Marketing Automation: Business Success Guide

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Marketing Automation: Business Success Guide

Marketing Automation Business Success Guide

If you are engaged in business, especially online businesses, you must know what marketing automation and how to use it so that your business is successful.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a term that refers to certain software to automate your business marketing/marketing action. Many marketing divisions in medium to large scale companies need to automate repeated marketing tasks such as email, social media, and other websites. This technology can make such tasks easier to do.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

For us, there are 5 benefits as the key to your business success if you do marketing automation. Here are the five!

  • Save your costs/budget marketing

By using the Marketing Automation software, even a large company so it’s possible to hold only on the marketing and sales division that only 50 people are filled.

How can? The way is to set up a marketing campaign that is done automatically based on the criteria that suit the needs of the company.

If you have built several automatic campaigns like this and send thousands of personalized e-mails every day automatically, you must be felt that marketing automation is a good form of savings for the business.

  • Increase income and measure your average transaction

By automating your cross-sales, the level of sales becomes higher, and this triggers actions from customers so it’s better for business (you might feel an increase in the age of the duration of your clients).

Now if you combine it with better management and leadership priorities, the possibility of your sales activity will produce a better ROI. Almost all the benefits described in this article also contributed to the increase in income and the size of your business transactions.

  • Increase Your Marketing & Sales Team Accountability

Marketing Automation makes your company’s obstacles/bottleneck clear. It can be seen thanks to a clearly defined process, and the views that have told the company’s channel/pipeline, especially your funnel marketing.

If marketing ordinary makes hundreds of prospects, none of the projects are fostered to be ‘eligible prospects for sales activation, marketing divisions can accept instant marketing automation input and do not need to side with anyone in increasing campaign.

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This feedback system not only reduces difficult conversations that lead to the company’s politics but can also increase the accountability of the employees and the division itself to ensure that their part of this automatic system has worked effectively.

  • Do marketing more effectively

How big or small a marketing team, you have limited resources to grow your business, of course. This marketing automation allows you to work on and produce more of the time limits available. Again, this is a matter of effectiveness.

  • Provide opportunities for more creativity in other aspects needed

When you change the repetitive work that is done manually with the work that is done more automatically, you can provide free time for your worker staff to focus more on the task that needs creativity. With the availability of free time, workers will be happier in serving and can issue their best ideas to build a business with you.

How to Choose the Best Automation Marketing Provider

When you are considering using the services of the Marketing Automation Provider, you need to choose software from the company that best suits and the unique goals of your business. So, don’t focus on the features per individual, try to focus on how these tools can produce for your business and whether your partnership relationship can be long-term with this provider.

List of Best Marketing Automation Tools

There are lots of good marketing automation tools for you to try. But we will only review some of them. However, you still need to resume it back and consider which right according to the needs of the business you are running!

  • Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is one of the marketing automation tools that are good for you to try. MailChimp has a major mission to help small-scale businesses in developing themselves / grow. There are many advanced features that you can use only in MailChimp.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is a marketing Automation Tools that are reportedly working with Google. Salesforce has been around since 1999 and continues to be developed to produce marketing automation software that is right for all your business needs. This CRM platform claims itself as the number one marketing automation in the world. Maybe you want to try it. Please visit the Salesforce website to look around.

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This makes the messages you send so can be personalized to be simple and interesting. Other features include A / B testing, conversion tracking, customer profiles, and conversation classifications in certain contexts. The cost is based on how many people are on your email list.

  • Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is an email automation marketing tool that is very useful with a variety of unique features to make your marketing beyond Hanhal-Basic / Basics. This Constant Contact offers facebook fan page promotions, coupons and offers, and event management. You can also edit emails with these tools using autoresponders, and many more useful features.

  • Tech dialogue

Tech dialogue is great for marketing automation based on voice tech, so you can increase your ROI with call automation and also analytic. You can optimize voice interactions with Tech dialogue tools and measure your success also adjust it again.

Available features include call tracking according to specific keywords, telephone surveys, caller profile data, conversation analysis, call scores, geolocation route settings, sound broadcasts, SMS, and many more. And even then, you can track again manually how customer reactions after hearing certain keywords. It sounds very sophisticated, right?


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