Xconomy: Zintro’s Pay by the Call Service Connects Investors, Others with Industry Experts Page of

Lewtan thinks there are two types of specialists who may be attracted to Zintro’s provider. First, there are the people who already do a lot of research by phone, for whom the only current “specialists bureau” is New York based Gerson Lehrman Group. GLG levies steep subscription fees on its banking and investment fund client for access to its so called “GLG Councils,” networks of specialists in genuine industries. Lewtan sees Zintro so that you can “democratize” this market using Web era. “The VCs, the private equity funds, the hedge funds—these everyone is already calling to do due diligence, and for them, we are simply making it a simpler, low-cost system,” says Lewtan.

Then there’s what Lewtan calls the “latent” market—particular person buyers, engineers, retailers, journalists or others who don’t typically confer with outside specialists but would in the event that they knew it were simple and cheap. “What I’ve located is if you’re making it easy enough—if you throw for your inquiry about lithium ion batteries and hastily you’ve got 15 proposals in front of you, and one of them looks interesting and says that for $100 he’ll discuss with you and he’s available right now—then maybe 70 percent of the time you’ll still move through your individual contacts, but maybe 30 % of the time you’ll be willing to pay for it .

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