote social development.

“Jake the Dog toys not only promote imaginative play and social interaction but also stimulate cognitive growth. Above all, they inject fun and enjoyment into children’s playtime.”

Ben 10 Stinkfly Toys

The allure of transforming into ten distinct aliens, each possessing unique supernatural powers, is at the heart of Cartoon Network’s series, Ben 10—a charm most illustriously reflected in the versatile collection of Ben 10 Stinkfly toys. Stinkfly, renowned for his rapid flying abilities and corrosive slime attacks, is undeniably among Ben’s most reliable and favorite alien transformations.

Geared towards children with an affinity for science fiction and high-energy adventures, the Stinkfly toys embody a distinctive appeal. They proffer intricately detailed figures, depicted in assorted poses, adorned with a vibrant color spectrum, conjuring visual allure and excitement. Notably, the robust, adjustable figures are crafted for grand escapades, inspiring kids to reenact their beloved adrenaline-filled episodes to life, and quite literally, letting their imagination take flight!

However, the scope of these toys extends beyond mere playtime. They are also the perfect addition for collectors eager to round off their lineup of Ben 10 aliens. Accompanied by the shape-shifting watch, famously known as the Omnitrix, along with various alien action figures, Ben 10 Stinkfly toys fabricate an integrated universe. A realm where kids can impersonate their cherished hero, consequently fostering creativity and enabling them to traverse their fantastical narratives!

Remember, toys can do more than entertain. They can encourage creativity, improve cognitive skills, and keep children engaged in imaginative play.

  • Ben 10 Stinkfly toys appeal to fans of science fiction and action-filled adventures.
  • The toys feature detailed figures in various poses, lavish with brightly colored designs.
  • Stinkfly toys do not cater to just playtime; they’re also ideal for collectors aiming to complete their Ben 10 aliens collection.
  • Together with the Omnitrix and other alien action figures, Ben 10 Stinkfly toys open up a creative universe for children, enabling them to role-play as their favorite hero.

Hey Duggee Toys

Hey Duggee, acclaimed for its educational yet delightful themes, has successfully captivated children’s hearts globally. Reflecting the alluring charisma of the show is the Hey Duggee toys range, ingeniously constructed to amalgamate fun and learning into a tantalizing package that children find irresistible.

The toy assortment comprises character-based plushies, activity sets, board games, figures, and playsets. Each toy boasts a unique charm, steering children towards engaging in play-infused learning. These toys incite children to indulge in role-play, fostering creativity and imagination as they re-enact episodes from the popular show. They simultaneously instill vital life skills, including problem-solving and teamwork.

What truly sets apart the Hey Duggee toys is the interactive nature of play they propel. Children find themselves immersed in a world where moral values are celebrated, where they have the opportunity to earn varied badges for completing tasks and assisting friends. Importantly, Hey Duggee toys transcend the conventional status of mere playthings. They transform into innovative tools that inspire, engage and enlighten children, all the while preserving the pure delight of play.

Ice Bear Toys

The soft-spoken yet delightfully witty character, Ice Bear from We Bare Bears, has captivated fans worldwide with his robust strength, culinary prowess, and memorable one-liners. Now, with the launch of the Ice Bear toy line, children have the opportunity to relive the mirth and adventure of this charismatic character at home.

The collection, which includes a variety of items such as plush toys, vinyl figures, and other coveted collectibles, perfectly encompasses the vibe and allure of this widely adored character. Embodying Ice Bear’s signature subtle humor and distinctive personality, these toys make fabulous companions for imaginative play and storytelling, and can even serve as comforting bedtime friends.

A key aspect that amplifies the appeal of Ice Bear toys is their capacity to stimulate a plethora of essential skills in young learners during play. Children can recreate favorite episodes or brainstorm unique city adventures with the Bears, thus empowering their creative instincts to flourish. As a result, this kind of playtime can greatly enhance not only their cognitive abilities but their emotional intelligence as well.

Powerpuff Girls Toys

The Powerpuff Girls toys bring forth a feeling of empowerment for kids. Bloom, Bubbles, and Buttercup serve as not only entertaining characters but also strong female role models, fostering in children the values of confidence, fearlessness, and compassion. These toys are an effective means to introduce empowering messages from the screen into day-to-day play.

Ranging from action figures and doll sets to playsets and apparel, The Powerpuff Girls toys find their expression in numerous shapes and structures. All showcase the TV show’s distinct art style and the characters’ signature hues. The toys, boasting beautifully crafted figures that encapsulate the unique personality of each character, engender in children the urge to enact their cherished Powerpuff Girls escapades or envision new ones.

Aside from their vibrant hues and captivating designs, what distinguishes Powerpuff Girls toys is their portrayal of female strength and friendship. These are principles that children learn to value and embody in their games. The infinite play scenarios that these toys inspire serve as catalysts for creative thinking and emotional growth.

Teen Titans Toys

Teen Titans toys breathe life into the thrilling episodes of the beloved cartoon show, integrating them into children’s playtime. These toys feature fan-favorite characters such as Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, and offer an opportunity for young fans to enact their superhero exploits, fostering captivating, adventurous make-believe games.

The collection of Teen Titans includes a vast selection of types – from action figures to playsets, vehicles and much more. Every character toy is impeccably epitomized, equipped with distinctive features that mirror its TV version. Lacing the essence of the animated series, each toy boosts excitement and piques curiosity, inviting limitless hours of imaginative play and countless adventures.

The impact of Teen Titans toys extends beyond mere play. These toys infuse multiple benefits to young children, such as:

  • Fostering creative thinking and imaginative play.
  • Exploring ideas around friendship and teamwork.
  • Promoting a strong understanding of heroism and morality.

