Where are We Going – Posting after a year due to a relationship with my friend but realised still people attract to #qnet? A big Psychological scam happening in India. – Who am i ?

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Where are we going?

Dear Frustrated Indians, Where are we going?

Is Money making very difficult?

Is getting success very difficult?

I thought of writing two other articles before .But, I end up with this article which belongs to a big Psychological scam presently happening in India, In all metro places like Chennai , Bangalore, Pune , Mumbai, Ajmer etc., I can say everywhere. Normally, all of you aware that there is only money involved in scams. But, here it ruins life, happiness, relations and ended up with the psychological disorder. Just like how people are used to addict to money and lose themselves.

I am writing this article because how TRUST will help you in life sometime and the same TRUST will felt down in your life.

Story Begins:

I recently resigned my job where I go to office come back home daily. I felt one day that I didn’t belong to corporate life and will do something what I am passionate about. But, I didn’t decided my goal yet (My Age is 28 now). I researched a lot about how to decide our goal and what to do in life, where I am belonging to, like 30+ questions ruminating in mind and not getting solutions for any one.

I tried something for first 6 months and didn’t get succeed and postponed for 1 more year and looking for some opportunity which will gives me satisfaction. I got lined up the opportunities like Job Interviews, Business Plan etc., this story belongs to one of the opportunity which effects my emotions directly and TRUST.



Game play Starts – LIFE & TRUST:

I got a call from my friend that some company is going to expand their business. He told that, he got selected and was earning good returns. You also please send me your resume, if you’re interested for dealership. Normally, we thought ok, we will give a try. I sent resume to my friend. My friend told me that there are 400 resumes received for this job, tough competition is going on, I will try to referrer as much as possible. I said ok.

1st round of interview happened: He asked me some details about my dreams, past experience, other stuff about family and goal. I asked him, what is the name of the company and its details. He explained company is into e-Commerce business where you have to sell goods with 1% commission. He explained me about loyalty of the customer. Once you get the loyalty of the customer, you can earn lifelong income along with some explanations, explained me how it works, which site will you used to buy an apple phone either Flip kart or Amazon. I told that, wherever it is cheap. He told me again that, we are doing the same thing. We are targeting loyalty of customers, if you want to get dealership then you have to invest some 3.6 Lakhs as one time investment and earn commission lifelong. I was having some idea about how distributor commission works (I worked in top FMCG for some time in past). But, he told that, you have to deposit the same amount in your friends account for having TRUST on him and company. I said Ok, and my thoughts are going.

  1. They are start-up company and looking for people who can become partners/ distributors.
  2. Why they are asking money? And why didn’t share the company name? – I have experience in 4-5 Network marketing company business where they loot money from the customers and ran away and ended up in jail.

I asked my friend whether is this referral scheme or anything? He replied no, it is new business, please TRUST me and invest in this. You have only 3 days, there is a national level event happening in Delhi. There are other people who are already with ready cash and heavy completion. I trust him because he is friend who is ex colleague.

Again my friend called me and told me that you got mixed reviews in the interview and I will try for you with my contacts. I told Ok, and there was another round happened with a Person who is IIM and worked as Banker earlier in his career for almost 6+years (I don’t want to mention their name because company also using him, they told me qualification). He also explained me same thing about loyalty. Then asked me how much trust you are having in your friend. I told 8/10, because he never told me about investment (In MY Mind). But later he try to convince me that you have to trust him 100% then only come or not. My friend told that you got selected and please block your position by paying up 80,000 or something whatever in your hand. I told please wait and this need to discuss with my father. He told me that this is a project of 5Crs. I also invested and getting good returns. Again my thoughts started and discussions happened with closed ones

  1. Is this fishy? Don’t want to go? .But, there were few companies like Paytm, UBER and Air-BNB has started up their firms and accumulate wealth in few years. If the business having right idea in right time then they will get good income with in short span (How Facebook earned millions of customer in short span). This is my only hope.
  2. Now e-Commerce is trending why not another business can overtake this business with idea like e-commerce by supplying goods to the customer base for cheaper rates and earn commission on every sale.

