Why You Need To Implement Personalized Marketing and Examples

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Why You Need To Implement Personalized Marketing and Examples

Why You Need To Implement Personalized Marketing and Examples 1

Consumers nowadays expect a brand to make more personal marketing efforts and data-based to produce content that suits their interests.

Salesforce reveals that businesses that perform well use data-targeting and segmenting 51% more than businesses that perform poorly. It makes sense, a recent study revealed that 34% of consumers will be more motivated to promote their favorite brand if they get content that is relevant to their interests. Nowadays consumers not only expect personalized marketing, they also really appreciate it.

What Is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is all about quality databases and how you use that data. Brands that successfully combine consumer data with advertising technology will be able to convey messages to their consumers in a more personalized and innovative way than ever before.

Personalization techniques can be done in various ways, and some techniques certainly have advantages over some other techniques. The technology used, the algorithm and the way the data is collected or analyzed are all factors that determine the level of effectiveness of the personalized marketing that is carried out.

According to Accenture research, 40% of consumers leave a business website and purchase on another website or online store because they feel confused due to too many choices when making a purchase decision. Meanwhile, 75% of consumers tend to buy a product whose offering has been personalized according to their interests or preferences.

Now you can see that many brands have implemented personalized marketing on the website and mobile app for each individual. You can see this in some large e-commerce sites that display products and promotions differently, depending on who the person receiving the offer is.

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2 Examples of Ecommerce That Implement Personalized Marketing

The following are 2 examples of large e-commerce companies in Indonesia that have successfully implemented personalized marketing:

1. Zalora Indonesia

Zalora’s success is inseparable from a smart personalized marketing strategy. More than 50% of conversions are supported by its recommendation engine. This accounts for as much as 80% of their total sales.

Personalized email marketing is key. Zalora’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team will send newsletters to customers by implementing various marketing efforts based on personal data.

Zalora has access to consumer data such as full name, search history, previous purchase history, habits when browsing product categories, interests in certain brands, and so on. Based on this data, Zalora can create highly relevant email marketing for consumers.

2. Shopee

Apart from utilizing personalized email marketing like Zalora, Shopee also maximizes the push notification function on consumer smartphones. They will send newsletters and also notifications to consumers when the product they like is being discounted.

Like Zalora, Shopee also has access to consumer data, so this e-commerce can understand consumer needs well. For example, when you frequently search for smartphone products, you will see more smartphone product promotions on the main page of the Shopee mobile app.

This is the world of digital marketing today. Of course, not only Zalora and Shopee, almost all major e-commerce companies in Indonesia have also implemented this personalized marketing strategy. How about you?

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