Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales

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Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales

Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing strategy to increase sales

You need to know that Word of Mouth is one of the many most famous and legendary marketing strategies. Just as the name suggests, Word of Mouth is a marketing effort done by word of mouth.

So, if there is a customer who feels like a certain product, then he is not just likes it, it can also also discuss the product to the park or relatives. So, the person has helped brand or company in disseminating product-related information and conducting Word of Mouth activities.

Well, for those of you who are interested in this marketing strategy, this time we will discuss it in full for you.

Word of Mouth Marketing is …

Reporting from the Kayako page, Word of Mouth is a simple activity to provide information on known people. Usually, this activity is used as one of the marketing strategies by the method of recommending a product to those in their own group.

On the other hand, quoted from the official Investopedia page, Word of Mouth Marketing is a situation when customer interest in a product will be reflected in his daily dialogue. Simply put, when there is a consumer who really likes a product of goods, then the person will automatically want to always discuss the product of the goods to others every day.

Of course, these consumers will continue to provide praise on the product they liked indirectly. In fact, it is likely that he would also recommend the product to the closest person to participate in using the item products that have been used.

So, basically Word of Mouth is one of the free marketing strategies for a brand that is done consciously or unconsciously by its permanent customers.

In addition, it should also be also known that Word of Mouth Marketing can be motivated with various factors, such as when your company presses release on some well-known media.

The advantage of Word of Mouth is

In a study published on the official website of Nielsen, it was reported that 92% of people would trust product recommendations from their closest people. So, this type of marketing becomes the type that has been proven to be very capable of providing benefits. In addition, other advantages of this marketing strategy are:

1. Increase trust

The most important advantage of Word of Mouth’s activities is to build trust in consumers related to the product of goods offered by the company. So, Word of Mouth will automatically occur when there are customers who feel when using a product from the company.

With the increase in satisfaction, the customer will be increasingly trusting the product from the brand. It will even make them dare to recommend it to the people around it and will ultimately make many believers related to the product from the brand.

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2. Build a brand

We certainly understand that a new brand or business needs to build the brand as well as possible to find it easier for the wider community.

Besides being done by means of social media or other media, it turns out that the strategy of Word of Mouth can also be used as an effective choice.

Nancy Wagner on the official Chron.com website explains that Word of Mouth Marketing will be able to help a brand look more famous and trusted.

When many people believe in their products, a brand of the product will automatically become increasingly known by many people.

However, making other branding efforts must still be done, such as making a brand identity that is able to make a brand known to be broader with the value in the brand.

3. Don’t need a lot of costs

Another advantage of using Word of Mouth’s strategy is the lack of cost use. So, the company does not only have to spend a lot of costs in carrying out marketing activities.

As we discussed earlier, one of these marketing strategies is quite affordable because it only has to take advantage of the experience obtained by the customer. However, so that Word of Mouth Marketing can work effectively, every company must be able to make other efforts.

Quoted from the Shopify page, one of the ways that the company can do is to always reward customers. The shape can be by providing free gifts or services for loyal consumers.

Strategy to Increase Word of Mouth

Although Word of Mouth Marketing does not need a lot of costs, but you still have to prepare an effective strategy to be able to attract customer interest. The following are some of the most effective ways to run Word of Mouth Marketing:

1. Create a campaign that can touch the emotional side

One method that you can use to be able to improve the Word of Mouth Marketing strategy is to create an ad campaign that touches your customers’ emotional customers. Quoted directly from the Entrepreneur page, a brand will become easier to famous when they are able to make an ad campaign that is able to connect with the emotional side of its customers.

So, when a brand is able to make a good emotional relationship with its customers, their products will automatically be discussed by many people. Well the same as the previous discussion, Word of Mouth will be said to be successful if the customer has a high sense of trust in a product.

2. Use influencer services

Today, social media developments make marketing influencers become more famous and used by many people. Well, you can take advantage of this strategy to be able to develop Word of Mouth Marketing and reach wider customers.

Utilizing the service of an influencer will certainly help the branding process on your product because they already have many followers or followers. But, it is recommended that you do a variety of deep research before starting to use the services of an influencer.

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So, try to ensure that the influencer has a good history and also has a follower that is in accordance with your target market.

3. Make events involving the community

The next strategy that you can apply to implement Word of Mouth Marketing is to always make an event involving a particular community. By making an event involving customers, they will feel very valued by the brand he likes.

In addition, this event is also able to improve good relations between customers and its brand. Why? Because both parties in it can establish communication more personally.

4. Always ask for feedback from the customer

One effective way to be able to improve your service to your customers is to always ask for good feedback from them. This is done so that customers do not forget the brand and always talk about the brand. For this reason, companies must produce the best products.

If the quality of a product decreases, then the sense of customer satisfaction will decrease, even they can not be able to provide their recommendations to others. For this reason, try to always ask for feedback from your loyal customers so you can find out what they really want from your brand.

5. Focus in maintaining good relations with customers

The last way you can do to increase Word of Mouth is to always maintain your good relations with customers. Although indeed this sounds trivial and simple, but this method must always be done by every item if you want to have loyal customers.

Reporting from the Balance SMB page, a close relationship between brands with customers will make customers feel easier to recommend it to the closest person.

How to build and strengthen relationships that you can do close to customers with various kinds of, ways, such as by providing customer service for 24 hours non-stop.


Based on the full explanation above, we can conclude that is a situation when customer interest in a product will be illustrated on daily dialogue. Simply put, when there is a consumer who really likes a product of goods, then the person will automatically want to always discuss the product of the goods to others every day.

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