Let’s see. I had a big fight with my father, where he was doing family business from last 30+ years seen lot of people asking money and ran away. I told, I agree with you dad but I want to try what is it and need to look. Any way I am giving to my friend “No Worries“. He was not satisfied why I was doing this and told me that I am not ok for this type of opportunity. He replied, please be calm and do any other job. I tried to convince him a lot. I decided to give up this opportunity because I have very little money and I cannot do without support of my family. I don’t want to borrow a single penny from any for these type of opportunity.

Next day, I gave up fully because my mother felt bad so much and I decided don’t want to do without their permission.

I got a call from another person (who is a lady) told me that I can understand your position but this Delhi event is very interesting don’t try to miss. If you have 2L, Then I will try to manage with my mentor. But I replied I don’t have that much money but I can manage some 50K from my pocket. But, she said that is very less amount that there are other people are ready with their money. Then I told that I can manage 75 K from my fixed deposit. She told me that, please transfer to your friend immediately and give confirmation to me. I TRUST my friend and transfer the same in 15 Min.

Everything in line, they told me to come to Delhi by Thursday night, we will be having a big event happens once in quarter/ Half year / Year. You have to attend a workshop before attending for event. I booked my flight immediately to Delhi and started from home without listening to my parents (this is because, All we are seeking opportunities and TRUST on people).



First Impressions:

20th July 2017 – I reached Delhi and stayed in Greater Kailsah 1 and didn’t slept at all because of emotional stress by fighting with my father and mother.

21st Friday Morning 9AM. I reached the venue which is walkable from the hotel, a famous Temple auditorium. I meet some seniors who were doing this work from last 1.5 years, 2 years. I asked them the experience of the business. They replied me one simple word “Life Changing”. I felt positive that time. Event started with some 140 + people in the small auditorium.  Crowd includes working professionals, who are working with pressure and not getting leaves / not getting sufficient money in their corporate lives, Business man who are all not getting profits and professionals like lawyers, Doctors and all.

Almost 9.30 AM, Session starts with the person whom I interacted with in the final call. His introduction where he worked as banker and IIM for 5-6 Years and not getting sufficient hikes and how his journey started in this business. He started this before 2.5 years back and fired his boss after 1.5 years after seeing this much money in very short span and fulfilling all his dreams.

Before that session, lot of people told me that don’t listen with your brain- Listen with your heart. This session is going to change how you can make your dream possible?

Session1: With big round of applause and introduction happened in the auditorium, the person came in with a great suit and started. “Where we are now and what are we doing and why are we doing ?”, It is an inspirational session for who feels pressure in their jobs by not getting salary or who thinks that they are belonging there , professionals and business man . He explained with the theory of Financial Freedom and how he got his financial freedom in his life. What is financial freedom in his words (it is the stage where you no need to work or no need to do business or do profession and get automatic income monthly and yearly and get whatever you wants and whatever you need). He explained us about Present value of money with example of milk rates for today, after 5 years and after 15 years. He tried to convince everyone in the auditorium that this possible with this business only and not with any other thing by explaining about how traditional business works and it’s risks and why you are not satisfied with your job.

He explained us about how companies earning crores of rupees and gives penny’s to the employees. He later explained a theory of how our human mind works.

  • I don’t know what I don’t know(almost 90% of our mind) ,
  • I know what I don’t Know(7-8% of my mind) and
  • I know what I know( 2-3% of our mind) and session ends ,

Clapping everywhere for the great session because everyone is looking for the change (I too look for the change, But I didn’t excited).  He Said, “You want to know what this is and how to get financial freedom in your lives”.



Session 2:

This session starts with another person who has worked in corporate profile (they said the qualification- CA, CS) with almost 8+ years and left his job for not getting sufficient money to their needs. He explained us about his life for 10 Min and how he started his journey.  He explained how the business era changes from time to time that

1.1950 to 1970- Agriculture era,

2.1970 to 1990- Industrialization era

  1. .com bubble till 2000
  2. E-commerce era now running

Continued with Presentation about Uber Vs Hertz, Hilton / Marriot hotels Vs AirBNB etc., its about Companies who earned wealth in very few years. Later, he started explaining how Uber / Ola uses human psychology for getting used to cars (every one laughing and everyone is interesting in the auditorium because they are eagerly waiting for which company we are going to work) and data about network marketing in the world and compared to other industries (I am not writing all these because it is irrelevant) and Indian networking markets (How they are growing now).

