Why Nobody Is Clicking Your Affiliate Links and How to Fix It

It’s an issue of straightforward math. The regular online marketing conversion rate is something like 5%, and that’s out of the those who click. An average click rate can be 1%. That means five out of every hundred those that click go on to make a purchase order, and one out of every hundred people to go to go on to click, so you’d like tens or a whole bunch of thousands of visitors to see dependable conversions. Obviously, that you may do a lot to tweak these numbers – and a large number of the next headings listed here follow those tweaks – however the numbers are still the numbers.

You need volume to be triumphant with online marketing. All four of those lead to an analogous product. The first one is the whole link with regard advice Amazon adds to the URL in case you click through their pages to reach a product. The second one is an analogous link with all of that reference assistance stripped out. It looks considerably less ugly. The third one is a bare affiliate link with reference assistance, and the fourth is a shortlink an Amazon associate can generate.

The fourth one is by far the cleanest, because it hides all the reference advice used for monitoring. Note: the associate links have had the affiliate code got rid of; they’re for demonstration purposes and aren’t valid tracking links, so don’t worry about clicking them. Even if you have numerous site visitors, maybe that site visitors is a different audience than you wish it to be. I see this a lot from people that are chasing high paying associate commissions rather than high volume commissions. Sure, promoting that yacht might earn you a year or two’s worth of wages in a single click, but if you aren’t designing your site explicitly around concentrated on the hyper rich in their yacht owning ways, you aren’t going to be getting any sales.

That may sound like an excessive example, but I’ve seen yacht based affiliate offers and let me let you know, that’s a very narrow niche.

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