WooCommerce Tutorial: How to WordPress Ecommerce Succeed Online Store

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WooCommerce Tutorial: How to WordPress Ecommerce Succeed Online Store

WooCommerce Tutorial How to WordPress Ecommerce Succeed Online Store

If you are looking for a complete guide at the same time it is easy to understand about WooCommerce ─ so you can activate the eCommerce WordPress site and increase business opportunities, this article is the right reference.

Or, you might just want to know what WooCommerce is and how it is so that the plugin for the WordPress site can increase your business opportunities.

See further our discussion about WooCommerce and why this plugin is well-known among businessmen online, so you can find out more clearly the definition of Woocommerce.

What is WooCommerce?

Technically WooCommerce is one of the online shop or online shop plugins made by Woothemes in 2011 (now job-led in Automattic). WooCommerce is included in the list of the best Online Builder platform in the world.

WooCommerce is open-source so that many people from the general public are contributors to the development of this one e-commerce plugin.

The motto of WooCommerce is “The Most Customizable eCommerce Platform for Building Your Online Business”. In Indonesian, you can customize this one platform freely, according to the needs of your business.

WooCommerce is supported by thousands of WooCommerce Extensions and WooCommerce Free Theme (although there are also more varied paid themes).

You can make your modification freely. Why? Because Woocommerce provides a lot of development code records.

Next, let’s know what features are offered by WooCommerce so you can get a picture more about what WooCommerce is. Here are various eCommerce features that exist from WooCommerce!

WooCommerce features

Various WooCommerce features can be utilized. Following complete:

  • Product management

You can make various types of products in the form of virtual goods (which are licensed) and goods whose types of digital software or media. You can do customization freely for these products by adding certain attributes such as size, color, and other types.

You can even provide special prices like a promo if you want to reduce prices and inventory in the context of Stock Management.

  • Payment path

Regarding the payment path, on WooCommerce there is PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, with a check even directly Cash On Delivery (COD). You can also integrate it with other popular payment gateways like Doku.

  • Order management

Through this Order Management feature, you can watch the order sent by your customers very easily. You can also make an offline order manually.

  • Shopping trip

Travel transactions in WooCommerce starting from the cart or better known as shopping baskets then the customer checkout. Your customers can also create customer accounts to see and supervise their orders.

So, the rules or shopping trips are familiar to ordinary laypeople shopping at other giant e-commerce stores such as Bukalapak, Shopee, Tokopedia, and others.

  • Sales report

You can see the sales report easily. If the default report feels too simple, you can add an extension so that your seller’s report can help develop your business.

By increasing certain extension reports, you can also export reports into Excel and CSV documents. You can also see your profit and loss with the WooCommerce Cost of Good, and there are still many other things you can do about the sales report.

  • Delivery

You can set or enter the price of goods manually, easily. Besides that, you can also integrate with other APIs like King Ongkir.

There are many extensions as alternatives to make it easier for you to calculate shipping from Indonesian shipping couriers such as JNE, J & T, Tiki, Post, and other goods delivery services.

You can also explore website development options with other extensions related to shipping problems.

  • Rule price discount

You can offer discounts using Coupons. You can also install the extension plugin so you can make a discount rule a kind of determination for wholesale prices and others that will be an attractive offer for your customer candidates.

  • Smtp email

WooCommerce uses API to connect the SMTP Email that you have configured on your WordPress. SMTP Email is used to notify the buyer and admin about how your online shop activity is from time to time.

  • API integration

WooCommerce is classified as very easy to integrate with a variety of APIs, for example, Facebook login.

  • Build a Marketplace

You can also change your online shop or online shop into a marketplace using a support plugin that is integrated with WooCommerce. What are the plugins? For example, Dokan and WCVendors.

There are two other types of features offered by WooCommerce. Both we have mentioned earlier in the part of the discussion about what WooCommerce, namely thousands of free woocommerce extensions and thousands of free Woocommerce Themes. This certainly can make it easier for you to customize as needed so that efforts to increase your business are more effective.

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Various advantages of Woocommerce

WooCommerce has various advantages and advantages. Here are the advantages of Woocommerce:

  • Designed Compatible for WordPress

There are no obstacles means when combining WooCommerce and WordPress because the integration is good. With WooCommerce, you can also connect with millions of other WordPress users.

  • Can be tailored to your needs

As any shape and size, small or large, little or a lot, woocommerce can be adjusted according to your needs. Woocommerce is classified as friendly for advanced personal development.

  • The security is guaranteed

WooCommerce is claimed to be able to protect your data security so that it will not fall into any third-party platform that might interrupt or retrieve your data without your knowledge. In addition, the security of buying and selling transactions between you and your customer candidates is also claimed to be safe by WooCommerce.

  • Audited by Sucuri

WooCommerce has been audited by Sucuri so that it can be said to be good. Why? Because WooCommerce adheres to the best coding and performance of WordPress.

  • The global community that has been large and growing rapidly

There have been more than 350 contributors and there are more than 1 million WooCommerce installations until now. When you have constraints or need a technical guide, you can help each other with fellow members of the Woocommerce community.

  • Well documented

WooCommerce has instructions and documentation that can be said to be comprehensive. Why? Because it has included various topics such as setup, SSL, Theming, Snippert, and various other related topics.