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He continued with how direct selling happening the world. Why it is better than indirect selling (No MAD- Marketing cost, advertisement cost, Distribution cost). It will share profits to distributors not to ambassadors (Marketing) and about big companies in direct selling like Amway, Avon and Tupperware. He started explaining about his company, how the company started its journey and who are we sponsoring.

Finally, He reveals the name of the company (“QI group”-Loudly) called QNET (18+ years in the industry-they said – earlier names Gold Quest, Quest net, QNET-now) in India. Introduction started with company’s chairman Mr. Vijay Eswaran, showed us a photo with Mahtma Gandhi Statue (he explained that he is a follower of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi).

Presented different pictures with celebrity pictures who are all wearing Qnet t-shirts (Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli) and he explained us that Is Virat trust normal company? , Is Sourav Ganguly trust normal company, and this company is having own F1 racing Car. Qnet Sponsored Indian Davis Cup (pictures shown in the presentation , I really don’t how many are facts and how many are fake and I felt that even Vijay Malya having Ferrari and was owning a IPL team and what he is doing everyone knows).

Later, He started explaining about legal certainty (Model Direct selling Guidelines Issued 2016 by Indian Government) and lot of expert views about direct selling (Networking Marketing not QNET) like Bill Clinton, Donald Triumph and Warren Buffet and continued with the perception of Indian mentality, Indians think like it is 1-Chain Business, 2- Member marketing scheme, 3- Ponzi Scheme. They were working on money circulating with unrealistic promise, very tempting & easy returns. MLM companies are getting wrong perception to the people because of the some scams involved earlier.

He continued explaining about direct selling benefits and how this will help us, “education for life’. Why this company will benefit you, if you own the customer and your next 2 generations will get the commission continuously (10% commission). He was doing cameo like I asked Datu Vijay Eswaran (They explained me Datu is word which is equal to Padmasri in India, you can research what is Datu means in Malaysia.)Is there any possible way to earn money very fast and easily by not only getting commission and Datu has given a solution of FAST track program for that you have to pay 3.6 Lakhs rupees for this and you have to ref two people and it goes on you will get end up with 5Cr per annum (CAP) after minimum hard work of 5 years. He showed me mathematics, statistics and logics and whatever there to convince people in the auditorium( I don’t want to write how this pyramid structure works).

He continued why QNET is different from Amway and equal parameters where you can earn maximum per week 50 Lakhs and 6 Cr in one year after getting in to one stage ( If and only if you have to do very hard work for next 5 years) and QNET is donating almost 40% of to the Rhythm foundation. It involves in helping poor. And our vision is Make millionaires and help poor.

He almost ended up with that session what you will get with this investment 1- Dealer code, 2- Virtual office 3- Right to appoint only 2 Micro Franchisee shops). Product (Since user experience required).

Only customers receive products. It sounds like me investors are their customers and shows what if business fails 50% failure, 90% failure and 99.999997% failure.( Whether any company in the world talks about failure of their own, this is also a psychological drama that we are seeing unique )

Break (I really required break):

3.30 Pm in the afternoon: They gave us a break for lunch, supplied lunch. Lunch includes 3 Roti’s two curries and one sweet and some rice.  I was not able to control my feelings and getting very anger on my friend and remembering my parents feeling, where I travelled 3Hrs in plane and cost me 30k almost for these 3 days and for listening this network marketing business and realized how they are GAME PLAY to attract peoples. Later sessions confirmed my feeling that company is using weakness of the people and this will you understand if you continue to read the same. If you are felt the same thing please stop reading for a minute and think practically in your life.

Afternoon Session started with another experienced person who is having 6+ years of corporate experience and he is too CA (They said all qualifications). He started explaining about products and services of the company. What are product lines of the company and different types of products and explain us only one product (because the product they are selling for customer who are all investors in the company). QVI Club who is offering same benefits like club Mahindra, Thomas cook etc., with less cost and full availability and tripsvr.com for booking tickets with saving fund where you can invest 400$ and you get 1000 $ saving fund .(I thought it’s having more prices compare to other websites then we have to take).



