Why Business Insider Is Wrong About Mobile Ad Networks TUNE

Any analysis of mobile advertising focused solely on public businesses is lacking a huge slice of the pie. Depending on which portion of the mobile ad market you’re searching at, among 35 40% of all spending goes to loads of smaller players. Most of these smaller businesses aren’t public, but they cannot be neglected. Jumptap is growing to be easily with an eye toward IPO. Tapjoy’s center around functionality makes it different than traditional display networks, but the mobile ad space presents different alternatives than the classic desktop space.

When you start looking external the U. S. , Inmobi is a major global player, which brings up an alternative point. Obviously, HasOffers is heavily invested in the skills of mobile app marketing. Our MobileAppTracking product is aiding both app publishers and ad networks get the data they want for more informed campaign planning. So in that sense, we now have skin in the sport.

Even if we didn’t I can’t believe a situation where mobile ad networks don’t play a key role in the evolution of what’s still a very early stage trade that continues to evolve. Will some mobile ad networks fail?Certainly. Every market has winners and losers. But I wouldn’t bet in opposition t many businesses discovering fulfillment in one billion dollar market.

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