Stock Opname – Definition, Benefits, Objectives, and Stages

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Stock Opname – Definition, Benefits, Objectives, and Stages

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Every business, both small or large scale, needs to take into account in detail and detailed production costs. In addition, also knows what production factors affect the production process. However, what is equally important is to ensure and understand the stock of hospitalization in your business.

Businessmen often forget the Stock of Opname, especially beginner businessmen. He thinks more often whether the sales target is immediately achieved or how the right strategy hooks customers. All of that can be achieved as long as the product in the warehouse is available.

Therefore, this is where the importance of Stock is hospitalized. For you to understand more, this article discusses the understanding, benefits, objectives, up to several stages regarding Stock Opname.

Understanding Stock Opname.

In general, Stock Opname is a product calculation activity available in the warehouse. The calculation is very important and will take a long time. Because calculate it must be detailed and detailed.

In the calculation, don’t let anything be missed. If someone is missed, for example, one product will have an impact on the product he will sell. Lucky, current technology is increasingly advanced, and the easier way to calculate.

Barcode is a code to mark an item. By utilizing barcodes, the calculation of Stock Opname becomes faster and more efficient. In addition, errors in calculations and recording can be minimized.

Why Need Stock Opname

Of course, the answer is very important. As stated above that Stock Opname is useful for clear and definite product inventory. Because, in addition to being a control, also what product evaluation tools desired by the customer.

If you find the advantages of the product, all you need to do with the team is a re-check. Because this can interfere with the production process. Even so, if there is a shortfall. This will be more dangerous. Because, when the customer wants your product, it turns out in the warehouse it has run out.

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Benefits of Stock Opname

All you need to know is the number of benefits from Stock Opname. Inventory of goods is awake because you control the product quantity.

  • Avoid storage of products, good excessive and deficiency.
  • You and the team can immediately respond if there is an advantage or lack of products.
  • Analysis in the previous year could be used as a guideline. So, you can find out the shortcomings or advantages in your business.
  • Know exactly the outflow of the product.
  • Surely you will know how the conditions and quality of the product. Because always you control.

Opname Stock Schedule

There is nothing certain in the calculation process or recording of products. Because every business company must have different habits. However, in general, the calculation and recording of products are carried out every three or four months.

Why does it need three or four months? Karen the process of recording and calculation cannot be done within a day. You can spend two to three days. Because the process demands something detailed and detail.

Objective Stock Opname.

There are several objectives in recording and the calculation of products including:

  • Know the product inventory, cash flow, debt, to accounts receivable.
  • Know the truth in the company’s records.
  • Managing raw material supplies, semi-finished products, and finished products.
  • Avoid disputes if there is an advantage or lack of products.

The stage of doing a Stock of Opname

1. Initial stages

  • Prepare stickers to mark the calculated stock.
  • Tidy up stock by managing product types and codes.
  • Completing the stock warehouse with a barcode to make it better.
  • Inserting “not counted” writing so there is no confusion.
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2. Stage of preparation

  • Prepare a team to then make a briefing.
  • Completing input related to mutations of goods up to H-1.
  • Stop the mutation of goods when the product recording and calculation process.

3. Final stage

  • Ensuring all transactions have been recorded in the program.
  • Print all stocks in the program to be able to be evaluated by warehouses.
  • When the recording process and product calculation, try to check the sticker for stock.
  • Stock check which is then placed in the Excel program.
  • Re-check so that there is no product recording and calculation.
  • After completion, the calculation results are submitted to the Accountant section.

That’s the definition, benefit, goals, and stage of the Stock of the hospital you need to know. In addition, you have also received the knowledge of why it is important to design stock of hospitalization. When you have understood the importance of business concepts, you are ready to run a business. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.