Google is a Scam:

Main session of the day, where they try to explain that don’t trust google, they are discouraging us, Media also discouraging us because of the advertisement cost. If they encourage us then they will lose advertisement from indirect marketing and some shitty people who doesn’t have any knowledge about our business writes shit things in their blogs (Now I listened 2 day full sessions – First day -9.00 to 8.00 PM and second day 6Am to 9.30Pm, company will add me into that list of stupid’s). He covered all the google pages almost who are all written negative articles and explained in his own way. There are few questions as they shown to me.

  1. banned our website?

His Answer: How we are doing business if government banned our website. (My point – There are pirated movie websites also blocked by government and they just changed with extension and run their website, you are also doing same thing- Written more briefly in Final one to one discussion?)

  1. Doing brain wash?

His Answer: Are you small kids to Brainwash? (Their motive is TRUST , TRUST , TRUST that’s it . they will pressure you to pay-up amount in front to come here and try to explain everyone without gap and easily get converted to them as leads)

  1. Why we are Having 3 names for the same company? (Gold Quest, Quest Net, QNET (now)? (Written more on Final one to one discussion?)
  2. QNET earning money from people in India and moving money to outside country?

His Answer: Every MNC is doing that right? Like coca cola and others.

Like there are 20+ questions whichever comes to human mind normally, if you ask 21st question they don’t have answer and they will add that question to that list for next session( I got this one cleared in one to session happened).



Emotional Session:

Last and beautiful session happened, it’s emotional buster who explains about his dreams how he wrote 20 dreams and he followed and cried in the middle (Writing and achieving 20 dreams is very difficult task, But to achieve them is not this way like how they are attracting people). This session took by very great person who is a CA and his father is CA (they said qualification) and he is the one who took final conclusion one to one session to me. I felt pity for writing this session where they used family members, and their difficulty for doing in this business. Here they used parent names and their tears for promoting their business.

Session ended came outside with the feeling of why I came here and getting angry again on my friend by playing with my emotions and money and later realized that he is one of the role played in the GAMEPLAY of the company.

We travelled to another place in Delhi for next day event and stayed in a resort type of hotel located at Chattarpur Mandir road. (Where they pre-booked and deducted some amount from my money). My friend who referred me came by 11.30PM in the night.


Main Event Begins:

Next day begins in the morning 5 AM, Time was 6AM in the Morning, We went to auditorium which is located 800 Meters from hotel. There were people already came in the morning and standing in the line in the front of the auditorium. You never believe me there were 1400 people who came for attending that session. Mostly who paid all the 3.6 Lakhs to them and working with them from 1.5 to 2 years.

I didn’t have much feeling to write this session because for every minute I felt like that company is missionary of playing with human weakness and how to enjoy with money. Total session has almost 8 speakers and every one shares their experience whenever they came to the stage all others are dancing like anything.

I felt everyone has having Attitude problem like I have money, No problem, I don’t want any one lives with me. I buy BMW and go to road where no one drives in that time like 12. I do shopping on Monday where I am only one person who is doing shopping. (In My mind – if you get accident whether your wife or mother will change your dress or this people from the company).

They used words like “Don’t care about anyone don’t care about anything “Full fill your dreams for only for your parents and for your child”. Earn Money and Spend whatever you earned( they required leads right if people saves whatever he earns – Then why their Facebook profiles are all having “entrepreneurship” (in what they do) rather than working in QNET . If you are having a problem with showing your ID then how come every one shows their business as QNET?)

I am not blaming any speaker because it is not them their mind set who is tuned up like that. (If you believe in any Fake Swamiji you will do whatever they tell , here same thing was happening as they believe in Datu Vijay Eswaran- Who is demi god to them and TRUST, TRUST.





These sessions are planned in a way for who joined with them already and don’t want to leave them and want to generate all leads. They give reasons to whatever negative thought came in your mind.

