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The mass marketing of interracial relationships, specially white women with black men, has become so ubiquitous and so militant, even the least observant members of our culture have begun to notice. Walking through a mall these days I noticed three large advertising and marketing images of couples in three various stores. Two of the three were interracial couples, depicting a white woman and black man; the third couple was white. Perhaps what struck me as most peculiar was the incontrovertible fact that town where I was buying groceries, whites make up about 97% of the population, blacks are below 2%.

I wondered if the goal of “diverse” ads was to sell more merchandise, or really to indoctrinate, to circumstance, and signal how “revolutionary” they’re. There is a exquisite and fascinating body of research on interracial relationships and marriages, it isn’t exhaustive whatsoever, but we can synthesize the available data to form a correct view of such relationships. Pew Research 2012 performed an enormous study of interracial marriage that provides a substantial amount of data. Since 1980, the complete percent of interracial marriages has risen from 3. 2% to 8.

4%. Of new marriages, the speed rose from 6. 7% to 15. 1%. In 2010 the most typical intermarriage was white/Hispanic, at 43. 3%, other mixed at 30.

4%, white/Asian at 14. 4% and white/black, the least common, at 11. 9%. Not all interracial relationships, needless to say, are marriages, but we can use the wedding data to somewhat extrapolate the suggestions to the wider society and relationships. A 2015 study tested the outcomes of women that experience little ones with black men, the results were staggering. Currently, 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock, but it when the mummy is white and the daddy black, the speed jumps to 97%.

98% of white mothers studied stated the daddy doesn’t help their toddlers financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to assist aid themselves and their toddlers. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying. The vast majority of white women that have children with black men live far below the poverty line. A 2013 study of intimate associate violence in relationships, surveyed nearly ten thousand people, the authors hypothesized that interracial couples would event higher levels of violence compared to intra racial relationships. They found that compared to white relationships, both black couples and interracial couples event statistically large higher levels of dating violence. Intimate accomplice violence is classified as threats, actual, or emotional violence among two people in a committed relationship.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimates that dating violence costs around $4. 1 billion a year in clinical and mental health care costs. A 2017 study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology looked at insula activity in the brain when individuals viewed images of interracial couples compared to same race couples. Insula activation is guilty for a range of emotions. Evidence shows that insula activity is gift when a man experiences disgust and is concept to be a competent marker of both disgust and aversion.

The study found statistical importance among insula activation of individuals searching at same race couples in comparison to interracial couples. Despite a minority of contributors explicitly pointing out they disagree with interracial dating and marriage, the electroencephalogram EEG, told a unique story. This study extensively utilized an implicit association task IAT to measure response times of members in categorizing interracial couples and same race couples with either a silhouette of a human or a silhouette of an animal. Participants were placed in two circumstances, one primed with disgusting images, any other with valuable images. Researchers found that all individuals showed an implicit bias in opposition to matching interracial couples with animals, and the circumstance primed to be disgusted was even faster, showing a greater implicit bias in opposition t interracial couples. There was both a neural reaction of disgust and an implicit reaction of disgust, to interracial couples.

The authors write in the summary of this paper that “These findings are mainly concerning, given proof of antisocial reactions e. g. , aggression, perpetration of violence to dehumanized targets. ”We now know that whites are the least more likely to marry outside of their race. We know that when white women marry external of their race they usually tend to be abused, to become a single mothers, live in poverty, and that whites dating outside in their race exposes us to a more robust chance of contracting a sexually transmitted illness.

We know that despite the feigned reputation, white people show a sound disgust response to interracial relationships. We also know that regardless of the barrage of “diversity” in films, tv, and in ads, same race couples are still the commonest, by far. So, what’s the intention of the blatant propaganda?These are excuses, at best. We still have not responded why we see the very certain association of white women with black men, time and time again. I do not imagine for a second that interracial advertisements under the guise of “range” is about promoting outfits or laundry detergent or cereal.

It is propaganda through and through. The intention of that’s to gift a distorted worldview, to humiliate, to mock, and to make complacent. White men are the last leading edge against this profession of a hostile elite. White women are displayed with non white men not to sell items, but as a tactic of mental battle towards our civilization. Very rarely anymore are white men portrayed in a favorable light, they are sometimes the obese, goofy, clumsy, half wit that relies on women and non whites to avoid wasting the day. From films to television to ads, here is an increasingly common anti white canard.

The mental results of advertising were well documented. Advertising has the ability to make people chose an inferior product simply by manipulating the affective conditioning. Studies imply the average American is uncovered to as many as 5,000 advertisements in a day. The American Psychological Association has concluded there is a link between unhealthy food ads to formative years weight problems, and a link among tobacco and alcohol advertisements to underage smoking and ingesting. The APA found these outcomes to be so strong they’ve got called for strict regulations on advertisements which are marketed to infants.

