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The Best Ad Network for iOS: Maximizing Monetization

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best ad network for ios

The best ad network for iOS includes a variety of options, depending on your specific requirements and target audience.

Options to consider are Publift, Facebook/Instagram, AdMob, Smaato, Unity, InMobi, MobFox, Apple Search Ads, Perform (CB), Moburst, Yahoo Developer Network, Appsflyer, Zoomd, Mooko Media, TapJoy, and Smarty Ads.

Each of these networks provides unique features and reach, ensuring you can select the ideal one for your iOS advertising needs.

Key Points:

  • The best ad network for iOS depends on the specific requirements and the target audience.
  • The options to consider include Publift, Facebook/Instagram, AdMob, Smaato, Unity, InMobi, MobFox, Apple Search Ads, Perform (CB), Moburst, Yahoo Developer Network, Appsflyer, Zoomd, Mooko Media, TapJoy, and Smarty Ads.
  • Each network provides unique features and reach.
  • The wide array of options ensures advertisers can select the ideal one for their needs.
  • Selection should be based on the specific advertising needs of the iOS platform.
  • From large platforms like Facebook and Instagram to more niche options like Moburst and Mooko Media, the range of networks covers a broad spectrum of advertising needs.


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💡 Did You Know?

1. Apple’s iAd, introduced in 2010, was widely regarded as the first major ad network specifically developed for iOS devices.
2. The top-grossing iOS app of all time, “Clash of Clans,” reportedly earned an average of $1 million per day through in-app advertisements showcased on the iAd network.
3. Though iAd was discontinued by Apple in 2016, the company continued to explore new advertising strategies, eventually leading to the creation of Apple Search Ads for iOS app developers.
4. In 2021, Google’s AdMob emerged as one of the most popular ad networks for iOS, offering iOS developers a comprehensive suite of tools and monetization options.
5. While Apple has been strict in its scrutiny of ad networks on iOS, it has actively encouraged developers to explore alternative revenue models beyond traditional advertising, such as subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Facebook/Instagram Ad Network

Prominent social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are fundamentally changing the paradigm of advertising for iOS. These platforms offer a highly effective ad network, aiding advertisers to target an incredibly diverse user base. Teamed with advanced targeting strategies, these platforms deliver ads directly to a user’s feed, ensuring amplified visibility and engagement. It’s virtually indisputable the expansive reach that Facebook and Instagram provide, standing as two of the most dominant social media platforms worldwide.

Armed with extensive targeting options, marketers can propel significant user engagement, leading to an increase in ad revenue. This unique feature distinguishes the Facebook/Instagram Ad Network and positions it as a stellar choice for iOS monetization. Advertisers can target users based on their activity, interests, demographic data, and beyond, making ad campaigns exceptionally successful and profitable.

Another notable aspect that solidifies the Facebook/Instagram Ad Network as a sagacious option for iOS monetization is the Ads Manager. This all-encompassing advertisement tool enables marketers to monitor and manage their ad campaigns in real-time, ensuring optimal ad performance, boosted engagement, and ultimately, elevated revenue.

AdMob: A Top Choice For iOS Monetization

AdMob, propelled by Google, has swiftly ascended to be the go-to platform for iOS app monetization. This platform offers a diverse combination of ad formats, including interstitial, banner, native, rewarded, and more, that enhances the user experience and encourages elevated engagement levels.

What makes AdMob a groundbreaking force in the mobile app advertising realm is its smart technologies for ad mediation and in-app reporting tools. These features streamline the technical facets of app monetization, enabling developers to concentrate on devising engaging content. Moreover, AdMob’s synergy with Google Analytics is a significant asset, as it allows marketers to derive crucial insights and execute data-driven strategies that turbocharge their ad revenue.

Furthermore, AdMob equips users with resources for cross-promotion and synchronization with other ad networks, thus serving as a comprehensive solution for all advertising requirements. Its global reach ensures that ads penetrate a wide array of audiences, thereby amplifying visibility and potential profitability.

