Whistle Blowing: Definition, Type and Application in Business

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Whistle Blowing: Definition, Type and Application in Business

Whistle Blowing Definition Type and Application in Business

Have you ever heard the term Whistle Blowing? In struggling or carrying out a field of work, one of which is doing business, of course there are many problems that can come and block. As maybe the issue of capital, consumers, operations, human resources owned by the company to the behavior of workers’ cheating.

Well this fraud behavior itself is always related to the term whistle blowing, but what exactly is the definition of whistle blowing and its description inner?

So for business people or a company worker certainly is usually no stranger to the term and the definition of the Whistle Blowing. It even became possible to see a case of the term or even became one of his individuals. But is it actually an understanding of whistle blowing or reporting this violation? Come see the description as follows!

Get to know whistle blowing more deeply

After a brief offends about whistle blowing or reporting violations above, then let’s discuss their understanding medly.

Where the definition of whistle blowing itself has a sense as an event or reporting of fraud or violations committed by someone in the world of work.

Reporting itself can be done by someone who is in one work scope or even a client or work relationship that knows the fraud.

Where fraud reporting carried out by colleagues or our superiors themselves are leaked on other parties.

So in the short reporting of this violation itself is an action for fraud that can be found in the scope of work. This reporting action itself is actually like two knives swung, can bring positive things but can also bring negative things.

Being positive if indeed this reporting itself gets a clear solution and root problems can be solved. But it can be negative if then this issue spreads until parties or individuals outside of the unauthorized company.

Where can the person then take advantage of the reporting of this violation as additional information to bring down the opponent’s company.

This fraud reporting action itself is actually impossible to cause negative values ​​if there is openness. In addition, there is also a wise attitude of the leader in providing a service for all workers to always work honestly and clean.

If possible encounter this kind of reporting condition as a leader or colleague must be responsive to respond to a long-tails.

Understand the types of Whistle Blowing

After listening to the previous description of the definition of Whistle Blowing and other descriptions regarding the term. Then the following is let’s look at the explanation of any kind of types of reporting of violations themselves, as follows.

1. Reporting of internal scale violations

For the action or type of violation reporting based on an intenian scale which only involves people in the company.

For example, as follows, there are employees who know the fraud done by colleagues or even their superiors. So then the person who knows this fraud will then complain about the thing he knows at the top of the one company.

Where of course the type of deviation of work or fraud itself can still be resolved with peaceful media.

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The point is that the damping of the news can be easier because it only involves insiders and does not interfere with the company’s image. This type of internal cheating itself is usually the settlement will be carried out by presenting the accused, reported and the evidence related to completing work superiors.

2. Reporting external scale violations

Then for the type of fraud based on reporting of external scale violations which became more serious.

Reporting of fraud done by a co-company involving people outside the company. On the scale of this external case itself can clearly affect the image of the company among other companies and the general public.

Usually for this type of external periodic reporting itself is done because it is considered a considerable amount of people including society.

For example, a company produces goods containing harmful substances and circulated into the community, then employees report it to the general public. This kind of reporting action is also usually one of the big cases in the realm of criminality and must be resolved through legal channels.

The following is the application of Whistle Blowing in business

It turns out that the type of reporting this violation itself includes an internal and external scale involving different types of circles. Well the following is important to be a concern about the review of the implementation of reporting violations in running a business!

1. Run a business and work scheme without corruption

Well to apply attitude based on the definition of whistle blowing itself in business certainly becomes one of the easy but difficult things to do.

Therefore it is important to apply several things like the first, run business and work schemes without corruption. Ensure that the work environment is free of corruption, illegal levies and things that are contrary to work soup.

This of course will reduce the possibility of employees feel disadvantaged and suppress the possibility of reporting of fraud. Run business with honesty, work loyalty is good from the lowest to the top division.

Apply awareness for every employee and work line about the importance of work honest without corruption, both corruption funds or time.

2. Always listen to worker aspirations

The second application that can be done to suppress the attitude of reporting its own violation is to always listen to the aspirations of workers.

This applies to various lines and work divisions, both subordinates must listen to superiors as well otherwise. Workers listened to aspirations will feel valued and the work system will be more comfortable.

3. Provide anonymous advice box

Another application of reporting this violation itself is being able to provide an Anonym advice box in each division to provide aspiration.

Both about the performance of employees or colleagues with each other or to report unrest that may occur in the company environment. Providing this nameless suggestion box will make every work line comfortable and safe to give the aspirations you know.

4. Provide attitude and trust in employee loyalty

If you have loyal employees, it becomes very important to always give respect and confidence in him. This will certainly encourage the attitude of love and appreciate the boss and the company where it works. So if there is indeed a fraudule that is known to be impossible to report on other parties outside the authorities.

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5. Implement a violation reporting hotline policy

Don’t forget to implement a violation reporting hotline policy in which this policy provides awareness of employee existence status.

Be sure to provide a support and sense of gratitude to workers by providing seminars, advanced training or even promotions. This will encourage employees to always understand their existence and position and always know if they find work anxiety must report where.

6. Running business policies full of openness

As a leader of a company or employee it becomes important to apply a full work attitude of openness. This was done to encourage several parties to feel unappreciated, some parties felt disadvantaged or even greatly benefited. Make clear workers, regulations or even promotions and vacation activities that are open and structured.


That is in-depth discussion regarding the definition of whistle blowing, the type and application carried out to reveal the fraud carried out irresponsible individuals.

Companies or business people, of course, must be able to implement a brave attitude to express fraud found by teams and coworkers. At the same time, of course, you can do business people apply the attitude of reporting this violation to support the smooth running and work.

One violation or fraud commonly carried out in business is on the company’s financial and financial problems. To minimize this fraud action, you can try to use a cloud-based accounting system that makes it easier for you to monitor the processes related to financial problems whenever and wherever you want.

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