Plugins to Help You Sell Ad Space on Your Website

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This is not a very robust plugin on its own, and it’s probably not designed for coping with your ads presence completely on its own. Instead, recall to mind it more like a supplemental product that helps you optimize your ads on top of ways you already display them. What it does, definitely, is sets up common geographic areas, reminiscent of the US, Canada, and other countries. Within each box, you possibly can add the code for ads you want to display to users from those locations. In this manner, you possibly can set very discreet ad objectives via your ad community, and serve those ads with geolocation concentrated on via your website.

The plugin is an alternative premium offering on CodeCanyon and could cost you $19. You’ve doubtless seen this form of plugin in action already, as they exploded onto the scene in the last couple of years. This one, in addition to Hello Bar and SumoMe’s bar, are bars that appear in the header and, optionally, the footer of a site. They will let you customise the content in those bars, up to and adding ad content. Now, this isn’t an ad supervisor by itself.

It’s just a good place to put ads where they’re guaranteed to be seen above the fold. Foobar hasn’t been up to date in a long time, but it’s a phenomenal simple system, and it only costs $9 for a license so if it’s not what you want, it isn’t a big loss. Another item on the list of plugins that fluctuate the region of your ads, Ad Flap creates flap ads. If you’ve ever scrolled down on a blog and seen a bit box come in the lower corner and wave a bit, that’s what this is. It’s a box with your ad in it, that has a little bit of animation – pick from one of 23 styles – and then sits and waits for folks to click on it.

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Essentially, it’s just a way to promote in a pop in box with some animation that doesn’t require custom coding. The plugin itself is yet another CodeCanyon one-of-a-kind at $16 for a license. It’s a bit costly for what it does, but a large number of identical plugins don’t allow ad code in the box, so this one has that benefit.