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01 “Engadget” by WeblogsInc02 “Boing Boing” by Mark Frauenfelder03 “Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide” by …04 “Techcrunch” by Michael Arrington05 “Breaking News and Opinions on The Huffington Post” by Arianna Huffington06 “Lifehacker, tips and downloads for purchasing things done” by …07 “Ars Technica” by Ars Technica, LLC08 “Mashable!The Social Networking Blog” by Pete Cashmore09 “Daily Kos: State of the Nation” by …10 “Blog di Beppe Grillo” by Beppe Grillo One blog that clearly stands proud of anything is PissingInTheTent. com, here I couldn’t find something on either the blog or the individual which uses a screenname. ‘Maki’ from DoshDosh does a similar, but he continues to be traceable. ‘Maki’ just chooses not to present out his last name, but does exhibits tips on himself and what he does.

Everything on ‘PissingInTheTent’ or ‘dailyrants77’ results in profiles that haven’t been filled in. Clearly we are coping with the just one hat is purely a blog. Nothing more and nothing less. The writer just wants his message available, but doesn’t feel forced to inform about himself. Even the emailaddress that you would be able to send comments to results in an unpersonal web page. It wouldn’t have made a difference if it was Hotmail or Gmail.

Clearly he/she really doesn’t are looking to be tracked down and remains actually faceless both as blog as well as person. I was a bit reluctant to this, on account of the outcomes of the other blogs. I even tried a second search in this one, under the name ‘FreedomBlog’. Again no consequences. So we come to DoshDosh, which I’ve already discussed.

One of the 2 blogs that prefer not to provide out their real name. Although enough to grasp that he’s male he points this out on both his Flickr account as well as on the blog and from Toronto, Canada. And he is particularly much into manga. He sincerely uses the social sites for useful causes; his Flickr money owed holds the images he refers to on the blog and Digg seems being used for research and ideas. Interesting is that he chooses the blogname for the Flickr account and ‘Maki’ for his digg account.

One could ask whether he sees this as being a similar thing, seeing the truth he uses an identical picture for both bills. Both the name ‘Maki’ as ‘DoshDosh’ don’t give me anything on private guidance. Though by lifting a tip of the veil, he succeeds in giving it a little bit a character. Beppe Grillo does the complete opposite almost of what DoshDosh does. It’s not even a question even if he makes a change between the blog and himself. This is who I am and what I must say.

Of course this is a simple conclusion if you happen to give your own name to your blog. But even by doing so, he may have chosen to stay faceless. He doesn’t with exception of his YouTube account, but this one hasn’t been used very actively. So that leaves us with MySpace and FaceBook. MySpace is very in actual fact getting used for most popular people to his his web page; his subtitle is his url and he has 11885 “pals”. In FaceBook he has a personal account, to see this one you have to become friends first.

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And there’s a type of fanbased group called ‘The Beppe Grillo Appreciation Group’. So although he uses his own name for his blog and shows his face all over, he seems very aware of what he uses with which goal. His face and name could be the connection, however the MySpace Beppe looks the ‘blog’ and the FaceBook Beppe is the ‘person’. This is given the incontrovertible fact that the fan group isn’t iniated by himself. Or at the least I hope not.

Arianna Huffington uses her own name, but alters it by adding ‘post’ to her last name to make the change among her and the blog. And this seems to work for her. The blog’s MySpace account seems to be an addition the blog. With a very clear technique, for instance she has a mere 76 chums. But the chums which are on top of the list are all applicants for the Democratic nominations in the 2008 presidential election. One could say this MySpace is one big commercial in opposition t the blog.


It has been adjusted in such a way that it doesn’t even appear to be an everyday MySpace account anymore. With exception of the title that seems in the browser: “MySpace. com – Huffington Post – 57 – Vrouw – California – Her technical staff probably haven’t found a way yet to adjust this besides. Darren Rowse does an identical as Huffington and Grillo in the sense of connecting his face along with his blog. But in an inconsistent way. For example, in his MySpace accounts he uses a similar image from a distinct angle.

And what’s noticeable here is that ProBlogger or “Darren” has only two ‘pals’, while “Darren Rowse” has 220 ‘chums’. So you could say he’s not misusing the positioning for the blog. But is this really?Since he doesn’t really distinguishes himself from the blog. But back to using photos; the ProBlogger FaceBook account uses the symbol to constitute the blog instead of Darren’s face. So he goes a bit from side to side between the use of his face and that of the emblem to represent ProBlogger. A video on his personal YouTube but which in actual fact is set up for the blog called “Differentiate Yourself as a Blogger” helps to be aware this.

He recognizes the undeniable fact that the picture of himself on the online page has gotten quite a bit attention: “… that picture has become linked to my brand. ” and “… it distinguishes me and my blog. ” So much attention even, that it almost replaces the real logo. The choice of words exhibits a lot. It wasn’t completely deliberately, but he aknowledges the fact that his face is the logo and he makes use of this.

It is all about getting cash out of running a blog, so here is a method to go. Choosing the face over the logo, simply as it seems to work. Pete Cashmore seems to employ the fame of ‘Mashable!’ so people can find him. At least that’s the case with his LinkedIn account, where the name ‘mashable’ results in his private account. That’s about it what that you can find in these sites on him.

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‘Mashable!’ however it has a name to uphold as the Social Networking Blog. You can see them play with this in various ways. Their MySpace account says to have 1536 trillion ‘pals’, which is pretty remarkable seeing the proven fact that MySpace only has about 200 million debts. They actually have 1536 ‘pals’. At Twitter you notice them post an url back to ‘Mashable!’ in most in their posts. They basically link back to the online page in every little thing they’ve signed up for.

Except for maybe Digg, but most of the posts they digg is one of ‘Mashable!’Peter Rojas Engadget and Gina Trapani Lifehacker share the same strategy. With the blog they’ve got lots of debts in different places of which just about all of them link back to the blog. And they individually also have a lot of debts, but of which none link back to the blogs. If they do link somewhere, it is to their non-public websites. If you examine that to the approaches of the blogs above, it is nearly as if Peter and Gina are saying that they’re not merely bloggers. And in the event that they were to attach their name solely to that project, it wouldn’t cover the rest anymore.

To show off how allrounded they are, so to say. They basically differentiate the individual from the blog in the way they current themselves. I wouldn’t say that Frank Warren PostSecret, Markos Moulitsas DailyKos, Ken Fischer ArsTechnica, Nick Denton Gizmodo and Mark Frauenfelder BoingBoing share the same technique. But they do appear to share a similar option of beholding their name for their personal use. It feels like here’s the case, as a result of they’re nearly absent in the social sites that I’ve been searching through.

Except for an occasional FaceBook account which I cannot access or Frauenfelder’s LinkedIn account. So, not only do they differentiate the person from the blog, they even differentiate the individual from the web. They don’t hide their very own existence like ‘Maki’ and ‘dailyrants77’, but they don’t feel the want to showcase themselves greater than is necessary. They likely do respect the fact that once a name is stated someplace you or the blog in these cases could be taken more seriously as a substitute of in the event you make use of screennames. But it is of no benefit to the blog no matter if the reader knows that you simply want to play golf to your free time. So what they’re really doing is making very effective use of the social sites.