Which Advertising Strategies Are Right for Your Business

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Which Advertising Strategies Are Right for Your Business
Which Advertising Strategies Are Right for Your Business

Which Advertising Strategies Are Right for Your Business

Small business owners need to be realistic about their advertising campaigns. Usually, of course, they will look for effective and affordable solutions, but the problem is sometimes difficult to find effective and inexpensive advertising channels.

That is why you need to set a budget for advertising very well. By determining the amount of money on the right channel, you can get the results you want. Because monthly spending on your ads will be consistent, we recommend measuring the effectiveness of the ad channels you choose.

Why is advertising important for businesses and consumers alike?

The main purpose of business is to sell products and services for profit. Advertising helps businesses make a profit by letting more people know about the product or service and then generating more sales. Consumers, by contrast, will not know about products and services if they are not advertised. Advertising helps customers make decisions regarding the products and services to be purchased. With the help of advertising, customers can make the best choice. Know what is and is not allowed in internet marketing.

Today, the advertising industry has become a large industry because of the large number of products and services offered. As a result, competition has also increased, requiring each businessperson to promote their products and services in the best possible way. This then triggered the development of new advertising techniques and an increase in the number of advertising agencies that exist today. The purpose of each promotional campaign is to enable the product to reach the right people by increasing awareness about the product, its benefits, and its drawbacks. This is important for the success of a business.


The main purpose of advertising is to show that you have something good to offer. This can be anything from entertainment events that you are promoting, new products that you sell, political campaigns that you set up, or expansion from existing service platforms. Both promotions use print advertisements or billboards, the content still follows journalism rules by identifying who, what, where, when, and why.


Advertising helps raise awareness about something people are not familiar with and educates them about certain benefits of your product or service. A popular example is industry handling health problems. If, for example, a customer watches a television advertisement in which someone explains pain similar to that experienced by an audience, the advertisement not only identifies possible causes but also suggests healing or treatment options to be discussed with the doctor.


The ad invites the target audience to evaluate how your product or service compares to your competitors. Demonstration of household cleaning products is a good example of this because they provide visual evidence about which products are faster and more effective in stubborn stains. Political advertising is another example of how advertising provides a comparison of candidate qualifications so that readers and viewers can make decisions during elections.


An ongoing advertising campaign is important to remind customers that you are still around. In an increasingly difficult economic situation where many shops, restaurants, and companies lose business, maintaining your presence through regular advertisements, events and dynamic websites are very important for the long term. On the other hand, this step also attracts new customers who didn’t need your product or service when it was first launched but now they are happy to remember about you.

Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

To optimize your business, here are some of the best advertising strategies for small businesses:

Target your audience

Many small businesses do not run sufficient targeted campaigns, even though targeting is one of the most important benefits.

You must be able to create an accurate target customer profile based on the data you have collected. From this information, and what you know about current customers, you can start targeting campaigns to attract more customers.

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Doing advertising online and offline, make sure you reflect on the type of customers you want to work with. The key is to target it well.

Measure your ad

Many small businesses don’t know whether their advertising is working properly. Online advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook will help you determine what works and what doesn’t. But this does not mean you do not need to test and experiment, because it takes time for you to create an ad that suits your target customers, but that does not mean you can make quicker decisions about what to try next.

Know when to do advertising

At first, glance, doing advertising for one year and spread the budget evenly from month to month looks wise and makes a reasonable approach. But if you examine again, chances are you are doing many things that cannot be measured. There is no way to encourage marketing and advertising initiatives throughout the year.

If you sell seasonal products, you need to do advertising during high season. You even need to start doing it earlier and continue a little longer.

Towards holidays and holidays tend to be the peak season, depending on the type of business you run. It would be useful if you set aside additional advertising money for these days. It’s also worth watching when competitors launch their big promotions. If you have an advertising budget, you can keep your distance or even outperform them. Read our article about leads and sales.

Branding well

Can your customers immediately identify your ad based on their choice of color, image or logo? If this question seems absurd, try to see what big brands and companies are doing. Often, you can recognize their advertisement only by the color they use.

Over time, customers will identify and respond to your ad layout. There will be a tendency to change your branding every time you create a new ad, this can make customers confused and ineffective for a long time. Your goal is to appear where you want to, with ads that look familiar, consistent with your target customers. The point is to do branding well and stay on the existing image.

