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It’s an outstanding time to be a marketer for mobile games, with the vertical accounting for 33 percent of all app downloads, 74 % of client spend and 10 % of total time spent in app. There has also been a 132 percent uptick in mobile games installs due to widespread stay at home rules as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But irrespective of how many users set up your game, generating income continues to be a important component to your app’s survival. One of the most effective ways to try this is thru in game video ads. In this text we can cover the different mobile ad formats available to you and how to increase your method for video ads in mobile games.

Free to play: As the name shows, this model calls for you to make your game available at no cost. You can then generate earnings by exposing users to in app ads and in game currency. Although your mobile game is free, it’s still vital that you simply do not ruin the user adventure by overloading your app with ads. The most advantageous model is dependent upon the nature of your mobile game. However, it’s smart to check both models on a smaller viewers before launching your game world wide. Once you know which model you want to implement, you’re ready to learn the alternative ad codecs that can enable your app to generate revenue.

A good way to come with video ads to your game without irritating users is to reward them for his or her awareness. Rewarded video ads are a win win situation: advertisers get their videos watched by users while your gamers receive a greater user experience. A survey by eMarketer discovered that 76 percent of US mobile gamers prefer opt in rewarded ads and 67 percent of parents will likely engage with a video ad in exchange for a reward. Depending on the character of your game, your reward could be in game forex, more lives or XP boosts. This can make video ads appealing to the user by making them an asset to their average gaming experience.

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