I can brief you about how sessions happened and what they discussed and how they motivate people for getting leads.

1st Session: Why people are not excited in jobs, and business definitions. A legitimate marketing strategy, Comparisons with other industries and future estimate of 645 Billion dollars. Again repeated legal certainty, Expert views and people’s perception. What are the uses of network marketing and how it will use for education for life?

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2nd Session: Took by a person who is having 15 years of CA and who resigned his job and looking for opportunity and want to try a traditional business and read a book of QNET. Then realized don’t want to do traditional business again. All about Money Making, Enjoying life.

3rd Session: Another Ex-Banker his journey of making money. He came from very poor background and his father got paralyzed not able to walk. Didn’t have money for treatment and looking for a opportunity which all problems will get solved.

4th Session: Session started by a women who is a CA and her journey and her referrals and she got a valid point. Only 4 out of 100 pass in CA exam is that means ICAI is doing Fraud.

Lunch: Good variety of foods, roti, Naan, Panner, Mutter, Mix veg curry, Ice Cream and Gulab Jamun.

5th Session: Speaker from Hyderabad and his family lost all income while he was in childhood and joined a job with 3200/- per month and went to armed forces and came back and joined in corporate and looking for how to make money for getting rich.

6th Session: Another CA, ICWA and his journey.

7th Session: Speaker is a Taekwondo Champion and they gave presentation as he is part of Indian Taekwondo association.

8th Session: Challenges in life for another speaker.

9th Session: Another emotional session about dreams and tea break continues.

Final Session: How you can convert leads, only target of 3% of your contacts. He showed a presentation.

Average people contacts are 600. Just target 3% that means you will have to target only 18 people and they will target 18 people again. (Someone said to me there are 40,000 people who joined us already. Guys please calculate your self and give me details where it ends).

Session ends I didn’t eat anything in the night went to room and was trying to sleep till 2 AM and slept almost by 2.30 AM.


I really don’t know whether they told real qualifications, May or mayn’t be true.



One to One session:

Last words and interactions with big people who are reaching some stage in the company. There were almost 18 people who are going to signup including me.

I felt that they are very good people who pulled (They explained Pull strategy and Push Strategy in one of the session.) into the business with their weak minds. I wrote almost 30+ questions in dairy including logical and practical way of doing this business. But, I decide that, I don’t ask any logical and practical questions where they are having full explanations. I asked how ethical this company? I met the person who keeps rocking in this business who is a CA and father is a CA (why I write this specially, because there are almost 7 speakers who are done their CAs).

I clearly told him that I am not interested because of many reasons which I saw earlier and seeing live. But, I have few questions which you have to be answer me for my effort of travel so many kilometers and spend 30+ k and my parent’s emotions etc.  I started asking one to one questions and my friend listens that.

Interaction 1 – Whenever we are doing business, we need to explain about the product like selling paper or tour package or whatever it is? We have to convince customer for the products and not for the business. Here I observed you are having this much brand like Qnet company who branding F1 racing team and all. Why you are trying to sell your business rather than products?

Answer: He replied very fast, May be he faced this question earlier but I didn’t get satisfaction answer for that – Different company’s deals with different ideas here we sell only business like products. This is the way we are doing business and that is your perception of doing business. We both are in different routes won’t get in same line. Any way it seems you are not interested in this. Please leave and your friend gives you money back.

Ok, I told please clarify 2-3 question for my happiness and satisfaction, He asked please

Interaction 2 – It is very difficult to start this business in my native place and if I moved to Delhi how much will be rent? Will it be 30-40K?  No, he replied immediately. It will be maximum 10-20K you can get any home with all features. Ok I said.

Interaction continues Is Maid will be available here in Delhi? , are you having maid? How much they will charge? He told 5,000 Maximum.

Here is the 2nd Question what is the vision of your company? He replies you told, you have been listened 2 day sessions right? I told you please tell? He started like earn millions and help poor? Is you are having the same vision that company is having? He said Ah!! Yes.

Then I asked why you are not giving 1Lakh to maid or refer here for becoming her millionaire? He got very angry and control his emotions in his face and show his arrogant look.