Smaato: Maximizing Ad Revenue For iOS Apps

Smaato, a global leader in real-time advertising platforms for mobile publishers and app developers, has made a significant impact in the realm of ad revenue maximization for iOS apps. This has led app developers around the globe to embrace and trust this platform. Smaato’s tantalizing promise of direct access to monetization, coupled with its comprehensive solutions for programmatic advertising, sets it apart from the pack.

The exclusive demand and immediate integration into the platform that Smaato offers set it above its competitors, offering publishers a full suite of tools needed for achieving top-tier revenue from their apps. These include impressive fill rates, premium quality ads, and advanced targeting capabilities.

The standout aspect of Smaato’s services lies in its strong commitment to data protection regulations. By adhering to GDPR regulations and regional data protection laws, Smaato ensures that user data is thoroughly protected. This respect for privacy, combined with its focus on maximizing ad revenue, firmly positions Smaato among the leading ad networks, setting a high standard for the industry.

Unity: Boosting iOS App Revenue Through Ads

Unity, a distinguished name in the realm of game development, has captivated the interest of iOS developers with its potent ad network. This platform is applauded for providing highly engaging, germane ads that enhance user experience and elevate app revenue.

The sophisticated AI that fuels Unity Ads, deftly aligns the suitable ads with the appropriate users. This pairing fosters enhanced user engagement and innately, escalates profits for iOS app developers. Through the integration of native and video ads into mobile games, Unity has managed to spur an influx in in-app purchases and heightened engagement.

Unity’s utilization of a wide array of ad formats such as rewarded video, playables, and pioneering AR ads endow it with a competitive advantage. The network’s focus on user experience and developer monetization options render it a pragmatic choice for iOS app developers endeavoring to augment their revenue.

InMobi: A Trusted Ad Network for iOS Apps

InMobi stands as a paramount choice in the world of ad networks, boasting significant potential for iOS app monetization. With a commanding fusion of advanced technology and expansive global coverage, it often results in higher ad revenue generation for app developers.

One of the defining attributes of InMobi’s ad network is the adoption of innovative ad formats including video, native, and carousel ads. These formats are expertly designed to grab users’ attention and spur active engagement. Moreover, employing deep linking, InMobi grants ads the capability to redirect users to designated areas within the app, thereby enabling higher app utilization and engagement.

The InMobi network is robustly fortified with a data-centric campaign optimization platform. This not only refines user targeting but also effectually enhances ad performance. Simultaneously, InMobi provides user-level ROI reporting. This instrumental feature permits developers to efficiently gauge the success of their ad campaigns, and proceed to fine-tune their strategies for optimal returns.

Highest ROI with data-driven ad campaign optimization and innovative ad formats.

  • Key Benefits
  • Immense potential for iOS app monetization
  • Innovative ad formats for higher engagement
  • Deep linking for increased app usage
  • Data-driven platform for improved user targeting
  • User-level ROI reporting for strategy refinement.

MobFox: Amplifying iOS App Ad Monetization

A significant player in the advertising ecosystem, MobFox, has consistently demonstrated its proficiency in iOS app monetization. This platform adeptly navigates the complex world of programmatic ad serving, offering a high-speed, accurate, and efficient network designed to maximize advertiser revenue.

MobFox provides a multitude of ad formats like native, video, and banner amongst others. These can be seamlessly integrated into iOS apps, facilitating a non-intrusive user experience. Leveraging optimal ad serving technology and strategic relationships with DSPs and ad exchanges, MobFox delivers high-quality, pertinent ads to users. Such a strategy promotes engagement and serves as a vehicle for driving revenue.

Furthermore, a critical aspect where MobFox truly excels is user privacy. The platform conforms to all relevant compliances and data regulations, ensuring users’ data is guarded with utmost security. This commitment to preserving user privacy, when merged with optimized ad monetization strategies, solidifies MobFox’s standing as a dependable ad network for iOS app developers.

