Which Ad Networks Have the Best Cost Per Conversion?

I know it’s type of dishonest to begin with Google, as if anyone accessible doesn’t already learn about them. Google is form of the baseline for plenty of blogs. They don’t have high principles, so that you can get in fairly easily in spite of a small or pretty new site. They’re fairly aggressively involved about quality, so that they clear out bad sites continually, but they’re equally competitive about casting off bad advertisers.

Plus, they’re one of the vital best when it involves correct contextual advertising. Very rarely will you find an inappropriate ad in your site, and when you find one, which you can easily have it removed from rotation. Vertoz has two main different alternatives for ads. You have the standard controlled ad system, which are really useful if you want to offload loads of the work of handling your campaigns personally. They even have a self serve system that is run by their proprietary trend monitoring and capitalization engine they call the Ingenious Programmatic Plex.

The name may be nonsense, however the effects are pretty good. It’s not that much different from an algorithmic ad optimization engine, except it’s quite good at tracking spikes and trends in site visitors and aiding you optimize on the fly to capitalize on them.

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