What Would You Choose? Let’s Find Out

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What Would You Choose Lets Find Out


To hook consumers up, you will find companies resorting to explainer, animated, and whiteboard videos. This means you don’t have to appear in front of them to hire actors to work in front of the camera.

To make high-quality content, leaving your tasks up to animation allows your audience to consume heavy information like lollipops. With the correct software, even an average Joe like you can build up your marketplace.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have basic information about Toonly and Doodly. These are animation software used to make ads and videos. If you are in touch with social media, you’ll often come across videos created using these software.

You can also act as evidence as to how these videos despite having long complex details are readily consumed by its viewers and not skipped.

In this article, we are going to discuss the tools, Toonly vs Doodly, and analyze them according to their features and pricing structures. With our help, you will be able to figure out which article is more compatible with your needs.

Toonly vs Doodly: The Ultimate Comparison

Both Toonly vs Doodly are animation software used to make professional videos. They are founded by the same company, Bryxen, Inc. So, you will understand that these are similar software with key differences to connect to a wider range of customers.

Toonly is favored for making explainer videos that consist of a wider range of animation. Doodly is preferred for pure whiteboard videos, mostly for explaining complex points. Both are simple and straightforward. 

In this article, we will go through the uses, prices, and discounts of each of them. We will also compare different programs for you to have a clearer understanding.

All You Need to Know about Toonly

The main concern of business owners is that people have very short attention spans. They have to showcase their content in a way that doesn’t become an eyesore to the consumer. Your ideas can be entertaining, informative or both, with the help of Toonly.

Toonly is professional video software that features a drag and drop style. The videos produced are animated, ofttimes considered as cartoon style. Anyone with basic IT knowledge can make videos on a variety of topics in minutes.


Toonly comes with several functions. The options they provide are endless.

  • Premade Functions: If you don’t know where to start, you can choose any of the 200 Toonly animated characters and 20 background scenes. The background colors are easily adjustable.
  • Adding Characters and Props: Easily add, remove, or edit characters and objects to your video. You will also find 10 characters that have 20 different poses for easier videos. There are over a hundred props that relate to a wide range of niches and topics.
  • Adding Voice Overs: Directly record voices, audio tracks, or sync to existing videos for your animated videos. 
  • Background Music: Toonly has over 100 royalty-free music tracks that you can add to your video timeline.
  • Video Export: Export your created videos in high-quality formats. Your videos can even comprise custom resolutions.
  • Tutorials: Toonly has several explainer tutorials for beginners and there’s also a Facebook group for random questions. 
  • Multiple Screens: You can work on several computers and even Mac with this desktop-based software with the Toonly license.


Every piece of animation you receive from Toonly is created by its own graphic designers. However, you will need a working internet connection to work on your videos since the software has to reload images and soundtracks.


Instead of a one-time subscription, Toonly offers monthly packages. You can choose between a Standard package and an Enterprise package.

The Standard Package costs $39 a month and allows the creation of unlimited videos on multiple screens. The Enterprise Package costs $69 a month and has a lot more benefits and access to the official Toonly club. 

On the Enterprise Package, you will receive double the premade scenes, characters, character animations, backgrounds, and prop images. The number of background audios you receive in the Standard Package is 20 whereas the number you receive in the Enterprise Package is a whopping 142 audios.

You can also receive a good 49% discount if you subscribe through the annual package. The annual subscription saves you 20$ and 40$ respectively from the packages.

If you subscribe through Optiux, you will receive free marketing materials worth $2850! These materials constitute three hundred thousand pieces of free copyright marketing material for use on social media.

To Sum Up

Toonly allows users to create fun and informative animated videos that tell stories. Even classes and business tutorials can use videos like these to go easy on trainees.

You don’t require programming skills and can create an explainer video even if you haven’t been familiar with it from before.

Since we’re done with Toonly, let’s discuss its sister software, Doodly. 

All You Need to Know about Doodly

Doodly - Toonly vs Doodly

If you are looking for an interesting way to showcase tutorials, Doodly is an incredibly engaging software. Explanations can be tedious, whether your content is a concept, features in a list, working procedures, or complicated points. Getting these past students and employees is frequently a no-show.

That’s where Doodly comes into the picture. Whiteboard videos created to display animated presentations using the drag-and-drop method. That’s not all.



Doodly has a range of backgrounds such as green board, blackboard, and glass board for discussing paragraphs and complex ideas. You will sometimes see an animated hand on explaining the videos. That’s one of the features of Doodly. 

