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Geo fencing: These are campaigns in accordance with a user’s GPS region. There is a designated area of interest, such as a store area, with a “fence” that outlines the radius in which a campaign is active. When a user enters the realm of interest, automation can be utilized to immediately send a applicable promotional message this can be in app or via SMS. There are a large number of case studies that highlight how valuable geofencing can be as an automatic advertising tool.

For example, Salesforce found that 80% of patrons would like to obtain place based alerts, while research from MDG Advertising found that 73% of users complete a call to action after receiving a message associated to a nearby location. Loyal clients aren’t just of high value due to earnings they bring in, or their impact on engagement and retention rates: these users also can generate organic installs because of their ideas and positive reviews. By prompting users for his or her comments with an automatic rating system, you could learn which users are absolutely to put forward your app. You can then offer various actions in line with the comments you get hold of: if a user can provide an unfavorable review, they can be asked for more unique feedback to spotlight areas for benefit. If the user offers a good rating, that you may autonomously redirect them with permission to the app store, where they could publically share their view.

This can boost your ASO ranking and as a result augment your monthly organic installs. To learn more about ASO and how it can help your app, have a look at our ASO ebook.

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