WordAds Automattic Ads Network To Make Money With WordPress

EXEMPLEI am ussing this company since may 2017may 2017 56054 impressions 1. august 2017 35169 impressions 2. THIS was good right?In that perios my views were low. september 2017 683947 impressions AND only 0. AND now THE SHOCK for me!OCTOBER 2018 1 million + impressions AND ONLY 0.

A drop from 100$ monthly to 50$ and now to 10 20$ with only 0. 01$ CPM!They are selling for FREE the ad space. Sonce today I really do not know how much do I really earn?WHAT IS THE percentage i get?1%, 10%?HOW MUCH!It is very low anyway. I AM VERY DISSAPIONTED cuz this company do not value the work we are doing here on our blogs!I talked with many blogers!They all are getting drops by 50 90% in earnings and the company say that is just FLUCTUATIONS!PLEASE bloggers lets protest SOMEHOW. Let all TURN OFF WordAds for a week at least until they will come with explanations. Anyway I know the CPM since a few days ago.

they updated on my blog the cpm for every month And in november and december 2018 the everyday CPM is only 0,01$. THIS IS VERY LOW.

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