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The most powerful and holistic programmatic solution available today. Froggy Ads Present The Best Online Ads Network

The platform unifies all your digital investments in one system to boost performance,

maximize team productivity, and optimize results.
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Gain absolute control and manage your campaigns easily with our self-serve advertising platform for advertisers!

Thousands of affiliate marketers, mobile developers and online companies are already using to drive traffic, acquire leads and boost sales.'s CPC, CPV and CPM business model, is introduced to elevate your ROI. Pay only for real impressions by real people and count on a real return on investment. Based only off of viewable impressions, your advertisements must be displayed to the end user to count. This is the time for accountability and better business practices and is leading the way to fostering accountability thus delivering premium, precision targeted traffic that converts for you. The days of paying for blind impressions is over. Transparency and more valuable exposure is what delivers.

With multiple ads format Froggy ads is the best online converting advertising platform

Let Froggy Ads Network help you take your business to the next level.

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Optimal Targeting with Sophisticated Metrics: reach the demographic you want when and how you want with solid and transparent metrics at your fingertips. provides the tools for success and boasts the flexibility needed to meet the unique demands of our partners.

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CPC, CPV and CPM Ads

CPC, CPV and CPM is not a buzzword, it is the new and definitive way to distinguish the real value of advertising on a site. Gone are the days of advertisers being charged for ads never seen, CPC, CPV and CPM levels the playing field and everyone wins. Advertisers are guaranteed to pay only for ads that are viewed, immediately increasing their potential ROI. Publishers earn more for their ad zones because they become more valuable as they perform legitimately.

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ROI sells PREMIUM traffic that is optimized to increase productivity and campaign effectiveness. Being part of our network enables advertisers and publishers the opportunity to reach new levels of success.

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Paid Traffic Fraud Monitoring
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Traffic Is Easy

Safe-fraud detection is something we care about not only for your traffic needs, but also the funds you send our way! We have convenient ways to pay through WebMoney, Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire Payment.

Why self-Service?

Discover the benifits of working via a self-service media buying platform

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Launch campaigns in minutes using our intuitive campaign builder and traffic estimator.

Control Your Audience


Adjust your bids, budgets, schedule and targeting at any time.

Easy Managment analytics


Analyze your campaigns results and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Performance Advertising Platform. Over 3.000.000 conversions delivered


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