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Use existing sources properly

You know the importance of entering the top ranks in searches, but you might not have the source and time to consistently create new and informative content for your website.

In such conditions, what you can do is take advantage of services such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads so that you appear higher in the SERP results without the need to optimize posts for the keywords you have chosen. This is a good source if you have a budget for advertising, but don’t have time to create content.

If you only have a small budget allocated for advertising, it certainly does not make sense to make ads inexpensive magazines. Facebook ad campaigns will be far more practical because you can control your daily expenses. Make an honest assessment of the resources available to you, and make them help you grow your business.

Which Advertising Strategies for Your Business
Which Advertising Strategies Are Right for Your Business 4

Appear in the right place

It would be dangerous to make too many assumptions about your target customers. For example, if there is a radio show that you like, and you assume customers also like it, you would be wrong to spend money on advertising on the radio that can prove expensive and ineffective.

When ad funds flow to the wrong place, you are wasting it. But you need to get to know your customers, so do a survey. Find out where they like to gather online, the books and magazines they read, the radio shows they hear, and so on. Read the guide to holding an event. 

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When your advertising suits customers, you start attracting more leads to your business.

Online Advertising Strategy

It’s important to use proven online advertising strategies to bring traffic to your website. You will need this traffic to be able to turn it into a customer who makes a payment transaction. Here are some online advertising strategies to help you get started.

Pay per click advertising

This proven online marketing strategy gives you control over your marketing campaigns because you target certain traffic based on the keywords you choose. Google is the top source of traffic for this form of marketing. But you need to know that you have to pay for every time someone clicks on your ad.

Blog posts

By creating an informative blog about your product services, you can target specific customers. For this to work, you need to be sure to update your blog regularly.

Video marketing

This is a relatively new online advertising strategy. Whenever you choose to use it as part of a marketing campaign, you need to make sure that the video you make is entertaining and informative enough so that people continue to share this video with others.

Article marketing

By writing and sending informative articles to online article directories, you can attract traffic to your website through the box at the end of your article. This can have a long-term positive effect on your business. By writing about products or services, you can establish your authority. Furthermore, this article will also attract search engine traffic to your website.

Whenever you are on forums or social networking sites, make sure you have a link to your website. As an active participant in the community, people will start to see if you share useful information. They will then see what you have on the website, and then click to make a transaction.

Viral marketing

Through viral marketing, you can attract traffic to your website. You can also hold a contest or make sure you have useful information. Whenever this happens, people will tell others about your website, and word of mouth advertising starts working.

Traffic trading

Take the time to find relevant websites, directories, and forums where you can register your URL. This will help increase visibility. But you must understand that the quality of links is more important than the quantity.

Similarly, advertising must be optimized for mobile needs, ads with simple messages, clear images, and clear call to action will work best.

Mobile on many devices

It is important to know that mobile here does not only mean a mobile phone but can also mean tablet. With devices available at the customer’s fingertips today, digital shoppers can and often use a combination of desktop, phone, and tablet. Businesses that can cover cross-device trends will succeed. In 2016, leaders in mobile advertising, which can provide consistent and relevant experiences on all devices and interactions, experienced a 39 percent higher conversion rate than businesses with an immature mobile presence.

To be present everywhere, advertisers must use a strategy that includes multiple devices to successfully attract many customers to buy and drive conversions.

Make effective use of social media

Following the number of devices, the development of digital channels is also increasing, and consumers now expect to interact with brands through the channels they like. Social media has become a channel that is known to many people. Thus, using this channel as an additional means for advertising is considered important for brands who want to compete. In addition to adding a basic social presence by creating brand pages on social media platforms, advertisers need to retarget to ensure that advertisements are not only given on publisher sites but also social media sites.

Collect customer data

Before producing advertisements that have a major impact on customers, advertisers need to collect and analyze customer data. This can be done by combining first and third-party data with automated marketing tools to offer optimal ad campaigns to individual users. Important data to consider include browsing history and purchase history.

Improve customer experience

Even with a large amount of customer data available to advertisers at this time, advertisements can disrupt the customer’s experience with irrelevant messages and disturbing images.

As many as 71 percents of consumers prefer personal advertising, advertisers need to have analytical data to provide relevant and targeted advertising. This tailored massage will enhance the customer’s online experience and help the brand improve among other competitors.

There are many opportunities for monetization through advertising. The key is knowing who your target customers are, where they are, and where to find people like them, and allocating the resources you have to the right channel.