Women pay more attention to mobile ads than men

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According to the study conducted by the largest mobile AdTech platform in Russia WapStart – women are more likely to pay attention to mobile advertising than men. The study has collected information about gender, age and social status of users and their engagement with the mobile ads from around 1000 men and women using mobile internet. It has discovered that 22% of woman answered positive to paying attention to mobile Ads while only 17% of men have indicated so . Similarly, not paying attention to mobile Ads was chosen by 34% of men and only 27% of women. There are some logical explanations for these findings: women spend longer sessions on their mobile devices, than men.

25,54% of women are spending more than 3 hours per day on their mobile devices playing, using apps, photo shutting and etc. , among men the figure is – 17,73%. Furthermore, men and women have different perceptions of information and advertising messages according to various studies. Based on this data, women are more susceptible to advertising messages. For a more effective audience reach, especially male population, one should focus on the dynamics of the advertising message modern, interactive formats, video, fullscreen.

About WapStartWapStart is the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and CIS. The company provides services to thousands of mobile websites and applications within local and international markets. Monthly WapStart audience reach is 40 million people and over 5 billion impressions. WapStart possesses advanced technologies of targeting and audience analysis, allowing to carry out advertising campaigns in mobile environment with high investment profitability. WapStart собирает информацию, не являющуюся персональной, т. е.

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такую информацию, которую нельзя напрямую ассоциировать с каким либо определенным лицом. К такой информации относится: бренд, модель, операционная система, уникальный идентификатор устройства, используемый браузер, местоположение, если оно доступно. Для определения местоположения WapStart может использовать координаты, передаваемые Вашим устройством — подобная информация передается только с Вашего прямого согласия в момент установки приложения или в момент попытки передачи координат. WapStart не допускает передачу координат без прямого подтверждения и согласия пользователя. Также WapStart использует файлы cookie и анонимные идентификаторы для определения уникальных пользователей в браузере и в мобильных приложениях соответственно. WapStart collects non personalized data.

This means that any piece of information cannot be associated with the specific person. Such data contains information about the brand, type of mobile device, operation system, unique device ID, browser, location if accessible. WapStart uses the geo data that your device is transmitting for location identification. Such information can only be transmitted by Your direct agreement that You give when You install the app or when the signal is actually being transmitted. WapStart doesn’t allow geo data passage unless You confirm Your agreement directly.

Moreover, WapStart uses cookie files and anonymous user ID for unique user identification in browsers and applications correspondingly.