Why are Push Notifications the trendiest ad format? Adcash

What sets push notifications apart from other digital ads is that they not just seem like alerts that users are used to seeing on their home monitors – calendar appointments, email alerts, or Skype messages or any other notification that activates a user to do so. Yet, they’re not placed in online pages, where users predict to see ads. As a result, people usually tend to click on push notifications as opposed to ads on internet sites or social media. While the common click through rate for buying groceries ads on Google sits at only 0. 86%.

Push notifications, on common, obtain almost double that number, at 1. 5%. We have currently updated the Push Notification campaign advent on Adcash’s DSP+ platform and separated it from Native ads. That gives our consumers access to a bigger set of features that will able you to create more eye catching ads which will bring better. For instance, with our Push campaigns, advertisers can now add a further image and button to the advertisement.

The extra creative may be visible when the user swipes the Push message on the cellular phone. Moreover, the button can be used for pc ads using Chrome, as it’s currently the only web browser that permits this ad extension. In addition to the previous, Push Notifications is our first ad format with what you can use emojis in the text. These new adjustments have shown an increase in user engagement and CTRs for Push, making the ads perform better.

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