Why Your Google AdSense Application Wasn’t Approved

Hi could you please help me out, here’s the third time my application get rejected. Plz check my web page and discover what the reason behind this that my application always get rejected. adsense send me mail but didn’t point out any certain reason, they said ” Thank you to your interest in AdSense. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it doesn’t meet our application criteria.

Therefore, we are unable to simply accept you into our software. ” when I open my adsense account it’s showing that your online page is violating our policy. I ain’t understood that how my web page is violating adsense policy. Plz help me out. I hope you’ll actually help me and reply back.

THANK YOU. Hi, over the last couple of months I keep getting rejected for Adsense, Site down or unavailable. We imply you check your application to see if there has been a typo in the URL you submitted. Is there a way of telling the precise problem for this. I have tweaked alternative things and had my server do bits but to no avail.

My web page isn’t new as I have had the positioning for many years and AdSense too, but due to a spinal injury that left me disabled, I put every thing on hold, but, now trying to get it back up and operating. I haven’t a clue where I am going wrong, are you able to advise.