White people are not the best ones seeing constant images of white women with black men plastered around the Occident. These images have an effect on black men as well. They are being told by the film industry, TV, and ads, that it is not just herbal, but also common that white women are selecting black men. I don’t have any doubt that this imagery plays no small part in the elevated rate of victimization white women face at the hands of non white men. These adverts send a clear message to black men: white women desire you.

This plays out in truth when black men, regardless of being conditioned by advertising to believe white women desire them, are rejected by white women in reality. They often become angry and lash out at the women as seen in this video, believing they’re taking “what is theirs. ” Nearly 100% of interracial rapes are white women being raped by non white men National Crime Victimization Survey, 2008, Table 42. These ads images, which have no small part in warping mentality, not only sell a dysgenic society, they place our people in a grave danger. The most recent and maybe belligerent instance of anti white propaganda came from Netflix via a set of three commercials for the company.

The series of the three commercials is titled The Couple, which features a white woman and a black man. The commercial “Open Relationship” from the series depicts two couples, an interracial couple, and a white couple, where the white man is depicted as small, weak, insecure, “unprogressive,” and “closed minded. ” His white girlfriend quickly makes a decision to cast him aside to spend the night with the interracial couple, as the black man quite actually steals the person’s female friend in front of him, humiliating him. This is a commercial, with the alleged intent to encourage more people to join Netflix. Chairman and CEO of the Interpublic Group IPG, is Michael Isor Roth. I found no mention of his ethnicity.

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Roth did however condemn the “white supremacist ideology” at Charlottesville and based your complete event to be “deeply demanding,” as he wrote in an inner memo to 50,000 IPG personnel. Roth extra wrote that the actions cannot be tolerated, and that of course “variety” is an American value. Finally, he advised the events at Charlottesville are not political issues, but “a controversy of basic humanity, and status up for what is right. ” I consider the emotions of Roth. This whole circulate really isn’t political in lots of ways.

This is about basic humanity and combating for what is right. It in order that occurs, that some of us do not see our cultural genocide and dispossession as an issue beyond basic humanity. We have the proper to exist, whether Roth and his ilk find it irresistible or not. If you wanted to smash a civilization, how are you going to go about it?If you wanted to create dysgenic chaos in a society, what could be your weapon?To smash our civilization, you may are looking to start by destroying one of the cornerstones of our tradition, the nuclear family. And what better way to spoil the white nuclear family, than to inspire white people, particularly white women, to mate with overseas men that are unlikely to help them or raise their toddlers.

If you desired to create a chaotic society that is simple to lord over, you would be sure that the children are raised by the state, the women are dependent upon the state, and that the boys were marginalized and seen as social pariahs by their very own people. What better way to break a people than to sell a dating that may never produce white little ones and that is by nature dysgenic?The media, the clicking, and advertisers have created a tradition of anti white hatred. These companies are not simply promoting “range” and trying to attract a wider range of patrons, they are promoting the elevated abuse of white women. They are advertising heightened rates of communicable ailments among our people. They are promoting a era of poor, fatherless toddlers, where our tax dollars could be funneled.

They aren’t just looking to sell merchandise, they are trying to recreate a nation, our nation, without us. They are saying they don’t need white toddlers to be made. They are telling white men they have no place in society. And that is where we come in. We need to stand guard with unwavering and watchful eyes, and shine a light on the constant barrage of assaults.

Every single time I stumble upon an advertisement that highlights “variety” in an absurd way or promotes miscegenation, I make a degree to share it online and with my pals and family. I personally take into consideration companies that insist on promoting miscegenation and don’t spend my money with them. If they want the “diverse” client, they can have them. When the opposed elite sends a message that young white men don’t have any place in society, it is our job to be there for them. To give them a spot and more importantly a purpose. The way forward for civilization, the future for our people, is only being provided by one group of folks, and that’s us.

We are in many ways the last leading edge in opposition t a system that would vastly prefer our extinction. And one very last thing, as for Dentsu, the Japanese ads giant?Their entire historical past of executives has been Japanese. Every July new personnel and newly promoted executives of the agency travel to Mount Fuji to climb the mountain together. A agency subculture dating back to the 1920s. Somewhere during this story of race mixing propaganda amid the throes of degeneracy, there’s a profound lesson to be learned from the Japanese. Although they aren’t with out fault Dentsu has a reputation of overworking their personnel, there’s something to be fashionable about a group of folk honoring tradition, country, nature, nation, and each other.