  • Have a collection of free and paid extensions

woocommerce excess is many free and paid extensions that can facilitate developer work. With these extensions, you can customize WooCommerce using various kinds of features and integration.

WooCommerce tutorial

Here is a complete guide and tutorial to build an online store with WooCommerce:

Choose to host

First, you need to select the hosting provider service. Why? Because you can only run WooCommerce on a self-hosted WordPress site.

For sure, you must choose a safe, fast and reliable and have a 24-hour customer support guarantee that the obstacles that occur on your eCommerce website can be addressed immediately without harming the aspects of your business.

Install WordPress.

To install WordPress, just visit the WordPress homepage. Why is this CMS? You are facilitated because various Indonesian web hosting has integrated ourselves well with this one CMS. In addition, the most popular CMS also can certainly be integrated very well with Woocommerce.

Do wooCommerce activation

Try to do the steps below to install WooCommerce first:

1. Choose the “Plugins” menu on the left side of WordPress in your Admin area

2. On the plugins page, try clicking the “Add New” button

3. Please type WooCommerce in the search column plugin available

4. If you have found a wooCommerce plugin, click the “Install Now” button

5. Next a notification appears that the Woocommerce installation is underway

6. After the installation process is complete, click the “Activate” button

7. Next you can fill in data or form as needed

Add and arrange products

Adding the product to this WooCommerce is almost the same as when you post new content on your blog. So, first of all, move your cursor/mouse to the “Products” option then you click the “Add Product” or “Create Your First Product” button.

Give your product title then try adding a clear description and if it can be measurable. In the description, you must include very important and relevant information related to your product.

Next, you will use a lot of product data pages. On this page, you can carry out product customization. By using the drop-down menu, you can change the type of product. You can start working on this page with products that are simple or don’t need to be managed a lot first so you can feel familiar with your WooCommerce.

You can set the price of the product you want to sell on this general page. You can also determine the price of discounts, even want to schedule the sales.

You can also do inventory on this inventory page. Please specify the item availability unit (SKU) here for the test whether an item is available (or commonly called in stock) or not (commonly referred to as Out of Stock). Try to check the “SOLD individually” option if you want to sell items one by one or not at the same time.

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If you feel everything is ready, you can click the “Publish” button and you should check how it seems on your product page LIVE.

Set the order

New bookings will appear every time your customer has finished conducting a checkout process after shopping. You can see the order by clicking on the “Orders” on the left side of the existing menu.

Each order has an ID that is relatively unique and has been filled with various details – customer emails, contact numbers, addresses, payment methods, and so on. You can easily update the order status only with only one-page access.

You can also do other tasks, sort of modifying items ordered, love prices (called pricing), set taxes (called taxes), and also like.

Giving this coupon is one of the best ways to market and sell your products online. With WooCommerce, you can see the coupons that have been added. In addition, you can also add new coupons on the Coupons page. If you want to edit your coupon, just click the name and change.

Next, about the performance of your online business. The results of your business evaluation or analytics will be seen on the report page. You can monitor the amount of purchase of goods, sales of “dirty”, daily sales, and another status that you can consider back to develop your business strategy.

You can even display statistics for separate products, product categories, or coupons. Choose the right time for you to make a report or report – last month, this month, the last seven days, or anytime, and click Go to display the report.

Take advantage of WooCommerce extensions

This extension can make WooCommerce more flexible and easily adaptable. The same is true with the WordPress plugin, the WooCommerce extension can be installed from the WooCommerce Extension Store.

Even though most paid, extensions are important for your business. By using a diverse extension, you can divert your eCommerce business easier on the website, adding more payment methods, shipping methods, and integrating solutions to track.

The questions commonly asked for wooCommerce questions

There are several frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to WooCommerce:

What is the difference between plugins from WordPress and extensions from WooCommerce?

The extension is a WordPress plugin that requires basic plugins to work and function. In this case, you must install WooCommerce plugins to use WooCommerce extensions.

We advise you not to add unnecessary features. This can cause your WooCommerce Site to a technical problem and potentially slow down the site.

This is why you better use WooCommerce extensions separately. This allows you to customize your website just by including the features you need in running your online shop / online shop.

Does the theme from WooCommerce work well with the latest version of WordPress?

The short answer is yes. WooCommerce always updates yourself and claims you can work well / maximum with the latest version of WordPress. At present, the themes of WooCommerce have been developed and tuned well for WordPress 4.0 or a higher version.

Can the theme from WooCommerce work well with plugins?

Again, the short answer is yes. Most plugins should be able to work both with the theme of WooCommerce. but indeed in a particular case, we can’t get a guarantee that everything can run very smoothly.

Several plugins are contrary to the code used in the theme of WooCommerce and causing the website to function should not be properly.

There are thousands of plugins available, and it cannot be able to test each plugin with WooCommerce. But the point is, if the plugin has been arranged/adjusted the code to WordPress standards, then the plugin opportunity can work 99%.


By reading this Woocommerce tutorial article, you already know what WooCommerce is actually and how this plugin can increase your business opportunities effectively. Not only that, but we also explain the benefits of the features available on WooCommerce.

You can also start developing your online business by following various steps to create an online store with WooCommerce that we have conveyed.

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