  • Background Images: Doodly has 4 images to make doodles on – whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and the all-new glass board. 
  • Images, Characters, and Props: Choose a relevant image for your topic from the thousand 100% unique doodle images. You can choose characters and objects or upload your own ones.
  • Custom Text: Doodly has a few text templates available. You can also add your own custom images after downloading them. 
  • Easily Add Voiceover: Easily add a voice of your own, hire someone for a voiceover, or import any audio file and add them to your video. 
  • Hand Types: The hand types available in Doodly are multiple. You can select a male, female, left hand, right hand, and will not be disappointed by the range of ethnicities in the tool. The hand-chosen can also be displayed from the opposite side of the screen which is generally used for teaching math.
  • Background Music: Enjoy royalty-free music tracks or add your own custom music to create engaging videos.
  • Free Software Update: Doodly offers free software updates that can save you some money overall. 
  • Custom Path: When making videos, you can set a path for the video which by default is generally from the bottom left or bottom right. You also have the ability to customize your own path.
  • Doodly Rainbow: One of the add-ons is the Doodly Rainbow. You cannot rely on black and white pictures and backgrounds for professional videos. That’s when the Doodly Rainbow comes to use.
  • Export Videos: Export your videos created with the help of Doodly in different visual qualities, sizes, and formats. Doodly allows you the option to preview videos before you export them.
  • Multiple Screens: Work on your videos from multiple PCs. You can create videos on your computer (Windows 10 or above) and Mac.


Doodly offers two monthly packages. You can choose between a Standard package and an Enterprise package.

The Standard Package costs $39 a month and allows the creation of unlimited videos on multiple screens. The Enterprise Package costs $69 a month and has a lot more benefits and access to the official Doodly club. 

On the Enterprise Package, you will receive triple the characters, character animations, backgrounds, soundtracks, and prop images. You will also receive access to every new character and image in the Enterprise Package.

You can also receive a good 49% discount if you subscribe through the annual package. The annual subscription saves you 20$ and 40$ respectively from the packages.

If you subscribe through Optiux, you will receive free marketing materials worth $2850! These materials constitute three hundred thousand pieces of free copyright marketing material for use on social media.


Doodly is an excellent tool that comes handy during tutorials. However, you can’t import videos. The text template is also very limited to 3 font styles. Upgrading to a better version can get you 5 text templates. This is not a matter of concern as you can upload as many fonts as you want.

To Sum Up

Doodly removes the sore of tedious explanations by turning graphic slides into animated videos. Your audience may choose to mute videos, but seeing a hand sketching out words and objects can provoke them to tune up and understand what’s happening.

Toonly vs Doodly: Which One Would You Choose?

Since Toonly and Doodly are sister programs, you already know that they both have the power to create animated explainer videos. They have slightly different purposes but with effort, you can make some similarities.

If you don’t want to exert that effort, do you buy both? It would be rather sensible to use one which is more relevant to your needs.


Your judgment will become clearer if you know what present customers are using them for.

  • Landing Pages: Entrepreneurs who grab customers through websites prefer animated videos by Toonly on their landing pages. This helps them retain visitors and decline bounce rates. 
  • Advertising Products: Animated videos that explain the benefits of products or how products or services work choose both Toonly and Doodly according to the detail.
  • Tutorials: Tutorials are much more discerning when the animation is used. While corporate presentations and classes mostly use Doodly, there are brands that use Toonly to bring out the fun.
  • Facebook Ads: Spin your product advertisements any way you desire through any software you like. What matters the most is how high your conversion rate is.
  • Crowdfunding: An increasing number of charities are using animated videos to attract the attention of investors and donors. The use of your software may depend on your crowd and how you wish to collect it.

Other Video Maker Software To Consider: Viddyoze

Toonly vs Doodly vs Viddyoze

Viddyoze is an animation software that creates videos in 3D. To those who don’t prefer regular animations, Viddyoze can be dynamic. This software even allows you to add the logo of your company to your videos.

Advantages of Using this Software

We have laid out several advantages of creating videos using this video making software.

The structure of animated videos hook people up to the stories, thus increasing engagement and user conversion. 

People have a deep nostalgia for animation from childhood. They relate it to entertainment and fun. This can be utilized to portray your ideas as stories. 

Explainer videos simplify complex points and help the viewer to learn more.

These videos are more suitable for social media. You will frequently find people sharing them with their family and friends in comparison to marketing videos. As a result, you receive a more organic reach.

People don’t relate animated videos to marketing tools. This is an opportunity to explain how products work, answer FAQs, and ultimately sell them. You won’t even require tickets for customer support.

Whiteboard videos are much more engaging than regular tutorials. Watching a hand point out and explain on the screen draws the attention of learners.

Websites that feature engaging videos are more likely to land on the first page. Researchers remember videos more often than written articles.

With all the debate between Toonly vs Doodly, it is necessary to know what other software video makers are out there before you settle. Viddyoze is a 3D animation software that has an incredibly user-friendly interface. We are going to illustrate the features Viddyoze contains in comparison to other software programs.

Why It Stands Out

  • Superior intro templates
  • Live-action animation
  • Fully automated video animation
  • Three-dimensional characters
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Viddyoze has two packages – Personal and Commercial. The Personal Package is worth 97$ and the Commercial Package costs $127. Subscribe through Optiux and receive a 23% discount!

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Get Viddyoze at a one time fee of just $67 (normally $127). Limited offer for Optiux readers. Viddyoze is the best video animation software where you can create captivating videos in just three clicks.

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Toonly vs Doodly vs Viddyoze: Final Conclusion

Videos created by these programs are engaging and most of the high quality. These can be your guide towards success. The rank is higher in Google and helps in SEO.

Having a fool-proof video like these on your website increases your chances of internet marketing. Which software program depends on you. What we do is lay out the facts. So, ho ahead and choose your favorite pick between Toonly vs Doodly vs Viddyoze.


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