Why The “Old Spice Guy” Might Be The Perfect Branding Campaign

You may need seen a randomly bare chested and very good browsing guy doing a host of short videos that look suspiciously like a funny advertisement that has been on TV for months for Old Spice. Starting from a series of ads, during the last 48 hours the advertising team for Old Spice has created more than 200 short ads that are very nearly video responses from the actor in the ads to feedback and questions posted on Twitter. The real time nature of those videos has become huge online, using thousands and thousands of views of very nearly what are branded ads and spreading the inventive of the TV spots to a much wider viewers online. It is a good idea and the creative is funny, but there are several things that make this crusade stand out on the way to refresh the tired and sagging Old Spice brand. They come all the way down to the fundamentals of excellent marketing – from strategy to creative, but most importantly, the level of integration between tv, online and social media in this campaign stands out.

Unlike many other customer goods campaigns that fall short when it involves each person collaborating, this is a type of few campaigns that feels like it was truly approached holistically by one team that didn’t just chase the fad of the month, but used the systems of TV, Twitter and YouTube essentially in the ways they were best suited.