Working at OpenX Glassdoor

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I was contacted by the lead person on Linkedin. I had a brief dialog about my experience. I have never heard back, though I pass the initial stage 95% of the time. I customarily go through interviews rather well, and there has been not anything in our conversation that will prompt him not to touch me again.

I am valuable it’s a gender discrimination. As analysis shows that very achieved women are less prone to get a job than less achieved women, less accomplished males, and more achieved males. Also, there are evidence that Caucasian women are discriminated much more that Asian and Indian women. The result he hired an green right out of faculty Asian female. The recent UN report that was prepared by Human Rights Committee found that the gender discrimination in the USA in tech so bad that it violates international human rights of AMERICAN women folk. OpenX, you’re violating human rights of American women.

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