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Without a doubt, visuals and videos are the most important tools for Advertising and Public Relations. Without visuals, there could be no positive ads. There is a famous saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and on the subject of Advertising and Public Relations, nothing could be truer. Advertisers know that reaching clients via visuals is the quickest way to get their awareness.

Humans are lazy, and in order that is why visual advertisements and public family members are getting very vital to the Ad industry. We are certainly interested in things that are aesthetically appealing to the eye. A paragraph explaining a product as antagonistic to a well crafted video or a pretty photo?Humans, by nature, are visual creatures. It’s against the law to even compare these methods of advertisements together. In fact in response to WebDM, “our visual intelligence is actually increasing while verbal intelligence is on the decline. And retailers who want to successfully reach their audiences will wish to more strategic with visuals in all their marketing tactics—including online advertising.

Simply paying to be at the top of search consequences or news feeds is no longer enough to get the outcomes you’re attempting to find. ” This implies that Advertising and Public Relations experts are looking to adapt to suit humans visually. Through research, it has been proven that 90% of the information that enters our brains are visual. “67% of buyers say the first-class of a product image is “very essential” in choosing and purchasing an item. ” This only proves that visual advertising is on the incline, now greater than ever. The only way that Advertising and Public Relations specialists can keep up is by adapting to fulfill the visual demand.

The whole point of Advertising is to try to give a lot of info in a constricted space. This makes photos and videos an important and essential tool in Advertising and Public Relations. 50 years ago, I don’t think the use of visuals in Advertising and Public Relations were at their prime like they at the moment are. 50 years ago, we didn’t have Instagram or Snapchat. As the years go by and as our generation raises, so does the medium and development of Advertising and Public Relations. 50 years ago, Advertisers were seeking nice voices with a view to promote via audio/radio.

Nowadays, advertisers look for social media influencers to do the work for them. Through apps like Instagram and Snapchat advertisers are in a position to reach a lot of people and quickly. In the future, I am having trouble picturing what Advertising and Public Relations would look like. 50 years ago or even 10 years ago if you told me that an app where that you could only share photos would be very commonplace I wouldn’t have believed it. By the time I graduate or end my career, I have a sense that the sector of Advertising and Public Relations will find even trickier ways to sell items to consumers.

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I think visuals and videos will still hold an important role in Advertising and Public Relations as well, that as a minimum will stay consistent.