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Advanced RTB platform for programmatic advertising
OpenRTB Integration

The platform is our pride and joy. And your secret weapon.

We have developed technology that will give you full control over your digital media buying. So you can quickly design and launch powerful bidding agents into the market to execute your own unique programmatic strategies. These are self-optimising. They’ll actually improve themselves over time.

We created the platform ourselves because nothing else in the market met our standards or our specifications. And we’re delighted with our handiwork. Almost as much as our client are.

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More Benefits at a Glance

Video Campaigns

You can upload Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll videos or create VAST ads.

Self-Serve or Managed

You can trust our experienced team to manage your advertising campaigns.

Multi-User Support

You can create multiple users with different privileges and accesses.

Third-Party Ad Tags

You can add third-party creatives in JS tags, HTML or JavaScript formats.

API Integration

Connect quickly and easily third party web trackers for better ROI.

Transparent Traffic

We provide full transparency of our Web and In-App inventory.

Advanced Analytics

Reports are provided in real-time and can be exported in CSV or PDF files.

List Management

Add whitelists or blacklists and easily integrate with different campaigns.

PMP Deals

Add Private Marketplace deals and target high-quality properties.

Supply Partners

The Features

  • Proprietary ad format, including exchange-certified out stream units with support for major video platforms
  • Easy to use interface with overview of markets and bidding agents, accessible online
  • Quick launch and advanced launch modes for bidding agents
  • Access to proprietary FroggyAds optimisation algorithm
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • CPM bidding
  • Keyword targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Zip code targeting
  • Built-in ad-serving for video with automatic transcoding for all devices
  • Support for JS Tags, Iframe, HTML Tags, VAST, VPAID and MRAID
  • Out-streams and in-streams video format
  • Support for major IAB formats, including pop up, native, display and video
  • Batch upload of creative, including direct upload from major creative tools
  • Global infrastructure with delivery nodes in 41 locations worldwide
  • Contextual targeting across all exchanges
  • Re-targeting of audiences
  • Geo-targeting down to zip codes
  • ISP or mobile-carrier targeting
  • IP targeting
  • Topic and category targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Direct URL targeting
  • Browser, Operating System or connection-speed targeting
  • Advanced fraud detection with integration to leading third-party providers
  • Inventory and placement-quality scoring and control, including factors such as page-clutter and ad-collision detection
  • Brand safety filters
  • Viewability metrics and targeting
  • Negotiate and trade in private marketplaces (PMP)
  • Build new external audiences
  • Explore and profile custom audiences
  • Build-in tag management
  • Data-feed targeting example: Weather
  • Day parting (target by time/day of week)
  • Frequency cap and frequency target settings
  • Real time data with no delay

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