Which CPC & CPM Online Advertising Will You Choose

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Which CPC & CPM Online Advertising Will You Choose

Which CPC CPM Online Advertising Will You Choose

hello friends bloggers this time we will discuss a little about online advertising on blogs and personal websites, when you will start advertising online then your main question is

“Better to choose CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Million) for your ad?”

This cannot be answered absolutely because it has to be adjusted to your needs. You can only just use CPC or even both. To better understand CPC and CPM see the following article.

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What is CPC (Cost per Click)?

CPC is a digital media method where you will have to pay for everyone who clicks on your Ads that guides the audience to your website or application. By using CPC, you can set a bid of up to $ 1 if you have a limited budget or you have a prediction that your expenses will be less than $ 1.

You can use CPC through Facebook Ads or Google Ads, where Facebook will display your Ads to an audience that has a tendency to click on your Ads. One obvious reason to use CPC is that you are only charged when an audience clicks on your Ads. In theory, you get free impressions or impressions from CPC, although not as optimal if you use CPM.

For those of you who want the costs you incur directly provide maximum results, besides that if you have a low budget and you don’t have time for optimization then you can use CPC for your Ads.

What is CPM (Cost per Impression)?

CPM is the cost incurred per 1000 impressions. Impression itself is the appearance of ads that appear in news feeds, mobile news feeds and columns. CPM is suitable if you want to build brand awareness of your target audience. To set the costs, if your CPM is worth $ 1 then you will be charged $ 1 for every 1000 impressions in your Ads.

If you choose CPM then you must pay attention to the quality of your Ads because it can bring your audience to click more of your Ads. This is equivalent to the budget you spend on CPC. To find out the quality of your ads now Google has an associated quality score that helps you determine the quality of your ads. Although CPM has a bid feature to manage the performance of your ads, in many cases your bid is greater than your performance.

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If you use this feature, then you must make sure that your Ads do not take up too big a budget to avoid underperforming Ads performance. Also your ads will decrease performance even though you increase the CPM time in practice. Therefore, make sure you use the lowest bid when you decide to use CPM in your Ads. If you are still doubtful and confused you better use CPC first.

Because this avoids the decline in your Ads performance. Therefore if you want to know the performance of your Ads is to maximize the CTR (click through rate) in your Ads. Good ads are ads that have a high CTR value as long as the ads are displayed.

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