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If you studied English, you likely enjoy writing, right?Becoming a writer may be the most apparent career path for an English graduate. But it can also be the toughest, too. You might want to become a professional freelance writer, writing your own novels, screenplays or poetry. It’s a very good career choice with the option of being incredibly creative, but you’ll want to work hard. Freelance writers ought to find their very own work and network widely to make sure they could make a living.

However, as an English graduate you doubtless love writing and have the motivation to follow this wonderful career path. All lawyers want to have some quite law degree. However, English graduates are well fitted to do law conversion courses, as studying English teaches them the proper transferable skills. Lawyers want to be impressive linguists; knowing how to use words to persuade and persuade. They are looking to examine assistance and depend upon numerous assets to get counsel. And they want to work flat out and know the way to review.

Most English graduates bear in mind this. They may have spent their degree studying, analysing, writing and gaining an working out of language. So, if you want to tackle appealing cases, meet new people and become and expert to your field, a career in law can be just the ticket.

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