These benefits inculcate a unique form of learning, enabling kids to cultivate their favorite characters’ virtues.

“Teen Titans toys, much more than just play, pave the way for imaginative, moral, and thoughtful growth in children while keeping the spirit of adventure alive.”

Steven Universe Toys

Through its exploration of themes such as love, acceptance, and personal growth, the animated series Steven Universe has swept viewers off their feet in a deeply significant way. In the same vein, the Steven Universe toy line allows these crucial values to leap from television screens into children’s play experiences, thus fostering a creative spirit and promoting acceptance standards in the process.

The Steven Universe toy collection spans a plethora of categories – from action figures to plush toys, board games, and beyond. Each toy bears a passionate attention to detail, capturing the show’s essence through a showcase of vibrant colors and one-of-a-kind designs that have become signature characteristics of Steven Universe. Bringing with them a sprinkle of magic and a whole heap of love, these toys enable children to breathe life into their very own Crystal Gem escapades.

Engaging with Steven Universe toys motivates children to balloon beyond the horizons of typical play routines. As they play, they absorb lessons and foster personal growth, while simultaneously navigating through key resonating themes. The spectrum of characters with their unique abilities and personalities encourages children to welcome and appreciate diversity. This, in turn, instills knowledge about the vital role of acceptance, thus culminating in a play environment steeped in positivity and nurturing personal development.

We Bare Bears Toys

Embark on a journey to the pulsating core of urban life, where three bear brothers traverse everyday human scenarios with the We Bare Bears toy lineup. Whether it’s Grizz, Panda, or Ice Bear, devout fans and young children alike can now add their beloved bear brothers into their home collection for cozy cuddles and captivating escapades.

From delightful plush toys to enchanting figurines, the We Bare Bears toy collection vividly represents each bear’s distinct characteristics and their shared brotherly connection. They offer a sense of comfort and camaraderie while also fostering ingenious play, as children replay episodes or conjure up their own metropolitan adventures.

The real charm of these toys emanates from how they familiarize children with the fraternal relationship between the bears, teaching them compelling lessons about friendships, family bonds, and navigating everyday life challenges. The We Bare Bears toys portray the intricacies of social interactions in a digestible format for children, subtly educating them about societal norms and fuelling their imagination with countless potential storylines.

The Amazing World Of Gumball Toys

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, joyful, and delightfully chaotic universe of Elmore with The Amazing World of Gumball toys. Every piece from this enchanting collection perfectly embodies the unique personalities of the show’s cherished characters for fans to appreciate.

The product range of The Amazing World of Gumball toys includes action figures, plushies, merchandise, and more, each infused with a unique touch of the show’s distinct charm. Whether it’s Gumball and Darwin or Anais and the other peculiar characters from the show, these toys promise a wealth of entertainment and fun, inspiring children to envision their own adventure in Elmore.

The Amazing World of Gumball toys promise a fanciful, lively, and cheerful play experience, igniting creativity and inventiveness. They beckon children to recreate the joyous episodes and formulate their own comical scenarios, thereby bolstering their imaginative capacities. Unquestionably, these toys serve as a phenomenal catalyst in sparking children’s imagination while granting them endless moments of fun. The blend of play and inspiration drawn from these captivating toys is bound to unleash children’s creative potential, engaging them in countless hours of inventive storytelling.


What cartoon was made to sell toys?

Another cartoon that was made to sell toys is Transformers. Originally a line of Hasbro action figures, Transformers gained immense popularity with its animated series. The show not only entertained children with its epic battles between Autobots and Decepticons but also made them want to collect and play with the toys themselves. The success of Transformers shows how a well-crafted cartoon can effectively promote a line of toys and create a lucrative franchise.

Was Thundercats made to sell toys?

While the Thundercats toy line from LJN certainly played a significant role in the animated series, it is important to note that it was not solely created to sell toys. The Rankin-Bass-produced show had been in development since 1983, and the delay in its premiere allowed for the parallel release of the action figures. The humanoid feline aliens, such as Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, and Snarf, became iconic characters in their own right, captivating audiences with their unique designs and engaging storylines. The toys, in turn, gave fans the opportunity to interact with their beloved Thundercats universe in a tangible way, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the animated series and the toy line.

What was the first toy to be advertise on TV?

On November 18, 1959, the first Barbie doll was introduced to the world through a revolutionary television advertising campaign. Created by Mattel, Barbie quickly became an iconic toy that would forever transform the imagination and playtime of millions of children. The campaign marked a significant shift in target audience, as it was one of the first to directly appeal to young girls, paving the way for the subsequent explosion of toy commercials aimed at children.

What 80s cartoons were made to sell toys?

The 80s was a golden era for animated cartoons that were created with the primary intention of selling toys. Known as PLCs (Program-Length Commercials), shows like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe have become iconic examples. These cartoons not only captivated the imaginations of children but also catered to the emotional needs of Gen X latchkey kids, who sought security, affection, and power. With their action-packed narratives and characters battling evil forces, these cartoons provided a sense of empowerment and escapism for kids who felt they lacked such elements in their everyday lives.

Furthermore, the colorful world of 80s PLCs introduced us to other beloved toy-driven shows like Jem and the Holograms and ThunderCats. Jem, a glamorous rock star with a secret identity, resonated with young girls who longed for fame, while ThunderCats whisked viewers away to the planet of Third Earth, where cat-like heroes fought against the sinister forces of Mumm-Ra. These cartoons not only entertained children but also cleverly integrated commercial interests by showcasing the toys prominently and ensuring kids would eagerly seek them out. Ultimately, these cartoons became not just a form of entertainment but also a cultural phenomenon that shaped the childhoods of many Gen Xers.