Why Push Notifications Help You Succeed

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Why Push Notifications Help You Succeed

Why Push Notifications Help You Succeed

You spend hours or even days writing valuable content so your audience can read and learn from you. Every content that we share, we make it with the intention of being read by the target audience. However, this is not always the case. What is the most optimal solution to fix this? Of course, you can still choose the newsletter subscription form to keep the public involved. However, there are better alternatives that can give you more impressive results. You have understood it correctly. We will talk about push notifications on the WordPress site.

What Are Push Notifications?

Initially, push notifications have gained popularity as an indispensable component of mobile applications. However, technological progress does not stop, neither does marketing innovation. Recently, technology has begun to spread on websites, involving the community more effectively.

With push notifications, you can inform your customers about new content available on your site through private messages that come directly from your site. Every time someone agrees to receive push notifications from your site, they will see a special pop-up at the bottom right of the browser window, regardless of whether your website is open or not. For example, every time a new post is published, you can send push notifications to your readers, so they don’t miss any events on your site.

In other words, push notifications are a great way to stay in touch with the target audience.

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How To Add Push Notifications To Your Website

First, you need to create a WordPress website. To get the desired results in the shortest period, most contemporary webmasters choose WordPress themes that are ready to use. For example, you can benefit from a pre-designed solution from TemplateMonster, or use a theme that has a Drag and Drop interface.

It’s easy to set push notifications for a WordPress site. Like many other things, this can be done using plugins. There are many functional extensions to choose from. Free and paid WordPress notifications can vary based on features, but all function the same way.

So, through push notifications, you can:

  • Tell your visitors about new articles
  • Present new products / updates / services
  • Send promotional codes and coupons
  • Let your visitors know about important events

As soon as you install and configure the plugin, the first time someone visits your website, they will receive a notification inviting them to receive push notifications. If he accepts, he will receive a message every time you add it to the list of recipients. Push notifications will then arrive on the user’s device. Once he clicks on the message, he will be taken to the page of your site where the promoted content appears.

How to choose Push Notification Plugin?

There are tons of push notification plugins in the WordPress community. Even though most of them work in a similar way, there are still a number of different main ways of the push notification plugin. Look at the following list. This will help you make the right push notification plugin choice for your site.

  • What is a compatible device?
  • Do you need to install additional software to send / receive notifications?
  • Easy to manage and manage notifications?
  • Are there additional adjustment options?
  • Is there any analysis?
  • What price?
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With all of this mentioned, we will now explore the various options available to you.

Froggy Ads

Froggy Ads is one of the most prominent push notification services. With more than 50 million users, they also help their publishers monetize their users through push monetization. Already have 41 billion impressions every day working with more than 10 000 direct editors and 100 000 advertisers (direct and indirect), it looks like the work is finished.

Froggy Ads offers company service publishers the ability to communicate with their users via push notifications. Unlike most Push services, Froggy Ads also offers publishers the ability to monetize their users by sending one or two advertisements per day in push notifications.