Which can and should not be in Internet Marketing

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Which can and should not be in Internet Marketing

Which can and should not be in Internet Marketing 1

When we talk about internet marketing, there will be a lot of aspects that arise. These aspects will lead to the success of the marketing that is being carried out or instead gives failure.

For some people, internet marketing is an easy thing to do. However, for some others, internet marketing is the most difficult thing to do.

Lots of business people feel frustrated after experiencing a series of failures with internet marketing. And this is not mistaken at all.

Instead, many people’s tastes are easy to run internet marketing. Both of these differences lie in an important key: Understanding what you can do, and what should not be done in Digital Marketing.

Many say internet marketing has a principle that is almost the same as offline marketing. It is true. Both have a concept that is almost the same. Although unfortunately, a reliable business actor in the field of offline marketing is not necessarily able to master online marketing. And vice versa.

Business people who depend on online marketing are often given a lot of suggestions on what should be and should not be done. And to be honest, what they give will often make marketing fall on common sense or even on the scam territory.

The latter is certainly a nightmare for those who depend on internet marketing. Therefore below, we provide a list of doing & don’t in online marketing, which is guaranteed to bring a higher level marketing business. At least. Here is the list.

Do and don’t in internet marketing

What should be done and what should not be done in Internet Marketing? Next, I let it go.

Landing Page.

Landing Page, for advertising it needs to be considered true for business owners or those who handle online marketing for a business.

Don’t have a clear or specific page to put an ad can make the website have a heavy load. Besides that, the website page will look unreel. The last one will make visitors reluctant to glance, especially using services or buying products offered.

DO: Create a special page, which is separate from the main page of the website for all advertisements and marketing traffic.

Don’t: create links from ads to the website of the website. Doing this will make the ad as if it has no linkages. Even though they should have linkages, right?

Focus on Content

Online marketing will not run well without good content. Because in the end, what will be seen and noticed by consumers is nothing but content.

When making this content, it is important to pay attention to the focus made. Where do you want to bring content on the website or online marketing media that you have?

DO: Focus on consumers. Use a language that seems to lead to full consumers. The content made should make consumers or visitors have links with content, with the company, and with you.

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Sharing experiences is necessary. But talking too much about yourself, which is far deviated from the discussion and focus of content will make visitors think one thing: Who Cares?

Close relationship content and advertising

Both of these are “breath” for online marketing that you are working on for now. What does content mean without the right ad, which will bring consumers to come to your arms? On the contrary, so.

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What does it mean a series of advertisements without content that makes consumers sure, and feel at home listening to what you “sell”? This ad without the right basic content is what brings online marketing that is running into a scam.

Do: Use the same language and focus on the content made with ads. Remember, these two things have a close relationship. So when an ad owner promises something, the content that will follow the ad is also required to promise the same thing.

Don’t: Don’t have the connection between advertising and headlines, sub-headlines, and the contents of the whole content. From this point, there is no need to bother trying to make advertisements that are so good if they are unable to harmonize between content and the ad they have.

Good advertisements become one point separate, but good advertising with the same content is a value of a ++.

Focus on profits for consumers

One more basic mistake is most often done by business people. Just like on offline marketing, when you talk too much and explain the technical concept of a product or service that is sold, how many people or visitors will be interested?

Conversely, when the discussion focus is converted into what advantages will be obtained by visitors or consumers if they use your services or product. How many will you be interested in?

The most appropriate marketing concept is the one that directly provides a sense of linkage with consumers. Therefore, do not hesitate to study consumers and focus on what benefits will be obtained by consumers with products and services offered.

Do: discuss profits, advantages and functions, and products that can be useful and useful in consumers. This discussion can be given to content and on advertisements. Remember, content and advertising should have linkages.

Don’t: Too much discuss the specifications, as well as all the techniques needed or offered by products and services.

It explains techniques and specifications there will be no harm. It can even be important because, on the one hand, consumers should get information as complete as possible regarding the products and services offered.

But it needs to be considered, that this specification is not a subject matter both on advertising and content.


Where do people know a product or service has high quality as promised? One of them can be seen from the quality of content. Quality content is not only assessed from the preparation of words, SEO, Focus on the topic and topic, but also photos and images offered.

What’s more on internet marketing, where the website visitors are fully visual-minded people who will be so stunned with the conversation presented. Especially on products and services.

Do: Provide hot shoot photos of the products offered. Photos not only have to have a neat aesthetic but also the quality of the photo must be the best. Make sure the taken photos focus on product features and functions. Serve the display of photos that can make visitors fall in love at first glance with your product.

Don’t: use low-quality photos. Photos from Stock Photos that have been used a lot of previous content. Or photos were taken by ourselves but starting from the size until the photo display feels unprofessional.

The website is easily accessible

When consumers decide to access your website, then consumers should get the easiest and clearest direction. Whether it’s to access certain pages or to see what content and products they have.

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This easily accessible website also means visually not met by advertisements that will make consumers confused and lost direction on each click.

DO: Create a clear display for consumers, who certainly won’t make them “get lost” on your website or blog. The same thing with the landing page here is a visitor (who will later be a customer) can easily access everything they want or get the information they need.

Don’t: the display of websites that feels so complicated. Without a clear direction to the location of each content. Likewise with landing pages that have too many advertisements. One more, outbound link.

The use of too many outbound links, both on the main page and on landing pages will make consumers feel embarrassed because they feel “thrown out” there with the many links given. This, certainly not a good idea for your marketing.

Clear link

Because we talk about the outbound link above, there is an important thing to pay attention to when putting a link on the content or the ad.

Entering a link is indeed a good idea, which can make your posts more reliable and can be ranked higher on Google.

But besides, the link can also make it visitors easier to get the additional information they need.

All functions plus values ​​of the use of the link can only be obtained if the link elements are met. But certainly, the link must be function, and what visitors get when clicking the link.

Do: When giving a link on the content, make sure to describe what the link function is, and what will happen when clicked. It is better for the link provided to have a relationship with the content being discussed.

Don’t: give super compact and short information that will make visitors suspicious of the link given. “Click here”, “Submit,” “here,” and a series of other words without further information will make visitors reluctant to keep the link given. No matter how the link given can benefit them.

Not rigid with marketing plans

Like many other things, mistakes in online marketing are just a natural thing to happen. Change the marketing plan, or make repairs there is no harm. Normal and reasonable.

DO: Make sure the marketing plan that you have is not rigid and has unchanging properties. Like many other things, the world of marketing is a world full of innovation and continues to change. Therefore, do not be afraid to counter a change of plan or improve the plan that you have arranged at this time.

Don’t: don’t have a plan at all. Without clear planning, what can you get from online marketing that is being done besides chaos?

Those are things that should and should not be done above, hopefully, give you new knowledge about online marketing. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.