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Write on a blog

Write on a blog

Write on a blog

Blogs are online journals that are often updated, sometimes even every day. Blogs like a way to find out about friends or family members without the need to contact them by telephone. All you need to do is read important updates to find out the latest news.

Professional writers often underestimate bloggers. Blogs are known for their casual writing style and unpredictable material. But the best blog proves that the author who is laying on punctuation and spelling can even attract attention and entertain the readers.

Well, readers, this time we will share information about 3 basic guidelines for writing in a blog, namely:

  • Develop writing style
  • Often posts, even short posts
  • Give the Reader Opportunity to Write Comments on Posterstanda

Develop writing style

Most people don’t write in everyday life or even have a diary. Writing about yourself is not an easy thing, and you will find yourself freezing in front of a computer screen without knowing what to write.

If you want to have an interesting writing style, you need a lot of reading. Read novels, blogs, magazines, and so on, to get inspiration about how to manuals their articles. You can learn how other people form sentences and build paragraphs. You will also learn about how to use jokes and play with language. Many readings also make you sensitive about what makes a tasty text read.

Most text on the web is not formal. Blogging can use an informal style. Although not all blogs are the same and not all bloggers are similar. Some blogs write formally, and vice versa. Choose that suits your audience. Determine the style that suits you and your blog.

For interesting text to the reader, you need to vary it. This means you need to try mixing it. Try variance with short sentences. Avoid long consecutive sentences. Reading through a computer screen or mobile screen will feel more difficult, and complicated long sentences make reading more difficult.

Note the way your sentences are compiled. Try changing the order of the word. A sentence like: “Here we advise about SEO,” can be replaced with “we suggest about SEO here.” Varying sentences makes your text look more attractive.

Don’t forget to try using synonyms if you use a word too often. Some people rely on the word “and” or “too.” You can vary it with “so too” or other suitable words so that the text will be more interesting.

Indeed, only a few people can write a novel. Some people write in a way easier than others. Having an interesting writing style Mugkin is difficult to learn compared to writing in a clear structure. But with a little practice, everyone can write a unique and interesting blog post.

Here are some suggestions that you can apply to develop the writing style on your blog. First, what needs to remember, a blog is a conversation. Write in a way like you talk. Avoid jargon and complicated terms. It’s a good idea to read hard your writing after finishing writing it. If you try hard when reading it or writing seems unnatural, try to think if you convey it to a friend by talking to him, not through writing.

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Second, write a blog as if you talk to certain family friends or members. Determining someone you know well and who might read your blog will help you relax in your writing style. That’s why most people often start blog posts with the word “Dear Diary.” The aim is to make writing a reflection of yourself and not as very official writing.

No less important, always notice your audience. For example, if you write only for close friends and family, you don’t need to explain that Sarah is 8 years old every time you call her name. But if your blog attracts a wider reader, you need to make a reference or glossary to help the new reader follow the groove of your writing.

Finally, before starting writing, take the time to visit other blogs that you think will be like what you will write. Read one or two blogs for several weeks and note some things like the length of the post, frequency of posts, writing style, and subject matter. You can get new ideas on your blog by seeing what feels interesting on other people’s blogs.

Always update your blog

Blogs that attract many readers are blogs that are often updated. When starting writing on a blog, you also have to prepare to spend time working every day. For most people, it needs the discipline to write. If you feel lazy to post a blog, maybe a blog is not suitable for you.

Over time, blogs will always be in your mind. You feel the need to bring a notebook to write the topic you want to write on a blog later. Start by paying attention to the most interesting part of your life, as well as things that according to friends and family are also interesting. Don’t be afraid to write about daily activities, such as paying for a parking ticket and repairing the car, but don’t forget to talk about what you think and feel. All of these areas allow you to update the blog.

If you will work with some people in one blog, talk about how often everyone posts that you can focus on your blog. If you update the weekly blog, two weeks, or monthly, try consistently about when to add new posts so that the reader knows when to get it. For example, you choose blog updates every Sunday night.

One big question that might appear in your mind is when to publish your blog post. The important thing is consistency. Do you post every hour, every day, or every week?

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You need to make a schedule and fulfill it. If you want to make money from a blog, you need to consistently make people come to blogs and read the content. Updated content must be new and fresh. Readers will not see the highest hits of your blog, but they want new content. It won’t help much if you post 10 times a day for a week ago it didn’t post anything more for one month. If you do this, readers will not return to visit your blog, and you don’t produce traffic or make money.

Not only readers who don’t like inconsistencies, but search engines are also so. You certainly want to side with the search engine, therefore you need to post regularly. It’s at least once a week and there is no reason not to set it. The more posts, it will be better, but don’t commit to yourself about something you can’t do. There are many scheduling software that can help you make sure you don’t miss a post. Blogpress gives you the freedom to schedule a post on a certain date and time. So there is no reason not to post regularly.

Invite the reader to comment

An important aspect of the blog is a part of the blogger and comments from the reader. When visiting a blog, you will find a comment link under the text of each blog post. Clicking the link makes you able to read comments from other people and send your comments. Usually, bloggers make their comments in the post, but sometimes bloggers add a response to the comments section because this is a more direct way to reply to someone’s comments.

Not all bloggers put up a comment feature, but if you want to build dialogue with readers, the comment feature is the best way. Feature comments also so an easy way to involve readers and get feedback about what you do on your blog.

When installing a comment on your blog, make sure to always read it. This feature makes others able to add comments to a blog and you might not always like what they say. For example, sometimes spammers do marketing techniques that you don’t want on your blog. But blogging software can eliminate unwanted comments easier.

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