I have also observed the incidence of black scientists, providers, doctors, professors, customers and good Samaritans in advertisements adding movies. In conventional reality, the main frequent combination to be seen by walking down the road is black male – white woman. This is borne out by the photos accompanying the article, in addition to prevalent private commentary. Apparently, white women are the link in the chain that’s weakest for racial brotherly love. Very, very rarely have I seen a Black – Asian couple, and the only time that I can be aware clearly was a black male and an Asian female. Asians do probably not appear to exist in the commercial crusade:It is always blacks in the foreground and perhaps a white person in the heritage.

Look also at advertisements of universities, establishments, banks, hospitals:The lead scientist, the doctor in the foreground, the vital person is generally a black person. Of the 25 race combinations introduced up in the thing, it’d be appealing to evaluate the correlation among racial truth and advertisorial follow. I watched it. Quite good. Whites are statistically under represented regardless of how you fry it, but possible adjust the numbers considerably by massaging the labeling standards.

As some recent Vdare and Steve sailer articles have verified, there are various more Black spree killers, but they tend not to be as successfullow kill ratio, hence not grouped with mass killings. There have been a pair right around here that didn’t even get countrywide insurance!Blacks are less in a position—inferior shots, etc. And as an alternative example, would the beltway snipers have been spree shooters or serial killers, and is the contrast relevant?But I’ll bet they generally tend not to make either list!Many years ago I don’t know on what online page and by whom but I think it was some anonymous NatSoc psychologist, I once read a piece of writing the thesis of which was that a large number of spree killing is at least partially caused by interracial couples in media and advertisements and the promotion of non whites essentially in every single place in usual. The article argued that a lot of these killers were racially conscious as may be seen from their manifestos and so forth, and that their subconscious mind was basically deciphering all the miscegenation/non white promotion as having been conquered by a overseas tribe, requiring a violent retaliation. Yes,, you don’t know even if to be outraged or shocked or both at the white proposing blacks in lab coats or cashmere sweaters behaving like white people. It is true some blacks do want to LARP as whites, and a few lost soul whites vice versa but the fact falls far short.

I don’t have any doubt young white girls are fooled by this and consider also the accompanying image of the cucked, idiot white male . I ignore all ads and limit TV to travel docs as long as they are not fronted by a lefty type – sadly not uncommon but vulnerable young whites lap this vile propaganda up. I fear for the white babies being born now. In Australia which timidly offered to take some SA farmers the left are busy advertising the “myth” of farm murders. God go together with you, whites.

Jews and their handle of the weaponized media are the seen face of the on going White genocide, of that there can be little doubt, but I suspect they take delivery of approval and support at the maximum levels of politics and authorities. Bribery and threats can only partly clarify their obvious immunity to criticism and authorities censure. It almost seems the non Jewish elite are using Jews and their hatred of European people as a handy tool to obtain the political and cultural goals the elite need to force on an unwilling inhabitants. Coudenhove Kalergi and his 1920s blueprint devised to convert Europe to an Afro Islamic extension on the Mid East is coming well known in WN circles, but what’s less diagnosed is the long term assist Kalergi received from that creepy old aristo Otto von Habsburg. We in our lack of information would expect aristocrats just like the Habsburgs to seem with fatherly affection on the peoples of ‘old Europe’, but it really is evidently not the case.

The old money aristocracy seem to have formed an alliance with new money technocracy and Jews for the goal of fathering ‘mud man’. It is an alliance of comfort, but at the moment shows no signs of potential fracture. Modern advertisements is not about attractive to existing buyers, but about shaping demographic classes. It is ready developing entirely novel classes of customer identities. The most blatant example is the highschool cliques, which might be more often created by advertisers deliberately crafting a shopper identity than bobbing up organically.

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Advertising businesses will create a undeniable “identity” and accompanying “approach to life” that matches, equivalent to “skater” or “jock,” all with corresponding styles of intake and brand loyalties music decisions, clothing, even food items. This is not confined to high school either, but with adults it is necessarily more subtle. Apple is a good instance for adults, trying to craft a “creative artistic urban hipster” customer identity. Dale Gribble:I saw a frontpage of a zine the day before today, appearing two girl of a similar age and, in response to the story statement, are “twins”. Perhaps that’s feasible if the mum played it loose and fast, however the friend I stood in the take a look at line insisted that “technology had shown that such a thing was possible because of the re emergence of genetic code buried for plenty of generations.

I think that this “discovery” in such an opportune time for furthering the cutting-edge human breeding agenda marks it as highly suspect, and, should the girls indeed be twins, they’re non exact with two fathers. “Science” is or has become?very bendy in adapting to the purposes for certain findings. Another critical factor for this BM/WF Interracial Propaganda to be successful is the absolute necessity to destroy the picture of the White Male in the eyes of white women. As discussed in the thing they do that by portraying white males in every negative characteristic they could recall to mind, while glorifying black males. “Very rarely anymore are white men portrayed in a good light, they are often the overweight, goofy, clumsy, half wit that depends on women and non whites to save the day. From films to tv to adverts, here is an increasingly common anti white canard.

