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With the apparent exceptions pornography, racism, or some other inappropriate content material, any organization should feel free to upload their logo, banner or image on Word of Blog. net. If you browse through the site, you’ll see that many of the badges we host are for nonprofits, worthy causes, upcoming events, political activists, artists, bands, podcasts, and blog carnivals. � But everyone is welcome.

� We have a few industrial badges to boot for businesses, so we’re not solely for nonprofit stuff. � We’re absolutely non partisan; the carrier is open to everybody. b If you’re a blogger, have a website or have a profile in an internet neighborhood like MySpace or Xanga, take a look at all the badges which appear in this site – be at liberty to pick it up and post any badge you’d prefer to assist on your page. You’ll definitely be commercials the organization or cause to your readers – all badges are clickable, linking to the association’s web page. � Each time someone clicks on the badge, we track the click. � If you go to the badge’s committed page on Word of Blog.

net either by clicking on the “Want This Badge?” tag or shopping the location, you’ll see the name of your blog or web page appearing in the blue column on the left side of the page, with the total collection of click throughs to the association’s online page you generated. � Please note that that is the ONLY info it’s being accrued here; we take privacy very heavily at Word of Blog. net. � See below for commands on how to do pick up a badge. � Basically, you only need to copy and paste the HTML stuff appearing in the blue box under the badge.

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One of them is advertisements of a sort but it’s free, open, and based absolutely on the particular person writer’s tastes and never on the ad reps from BlogAds or the formulas over at Google, that are a bit too open, except in Communist China. It’s called Word of Blog, and I got it from Fred who treats his own blog like an test as well a few months ago. I really like Word of Blog, as a result of I keep watch over what sites and people I promote. Sometimes it’s a political cause, once in a while it’s a podcast, like Jason’s great Down in the Flood. Sure, no money changes hands but the interface is straightforward, and it feels good. ” watson/2006/02/index.

html“What I love about this idea is that it can provide on the promise of the Internet from the 90s to be the nice leveler, allowing smaller corporations to finally compete with larger ones. � Now small nonprofits can reach out to bloggers and be given assist in using site visitors on topics they both care about. � It’s a great example of how the facility of word of mouth advertising and customer generated media can be amplified by simply making eAdvocacy and advertising and marketing messages available to be used on blogs hosted by those who believe in those messages. ”word of blo. html Of course, there are elements that experience an apparent impact.

� If your badge is for a widely known association or a topic that folks feel highly passionate about, it’s much more likely that a bunch of bloggers will pick it up. � Also, while it’s better to have a rudimentary badge than no badge at all, having a cool searching badge certainly helps – bloggers opt to have pretty images on their page; it’s only organic. � Finally, the dimensions of your badge also has an impact – in case your image doesn’t fit within the average blog sidebar 160 pixels wide usually, then it’s likely that bloggers will choose to put your badge in a blog post to be able to doubtless remain on their home page for a day or two before being buried instead of give it permanent placement in their blog’s sidebar.

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