Apple Search Ads: Driving iOS App Visibility and Downloads

Apple Search Ads has surfaced as a remarkable advertising alternative for iOS app developers, primarily due to its direct impact on app visibility and downloads. This platform uniquely lets you place ads on the App Store, substantially augmenting your app’s exposure to potential users.

Operating on a cost-per-tap model, Apple Search Ads ensures that developers pay only when a user interacts with their ad. This platform boasts a high average conversion rate, testifying to its efficiency. Furthermore, it lets developers set a maximum daily budget, thus providing complete control over the campaign.

Apple Search Ads employs machine learning to accurately target your audience, augmenting the probability of user engagement. It ensures your app is exhibited to users most likely to download, hence efficiently tailoring your audience. Your app’s visibility and potential download numbers soar dramatically by featuring at the top of App Store search results, thereby gaining immense exposure.

Perform (CB): Enhancing iOS App Monetization through Advertising

Perform (CB) is a prominent entity in the realm of ad networks for iOS app monetization. This platform prioritizes performance marketing, ensuring developers not only maximize their ad revenue, but also deliver valuable experiences for app users.

Perform (CB) provides comprehensive reporting tools that give real-time insights into the efficacy of ad campaigns. These pivotal insights facilitate data-driven decisions, helping to optimize ad success and stimulate increased revenue generation.

The distinguishing factor for Perform (CB) lies in its wide range of ad options. Offering banner, interstitial, video, and native ads, this platform ensures a seamless user experience while granting developers the liberty to select the ad format that aligns best with their monetization strategy.

Moburst: Accelerating iOS App Growth Through Ads

Moburst, a global mobile marketing agency, pioneers in delivering innovative ad solutions that propel app growth for developers. The platform dedicates its focus on enhancing user acquisition, engagement, and usability, driving significant ad revenue for iOS apps.

Epitomizing excellence, Moburst harnesses real-time data, putting into action effective user acquisition strategies and fine-tuning campaigns for maximum revenue. This approach paves the way for rapid growth and elevated engagement rates in apps, fostering superior performance and profitability.

Going beyond just strategic advertising solutions, Moburst presents a comprehensive app marketing strategy. This strategy envelops app store optimization, social advertising, and even product refinement. With its 360-degree view of app marketing, Moburst stands out as a reliable and promising network, poised to accelerate iOS app growth through targeted ads.

  • Moburst: Global mobile marketing agency
  • Core Focus: User acquisition, engagement, and usability
  • Strategies: Real-time data utilization, user acquisition strategies, campaign optimization
  • Additional Services: App store optimization, social advertising, product refinement

    With its 360-degree view of app marketing, Moburst is tagged as a reliable and promising network for accelerating iOS app growth through ads.

Yahoo Developer Network: A Reliable Ad Network for iOS Apps

The Yahoo Developer Network serves as a persuasive ad network by offering both a demand-side platform (DSP) and native & search advertising services. This powerful combination enhances the capacity for iOS app developers to monetize their apps and escalate their ad revenue.

The Yahoo DSP affords one-of-a-kind access to Yahoo’s extensive data and insights, merging effortlessly with other ad exchanges, ad networks, and DSPs. Moreover, its native & search feature permits developers to curate ads that seamlessly integrate into the user experience, fostering a natural ambiance and leading to heightened user engagement.

A noteworthy point is that the Yahoo Developer Network is specifically designed with mobile developers in focus. Its Flurry Analytics service is a comprehensive analytics solution that arms developers with essential insights on app performance and user behavior. The ability to understand this information facilitates the optimization of ad strategies to attain superior profitability.

“The Yahoo Developer Network offers a comprehensive approach to ad servicing by intertwining functionality with in-depth insights, prioritizing app performance and user experience.”

  • The Yahoo Developer Network gives unique access to Yahoo’s data and insights.
  • It offers native & search advertising services that enable developers to create user-friendly ads.
  • Its Flurry Analytics service equips developers with essential insights on app performance and user behavior.
  • The Yahoo Developer Network is structured with mobile developers at the forefront.


