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According to WhatsApp statistics posted on Statista, market penetration is fairly low in India, standing at someplace between a quarter and 0,33 its doubtful to whom the market refers to in this case – further down we see figures touching on mobile internet users which yield a far higher percent of 82%. If we’re looking at WhatsApp users by country in terms of market penetration, we can find higher levels in Germany 65%, Brazil 56%, Malaysia 68%, and Saudi Arabia, which tops the list at 73% market penetration. These figures pertain to the third quarter of 2017. In India, WhatsApp/Facebook are less trusted than classic media as assets of stories, with 61% discovering advice gleaned through these resources untrustworthy.

That said, 29% do trust them as news assets, which may have unhealthy repercussions – namely a spate of lynchings that happened in the wake of fictitious allegations forwarded through viral messages. WhatsApp moved to restrict the forwarding of messages, under threat of legal action from the state, to stay away from extra tragedies. Indian WhatsApp users reportedly ahead greater than those from another nation, WhatsApp revealed. Integration with Facebook Marketplace and the bills platform in India have also been earmarked as knowledge WhatsApp revenue streams. The latter in specific could play a big part in how WhatsApp makes money in the future.

The mobile bills market in China, dominated by Alipay and WeChat Pay, dealt with 81 trillion RMB worth of transactions in the first 10 months of 2017 $12 trillion. It is envisioned that WeChat Pay’s share of these transactions accounted for $2 trillion over 2016 – a figure that is likely to have higher substantially. Line handles around $6 billion worth of transactions per year, with around 10 million monthly transactions as of late 2017.

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