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Push Ads Content Policy

Please Follow Our Push Ads Content Policy if You Will Advertise On Our Advertising Network

Content Policy
Prohibited content

  • Online dating sites offering adult meetings;
  • Exploitation and sexualization of minors;
  • High-risk investments, rapid enrichment schemes and financial pyramids;
  • Promoting illegal activities;
  • Drugs, digital drugs;
  • Knowingly false information;
  • Online pharmaceuticals;
  • Pornographic and erotic materials;
  • Magical services;
  • Nicotine-containing substances and tobacco products;
  • Weapons and explosives;
  • Webcasts dating sites, web modeling;
  • A call to join religious groups and participate in religious ceremonies;
  • Intentional self-harm, mutilation, suicide propaganda;
  • The spread of the illicit trade in human organs;
  • Escort services;
  • Goods and services against human rights and freedoms;
  • Publications containing hostile statements or attacks on an individual or organization based on:
  • Publications containing a direct or hidden context of threat, harassment and violence;
  • Hate speech, criminal or terrorist related content;
  • Mentioning of events or customs that cause harm to a person in a degrading, unfriendly or offensive manner;
  • Content related to hacking into computer systems and programs.
Regulated Content

The list below indicates products and services for which additional requirements may be imposed:
  • Legal due diligence;
  • License Verification;
  • Providing a complete list of components that make up biological additives;
  • Proof of ownership of advertising materials and / or trademark;
  • Dating websites;
  • Video games;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Binary options;
  • ICO;
  • Financial services;
  • Self-improvement products;
  • Software download;
  • Subscription services;
  • Bio supplements;
  • Draws, contests, livewees, lotteries, sweepstakes;
  • Electronic cigarettes and wipes;
  • Casino;
  • Health care products;
  • Unprofitable volunteer organizations and charitable foundations;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Political content;
  • Alcohol;
Prohibited practices

  • Downloading and distribution of content by third parties violating copyright law;
  • Collection, storage and distribution of personal information without the user's consent;
  • Prohibited content hidden by spoilers;
  • Content containing and spreading viruses;
  • Content not subject to reading, viewing and verification;
  • Auto-download applications and plug-ins without user's consent;
  • Techniques for hiding real content using redirects;
  • Substitution of content on the passage of moderation;
  • Clocking;
  • Torrents;
  • Spam.


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