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Final Post on Biodork Biodork

But not definitely. It IS my ultimate write-up on, nevertheless – because I’m Going!

And I’m not even begging you to aid me move bins! Just to update your links and RSS feeds.

Fellas. Men! This is actually remarkable.

I’ve been invited to transfer this blog about to the FreeThought Weblogs network. For people of you who don’t know what that suggests, permit me just say that THIS. IS.

That is ideal. This is handmade-silly-indication-photographed-in-my-pajamas Large.

I’m SO energized. But initial, a minimal facts: A blog network is a group of specific weblogs gathered less than a person umbrella. This style of setup is nice because admirers of one particular blog get uncovered to other similar blogs, and the weblogs get much more exposure from new audience. In this situation, the similarity is that all of the bloggers are “Freethinkers” – we’re all atheists of a person stripe or yet another, and we have a tendency to blog site either a minimal or a whole lot about atheism, infringements of church and condition, humanism, and other linked subjects. Some of the weblogs on the community are devoted mostly to discovering faith or atheism, some have a emphasis on politics or civil liberties, or range, or are additional personalized (like mine). They are all exclusive and owned by their authors.

A single motive why this is fascinating for me is since some of my favourite, most inspiring atheist bloggers are now in this network: Blag Hag, Pharyngula, Dispatches from the Tradition Wars, Greg Laden’s X-Site, Nearly Diamonds, The Awful Canuck, Greta Christina’s Blog site, JT Eberhard, Digital Cuttlefish, Camels With Hammers, En Tequila Es Verdad. I’m not heading to hyperlink all of these, but you can come across them on the FreeThought Blogs entrance webpage (ooo…see how handy that network factor just was?).

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But Biodork is not switching.

I really don’t have to change just one damn matter about the way I article, or what I article, or how frequently I put up. The shell will search a very little unique, but the content material will be keeping mainly the exact same. The only issue that is modifying are the pop-up advertisements. I know, I know! Ads are annoying, but they are how FTB pays the payments. And hey, if you feel like clicking on an advertisement now and then, you are going to be supporting me and I’ll be grateful.

I have had some unbelievable commenters and discussions, tons of fun visitor conversation with the Very first Earth Issues Contest and the Shut Up Photo Contest (CUP Update: Carly just bought back again to me with a blog site subject, and I’m in the middle of putting alongside one another the winners’ image books), and I’ve experienced a spot opine, expound and to report and share some definitely neat life experiences. And which is all likely to continue around at Biodork v2.. I’m in the system of transferring my archives, and my web pages are already there.

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you’ll abide by me upcoming doorway to my new dwelling:

If you have issues, worries or responses about the transfer, let me know in the comments or send out a non-public e-mail to me at bio_dork(at)hotmail(dot)com, or speak to me on Twitter (@abiodork), or permit me know through any of the other gazillion methods we may be linked!

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