My point here is, if a job holder in a company having his own vision in his own life, but if the same person started any business he may look or mayn’t look for the partner. If he looks for the partner then he will look only for the person who is believes and travel along with his vision? I explained him here you are not having the same vision as same as the company that means you are doing Job not business. He changed his expressions and his mood got changes and he is hurrying up from myself.


Interaction 3: I asked another question you were lying me before coming here like , This business is commission based business  and no referral type of business( My friend lied me on the phone – Game Play). But here you are not selling any product only business.

Answer: this how we are doing business? He hurried himself. If you don’t like, don’t do this business…

Last question Bhai please for my satisfaction, Ok tell

Interaction 4: This is company named earlier Gold Quest, Quest Net now it is QNET Ok? There were big news about gold quest earlier like scam and all. You were telling that it is Name only changed not the company? Have you informed all the members in Gold Quest or Quest net for changing name and will continue new business and start this journey along with us? He replied I don’t know but company has replied every one with email or SMS. I told that my own brother invested in Gold Quest and he didn’t get any email as you are continuing in this business. ? He replied I don’t know all that as I joined 2.5 Years back. I told you are partner you at least know about the company right? No answer from him and hurried up again. I was asking questions continuously.

Interaction 5 Government already banned pyramid schemes and what if they banned networking schemes who are collecting money?  He replied why they do that? I gave him a example of earlier case of commission base business has restricted by government.

He asked me that what if you constructed a house and Govt. constructed road on your house? I replied person will get at least some remedy from Govt. Here that is also not possible. Here no one will get anything right and loosing themselves in this journey. He didn’t replied and kept silent.

Interaction 6: Are you sure that whatever you represented is true in the BTC and event today? Ah! Yes he replied with shocking face. I started asking one more question – Are you sure that you are not given any Ads as you show in the earlier presentation (MAD- No Marketing, Advertisement and distribution cost).

He replied yes. I am sure that we are not involving any advertisement cost. But we do branding for teams. But I showed him an Advertisement which they are putting in Google? Is this AD I don’t know how it works and all? I replied you believe google is very big scam and explained in full session of 3 Hrs. then you are also putting AD in google (picture attached).


That’s is this is it.  I took my Bag, left to airport and started writing this whole article.




There are so many people who are believing in you because of the temptation and easy money, someone will end up with less loss, and someone will end up with total loss, someone may get huge money who joined very first in the company. But, if 10 out of 100 persons will get benefit and 90 people ended up with loss, then what is the use of doing business. I don’t want to give any conclusion of this experience. Please ask yourselves what you are doing in life? If you are not satisfy of what you are getting in Job or business, Then try to decide what you have to do in life with hard work, commitment and patience. Don’t run for money, Money and fame will always follow you once you chosen your path in right way and right direction. I took my money back anyway that’s a different point. But, I won’t be getting happy if he pays up 100 Crores.

This will be my one of the dream, It comes true only when

  1. Media run scrolls continuously till closing of these types of company’s around the world?
  2. Can Indian Government making laws which no illegal person even dare to touch?
  3. Can Indian Government make laws for Misuse of emotions?


I always trust people because a few drops of sea water cannot change the taste of the glass of pure drinking water.

For Qnet Lovers only:

  • Qnet lovers can feel that company is doing legal. You have to understand a point that every scam in the history is legal before entering into the list of illegal activities.
  • You can ask me to file a case for this? Ok, I can file a case again the company, who is the opponent for filing case. Is that your friend who showed me this offer or company? I don’t have any legal right to file a case against the company because I didn’t transfer the money. I don’t dare to do file a case against my friend, because he was also pulled into this and don’t want to ruin his life by filing a case. It goes on. Here you never involved with this company directly and you transferred to your friend.
  • You can tell some are earning huge money. But, Just analysis how many joined till date, how many surviving till date and how much they saved till date after spending so much? . Don’t give me answer like we are purchasing tour packages. Please realize who are purchasing tour packages? Is it you who joined as a partner or any third party?

Note: This article is not against direct selling, it is against spammers in every industry and how they play with human emotions. I wrote this article solely in my point, some of you may not agree with me some points.

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