Every ad network possesses its own distinct advantages and capabilities; the challenge is in identifying the one that will best align with your objectives and needs. Within this broad spectrum of ad networks, it’s imperative to keep in mind that the primary aim is to offer your users a gratifying and captivating experience, while simultaneously enhancing your ad revenue.

  • Every ad network integrates unique strengths and capabilities
  • Determining the network that closely matches your goals and needs is vital
  • The main goal is to create a rewarding and involving user experience
  • Optimization of your ad revenue should go hand in hand with user satisfaction

No matter the diversity in ad networks, the paramount concern should always be about creating a user experience that’s both enjoyable and engaging while strategically optimizing your advertising revenue.


How do I advertise on iOS?

To advertise on iOS, there are various effective methods to consider. Utilize Smart App Banners which make it convenient for users to download or access your app directly from your website. This provides a seamless experience for users, increasing the likelihood of app downloads or engagement. Additionally, take advantage of Apple Search Ads to promote your app throughout the App Store, placing your app in front of relevant audiences and boosting visibility. Another useful strategy is to offer promo codes and subscription offer codes to entice potential users with discounts or exclusive offers. Lastly, consider utilizing pre-orders to create anticipation and generate buzz around your app before its official launch. These advertising methods on iOS will help drive user acquisition and maximize your app’s success.

1. What are the key features to consider when choosing the best ad network for iOS app monetization?

When selecting the best ad network for iOS app monetization, there are several key features to consider. Firstly, it is important to evaluate the network’s ad format options. Different ad formats, such as banners, interstitials, or rewarded videos, may work better for different types of apps. Secondly, the network’s fill rate and eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) should be taken into account. A high fill rate ensures that ads will be displayed frequently, while a high eCPM indicates the potential for greater revenue. Lastly, the network’s compatibility with iOS devices and its reputation for delivering relevant and high-quality ads are essential factors to consider for a successful monetization strategy.

2. How does the best ad network for iOS differentiate itself from competitors in terms of targeting and user engagement?

The best ad network for iOS differentiates itself from competitors by offering highly targeted advertising and effective user engagement strategies. Firstly, it uses advanced targeting techniques to deliver ads to the most relevant audience. This includes factors such as user demographics, interests, browsing behavior, and app preferences. By leveraging this data, the ad network ensures that advertisers reach the right users at the right time, maximizing the chances of user engagement and conversion.

In terms of user engagement, the best ad network for iOS goes beyond simple banner ads and offers interactive and immersive ad formats. This includes video ads, interactive rich media ads, playable ads, and more. These formats allow for more engaging and interactive experiences, capturing users’ attention and driving higher levels of engagement. Additionally, the ad network may employ personalized ad recommendations and offers to further enhance user engagement and encourage continued interaction with the app or brand. Overall, the best ad network for iOS prioritizes precise targeting and compelling user engagement strategies to deliver effective advertising campaigns.

3. Can you provide insights on the performance and revenue potential of the top ad networks for iOS, and how they cater specifically to iOS app developers?

The performance and revenue potential of the top ad networks for iOS can vary depending on several factors, including the type of app, target audience, and the network’s capabilities. Generally, top ad networks for iOS provide developers with a platform to monetize their apps through various ad formats, such as banner ads, interstitial ads, and rewarded videos. These networks often have a wide reach, allowing developers to access a large pool of advertisers and maximize their revenue potential.

In addition, top ad networks for iOS often offer developers advanced targeting options, allowing them to reach specific user segments and enhance the effectiveness of their ads. They provide developers with analytics and reporting tools to track ad performance and optimize their monetization strategy. Some ad networks also offer mediation services, enabling developers to display ads from multiple networks and optimize their ad fill rates.

Overall, the top ad networks for iOS cater specifically to iOS app developers by offering them a comprehensive monetization solution with diverse ad formats, advanced targeting options, and analytics tools. They aim to help developers maximize their revenue potential and enhance the user experience of their apps through well-designed and engaging ads.