”Simpson was regarded good shopping by many/most. He played a sport idea to be the top of sports fandom. He made useful money at it and then later in the amusement industry; another high status career. Many Whites who knew him well regarded him a part of the White world. But look at what she got from him. Tons of home abuse; she was even raped on her first date with him and she went back for more and got murdered.

She was petrified of getting AIDS from him due to his screwing every thing in a skirt. She was concerned in cocaine with him and he was said by that Kato Kaelin to have gone to a McDonalds parking lot to check out some meth sometime between divorce and her murder. She complained that he spent little time when at home with the children. I have noticed an analogous thing and I’d similar to to point out that, White Men aren’t the best ones being effected by this and in my opinion it seems to be more of an attack on the black units than the white. I keep seeing white women with black Men or vice versa but I have also seen a show where a black family followed two white infants, an alternative where a black woman married a white man instead of the little ones’s black father or even an alternate black Man.

Believe it or not this social engineering push could hurt a black minority far more than a white majority. Even in a show where there are more than one black male characters they will male the black woman connect to a white person. You are most absolutely not the Target, if anything it sort of feels more like a half wit plan to reduce black numbers, even though that surely won’t work. Black genes are dominant over White. Black Man White Woman, Black Baby, Black Woman White Man, Black Baby.

I am African American and I’ve been troubled by this evident agenda to “white out” the black gene for few years now. It’s gotten much worse over the past year. Although I agree with a few of the points addressed in this article, most of it is a stretch to say the least. The white neighborhood has always esteemed the white woman as an innocent bystander. I have witnessed on a couple of occasions white women aggressively go after black men.

Not every interracial couple you spot BM/WW was pursued by the person. The reason I know this agenda is designed to focus on the black race is because even though you spot the interracial couples shoved down our throats, we still proceed to see a whole lot of white couples married on TV, but do me a favor…count the black couples that you just see…they’re rare!TV either Portrays the black personality as either in a same sex courting or interracial. Gone are Heathcliff and Clair Huxtable relationships The Cosby Show. Make no mistake about it my friend…here is black genocide!In inner city’s across America white women choose black men as a survival method. Black boys bodily mature faster than white boys and in usual black boys are capable of completely dominate white boys bodily before they become children. Blacks also tend to live and cooperate in large groups or gangs giving them an potential in overpowering white males all all around their childhood.

The few white males that do fight back are met with an overpowering black response in addition to condemnation and alienation from “innovative” whites if they do resist black violence. I also at an analogous time met Whites from every corner of America. The ones from urban cities were the ones who would take the side of a negro towards their fellow Whites during some conflict, verbal or physical. The Whites from the North East were always preaching the jew propaganda from jew Hollywood and news media that every one White southern men were the “slowest” minds. Mostly, the NE Whites invented and used slang expressions and passed that off as some indicator of intelligence.

I never once saw any repeated/consistent superiority in ASVAB test scores, grades in technical MOSs, no better spoken or written speech, no better grammar, diction or English usage. Their sense of sophisticated intelligence is just more jew propaganda. I do believe all you wrote about how negroes and their gang like activity. I saw it in Army basic training. A fight among me and a few trash speaking negro advanced into all the other negroes jumping into it, while most Whites sat out the fight and just stood there. I was dragged to the floor and only got one shot landed on that negro and it practically broke my hand.

He punched like a literal girl. Many of any other negroes chose a White they did not like, who they had formerly exchanged hostile words with, and attacked them. I learned a lot that day concerning the general negro. And that brawl was a small glimpse to what is going to happen societal wide when the coming race war begins; many Whites will sit it out and leave those Whites inclined to fight to their own fate as all non Whites plus LEFTIST Whites gang up on those race proud Whites. Just like took place for your small microcosm.

It’s impressive. It’s been over 2 years later since this text was written and the interracial agenda has gotten even worse. Black people are actually in 85% of commercials and are thrown in almost every movie now to satisfy a quota. White men are always portrayed as the idiots and there’s a variety of interracial commercials. Movies today are insufferable to the point of me now waiting for an agenda to be shoved in my face versus in reality having fun with a movie that has good content with out a message. White people deserve to awaken but I fear it’s too late.

The town I group up in is now being taken over almost completely by Indians and the US is promoting out hard. With that said it does make me feel good reading these things since it makes me feel like I’m not alone in feeling this manner.