Why Bloggers Suck Make Money Online with UberAffiliate Make Money Online with UberAffiliate

ZJ is the perfect instance of a person who made a little a refund in the day and uses that as his platform into making all of his income via a blog. His big post was how he was a genius for making $800k profit on Myspace with Yahoo Publisher Network 3 years ago. It is not sensible to me how that qualifies him to write a “Super Affiliates Guide to PPC” when he openly admitted at Affiliate Summit earlier in the year that he really doesn’t do PPC. So in reality the massive key is making some money with YPN back in the day, starting a blog, after which doing nothing but advertise associate network referral links and make $5k a month from your blog.

NickyCakes A. K. A. My Name Is Super Gay?Uber is your textbook “hasbeen” in the area of affiliate marketing and internet marketing blogs. He goes with the classic “fake it til you make it” method of posting some 300k screenshots of his Azoogle account to realize subscribers, make a few good blog posts to keep them there, and then try to make his living by pitching GooberCamp to novices. He doesn’t post as much anymore and has really ran out of tips that could post as a result of he’s extraordinarily previous.

“I’m absolutely unsubscribing” is the commonest remark. Click Consultants A. K. A. Click to be Scammed!Click Consultants has a blog like any other one obtainable trying to teach affiliate marketing online to rookies.

He even fees for personal consulting and a paid forum!Well it’s a shame he made a post with his “income” that was legitly proven to be fake. He never made any post in his protection and has openly admitted to an alternative person I know of faking it. If you go throughout the blog, you’ll notice that every single post is common-sense stuff, rendering you at a loss for words as to if he really knows anything else about internet marketing in the first place?Jonathan Volk A. K. A.

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